Hired Fun – Real Horrorshow – S12 E3

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Hired Fun - Real Horrorshow - S12 E3

Like barnstormers without a plane, Carson City’s own Hired Fun made their way up to Reno last week to do some loops and flybys at the ol’ Dogwater Studios. What we got was something more, something frightening, something outRAGEously good – horror and killer themed punk rock! Your favorite! We know!

Ian Devine, mouth wide, singing into a mic while seated
Ian Devine
Andrew Campbell, seated at his drums playing snare and floor tom
Andrew Campbell

There is a lengthy review/recap of Jon Waters’ career at one point, we get an origin story and talk about Nevada history. For a show that has no particular conversation topic, even this interview ranged far and wide.

Brady Campbell, intently playing his bass, seated on a tall stool
Brady Campbell
Andrew Campbell, seated at his drums playing snare and floor tom
Andrew Campbell

We really had a great time with the gentlemen of Hired Fun – there was a lot of talent in the room (and none of it was ours). Definitely a band you will want to check out ASAP. You can catch them at the Falling Axe Fest at Alturas’ Cellar Stage with Hypnotic Death, Contortion, Qarin, and Ones True Will.

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One Ton Dually – Rise of the Oldpunks – S12 E2

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
One Ton Dually - Rise of the Oldpunks - S12 E2

Continuing in our series of bands who have kept it going through the long winter, we welcome back One Ton Dually! Yes, this is kinda the ‘house band’ (in that Nick and Rory are in it), but we haven’t had them on in four and a half years, so we thought we’d check in and see if they’ve gotten any better.

four panel of closeups of all members of One Ton Dually - Thee Reverend Rory Dowd, Spike Richie, Jack Soft, and Nick Ramirez
One Ton Dually – up close and personal

One Ton Dually is Thee Reverend Rory Dowd (bass, vocals), Nick Ramirez (drums, vocals), Spike Richie (guitar, vocals), and Jack Soft (guitar). They’ve switched the lineup and added some more songs – we get treated to a whole lineup of new songs this episode. As Dogwater Dick quips, they’ve embraced the sloppy punk rock band inside.

Rory Dowd closeup staring at the camera with wild hair
Thee Reverend Rory Dowd – bass, vocals
Spike Richie smoking a cigarette in the dark
Spike Richie – guitar, vocals

They are hungry for Reno rock and roll shows and despite some reschedulings due to the ongoing pandemic (committed to being safe these fellows are), they are excited to invite you to their first show in 2022 at The Matador with Thee Living Daylights and Triflin’ Bitches. It should be a train wreck of a good time.

Jack Soft, smoking a cigarette in front of a nameless employee entrance
Jack Soft – guitar, no vocal
Nick Ramirez, staring down the camera with a stern look
Nick Ramirez – drums, vocals

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Cell – Full Moon Mood- S12 E1

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Cell - Full Moon Mood- S12 E1

Welcome back to us! And a Fine New Year to you!

It’s the first show of a brand new season. We are stoked to bring back one of the bands from the Beforetimes that is still kicking ass today – Cell! Of course, it wouldn’t be a fresh start without a thousand things going wrong – most of it was pre-show and we talk about it a little at the top of the show, but dang!

Leon, playing air guitar on a stool
Leon – vocals and air guitar

There have been some lineup changes and some sound changes, but Cell is still a tremendously talented and exciting band. They give us just a little taste of music this week -with only two songs in the regular show and one more on the Patreon special. Just a taste of the new tunes they have been crafting in the shadows.

Anson, playing bass on a couch
Insun – bass
Darion, playing guitar on a stool
Darion, guitar

You can catch them this coming weekend on Saturday Jan 29 at The Matador (frmr St James Infirmary) and hear more of their new tunes, along with Grimedog and Saving Robin Steele.

Jonothan, playing drums with arms outstreched
Jonathan – drums

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The Christmas of Covid Babies – S11 E39

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
The Christmas of Covid Babies - S11 E39

We are back with yet another Christmas special! All the families joined together for yet another year, gathered around microphones (and a Zoom feed) to share stories, music, and Christmas wishes. It’s been a hot minute since we’ve gotten together and celebrated Christmas this way, and it sure was fun. (Now with more swearing!)

Everyone’s large and ever-growing families were present as usual, and this time, we had a few new additions: The Ramirez’s had their wonderful baby Pauline with them, who squealed throughout the show. the Dowds were stuck at home with the sniffles, but they were able to have 3-year-old tornado Bobby and newborn Billy show up, on camera! The children sure did start popping up through the pandemic! I wonder what happened….

