Jackie Dilworth – The Jackalope Speaks – S11 E9

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Jackie Dilworth - The Jackalope Speaks - S11 E9

We continue Women’s March by inviting back to the show, the noted Northern Nevada writer, producer, and educator. That’s actually a really short list of things Jackie does – she’s an accomplished performer and a well known name in many communities throughout the state.

Jackie Dilworth at Dogwater Studios, in front of a movie poster of "Harvey"
Jackie Dilworth

Jackie is the host of The Jackalope Hour, a weekly music program broadcast from Goldfield, NV (and available on KWNK, mixcloud or ShoutingFire). The conversation ranges far and wide this week as Jackie is an eloquent conversationalist, the official unoffical Mayor of NadaDada and a woman of hidden talents. There is a lot of history and memories in this show, so buckle up and take your Metamucil for this trip down Memory Lane.

As a fellow audiophile, and with better access than us, Jackie was able to put together a playlist of some of her favorite female performers in the Reno area. For your musical enjoyment, we have a curated show with music from Lily Baran, Kung Fu Sophie, Roxxy Collie and Grace Hayes. It’s a delightful musical adventure with some good friends and powerful voices.

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Momo – That’s All You Need To Know – S11 E8

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Momo - That's All You Need To Know - S11 E8

It’s not just the people on stage who make a scene happen – a ‘B-side’ to making shows happen. It’s also the promoters and booking agents who shed blood sweat and tears backstage, before, during and after every show. This week’s guest, Momo of Momo Promo, is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of being the go-between liason to venues and performers.

Momo Promo

We get a chance to talk to Momo about bringing shows to Reno, the good times and the bad. We also spend a moment talking about her new project, Hanging Out Thursdays, a videocast featuring interviews with local bands! Next weekend, Momo Promo is also one of the hosts and sponsors of “Drag In Roll: A Virtual Benefit for Eddy House“. Follow the link for more details.

Bust photo of Momo, dressed in black with a bondage collar, sitting on a fuzzy pink couch in front of a poster that says 'Go To Hell', with index and middle fingers in front of her lips
Momo – “Go To Hell”

For your listening enjoyment, and in honor of Women’s March, Momo has also brought us a playlist of some of her favorite woman-fronted acts that she’s been able to bring to Reno. It’s a fantastic lineup we think you’ll enjoy. This delayed episode brought to you by COVID vaccinations – we (Rory) will be better about this next week – we (he) swears!

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Betty Rocker – Distance Makes the Rock Grow Louder – S11 E7

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Betty Rocker - Distance Makes the Rock Grow Louder - S11 E7

Welcome to out Third Annual Women’s March, here on WLP. This week Brian, Carla, Carolyn and Rick from Betty Rocker join us virtually!

Carla Rocker
Carolyn Gates
Brian Garland
Rick Charles

Reverend Rory apologizes for the continued lateness of