Despite forgetting to do half of them, we brought our traditions back to life this year; Christmas carols from local musicians, family chaos, and a classic tale of Christmas spirit. Short on content, bug on love. Remember, it’s also the last show of 2021, and season 11 of the podcast!

We have come a long way together and are looking forward to both the coming year and Season 12!!! Have a great holiday season, and we’ll see you next year!

\Reverend Rory, Dogwater Dick and Cheyenne Leigh, gathered around a 8 foot tall smow penis and testicles with the in-picture caption of Merry Christmas. There is a santa hat and garland on the penis.
The Traditional Dogwater Christmas Snow Penis

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Manchild – Child’s Play! – S11 E38

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Manchild - Child's Play! - S11 E38

This week Nick, Ian, Dogwater Dick, and intern Mouse too (she keeps showing up!) are on the rock and roll bus. After discussing dental issues, they welcome hardcore Reno super group, and band on fire, Manchild!
Nesto, Kylo, Rosolberry and Dandlebar came in hot and tight, treating us to 5 originals and a special treat at the end.

Mark Earnest howling into a microphone, off center and tilted

These vets of the Reno scene have collectively played in dozens of bands before bringing together this rocking hardcore punk band that soars.  Listen for their rock and roll resumes.

Kyle Visco, shredding on the guitar in profile

Chemistry on and off the field is important in a band, and these guys have it. No drama, just pure rocking angst, and passion. These dudes aren’t fresh faced twenty somethings, but you wouldn’t know it by the high energy and furious speed of the music. Manchild sweats it out.
Dandlebar, the unofficial leader lays out the recipe for being in a good working band. He’s in three and gives a hundred percent in every one. The whole band does.

Dan Steinments, intently playing drums

They’re a humorous bunch to say the least. Kylo takes on Roselberry in very close quiz.  Dandlebar and Nesto panel with us,  as they have taken the quiz several times.

Mark Rosol playing bass guitar and singing

Manchild is our final act of 2021 (next week is our Xmas show and company party!), we want to thank all our guests this season. Also, our Patreon members! (You keep the lights on!) All of our listeners! (Shout out to longtime listener Zoey, Kylo’s girlfriend, we love you!) Happy Birthday Reverend Rory!

And Happy Birthday Marianarchy! We love you!
Sinceriously(I’m making it a word!) thanks for listening!

John Frederick – Thanksgiving: The Musical! – S11 E37

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
John Frederick - Thanksgiving: The Musical! - S11 E37

A little late for the holiday, but we are still thankful for this show, starring our wonderful guest and friend, the multitalented actor, musician, director, teacher, father and husband, John Frederick! John was also our very first intern from Season 3, in 2013!

John Frederick smiling in front of a microphone, flashing the 'hang loose' hand gesture.
John Frederick

We get to preview some songs he’s written for an as yet untitled musical he’s working on. You see, after lockdown took affect, John , who doesn’t watch much television, got busy learning piano. And hot damn if he didn’t succeed in record time. Seriously, he’s sounding like Randy Newman! Back in the day Mr Frederick played guitar, so we were totally and pleasantly surprised by the new talent. Kudos buddy!

John Frederick singing into a microphone and playing keyboard
Piano man!

John is a great storyteller and deep thinker. He workshops an idea for a podcast and takes us into the world of the Nashville songwriting circuit. We had so much fun talking we ran a little long. Thanks John!
The quiz is revealing. Mouse gets to participate and goes hard out the gate. Will John beat his previous score?
We also do a round of “I’m thankful for”! Speaking of thanks: We’re all very thankful for you! (especially our Patreon subscribers! <3 )

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We hope you have a great holiday.
Life is short and we love you!

Quitter – Born to Whelm – S11 E36

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Quitter - Born to Whelm - S11 E36

Once upon a time, we started this show to not only give ourselves and our friends a forum to shamelessly self-promote and self-indulge; no – we also wanted to be a platform for new, new-to-you, or completely unheard of bands to connect with audiences and find their voice. Well, this week we welcome two-time loser guest Reice Guerrero back for more abuse with a new band, Quitter. With a name line that, what can go wrong?

Reice Guerrero

All jokes aside, this Carson City based band has some serious chops. Reice is joined by Nelson Carillo-Ortega, Dan Mason, and Travis Summers. There’s a lot of shredding, ‘harmonies’ and a rhythm section on fire in this indie rock band. They released their first full length LP this past summer, 7 Eyes On The Prize. Surprisingly, none of them wear an eyepatch.

Nelson Carrillo-Ortega

Venues and other bands take note: their dance card is open for the holiday season. So, if you are looking for a top notch, grooving rock band to round out a bill – look no further!

Daniel Mason

As always, if you like what we do here and want to support us (and get an extra song and segment with more ‘No Rory’ than ever), please check out the ol’ patreon page. Help put Uncle RIckey’s nephews and neices through college.

Travis Summers

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Action Bastard! – Barely Contained – S11 E35

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Action Bastard! - Barely Contained - S11 E35

Like a heat attack of the ear, we are here to assault you with the cacophonous chaos of Action Bastard! Like a fine dose of toilet vodka, they will leave your palate burning for more. It’s an exciting show – a full house of host and guests – we even had to put the butt trumpeteer in studio B, if you know what I mean.

Taylor King screaming at the mic
Taylor King
Wolfman Grimes in front of a closet in a recording studio, singing and playing guitar.
Wolfman Grimes

Action Bastard! were the best band in the world, one upon a time, and pair well with over-aged cheese. As they say in the language of their people, “It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, only how you boil the squirrel.”

{Name} standing in a studio B playing saxophone
Skylar Lash Standing in front of a drum set playing bass.
Skylar Lash
{Name} sitting in front of a blue light and playing drums
Danny Lee playing drums with mallets
Danny Lee

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Cryptillians – Cyclops Was A Monster – S11 E34

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Cryptillians - Cyclops Was A Monster - S11 E34

This week on WLP we (Rick and Nick) had the pleasure to hang loose with power trio Cryptilians . Not THE Cryptilians! If you hear someone get it wrong and say THE, take a drink!

Photo of Lanny Thomas Carey singing with his eyes closed into a microphone and playing his guitar.
Lanny Thomas Carey

Is grunge still a genre? Mudhoney still embraces the label, so if it’s good enough for them , I’ll embrace it. It’s definitely a big influence on this band.  Cobain-esque you might say.  There’s a pop punk vibe too. Indie, DIY aesthetics. Yada-yada-yada. Whatever genre blend they are, their songs are catchy, interesting, and they rock!

Pat Gloeason standing in front of a microphone and playing a bass.
Pat Gleason

Lanny is the guitarist and front man . Pat on bass and Joey on drums. We find out how Joey, newest and hairiest member, had to beat a robot on drums upon auditioning for the group. Needless to say, all other applicants were sent home. Joeys hard rock, metal style of drumming was just what the guys needed . Now having ditched Hal3000, the Cryptilians (drink up!) are ready to play a bunch of shows they have scheduled through the rest of the year. They also plan some touring in the summer. You can find them on all the platforms. They’ve been working with Dogwater Dick on a new album and are pumped for the future!

Joey Pariah sitting in a well-lit room playing drums
Joey Pariah

We talk a bit about the last Murderock show (Nick and Rick attended). Farewell to Reno’s premier horror rock outfit. Sick bastards. Oh yeah! We meet our new intern Mouse! So far so good! Welcome aboard! The quiz was a lot of fun. These fellas are good at the funny. Thanks dudes!

Lastly, we want to send our love and condolences to the friends and family of local artist and beloved barfly Melisa Horton. Safe home Mae Mae. We love you.

S11 E33 – Ozymandias – Alabama Hot Pocket

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
S11 E33 - Ozymandias - Alabama Hot Pocket

Do you like scary music kids?! Heavy metal stoner doom your forte? Then we have a show for you!
Our good friends Sahara, Ray, Jake and (the boss?) Danny from Ozymandias grace the Dogwater studios , fresh off their blazing hot Marianarchy set! (especially for Sahara who performed in a Wilfred dog suit!)

Speaking of Marianarchy, we go over the highlights of the love fest that was the second weekend of our annual musical showcase. Ozymandias correct and assure me, (Nick) that I’m always pronouncing it wrong. (It’s Ozzy Man Dee Ass ,not Ozzy Mon Dee Oss, I think I get it from a Breaking Bad episode, but I digress.)

The kids are alright! Making families and collecting cats , they are a hot foursome of laughs and heavy riffs and subjects. They sound like the children of Clutch with a female lead singer … or is it the great grandchildren of Black Sabbath? Whatever analogy, they journey through an apocalyptic soundscape of doom. Then they’re a laugh riot. They brought 3 brand new songs from the new album coming out soon and are already working a third. Keep it up y’all, your music is great!

We get into it during the quiz, as we do. Man this band knows sketchy convenience stores!
Chewy has some great advice as usual and Dogwater Dick recaps his hot date with John Waters and the city of Oakland. Zombie Crawl’s coming up and then Halloween! There will be lots of awesome rock shows that weekend! Check the worst little grid for details! Thanks for listening!Life is short and we love you!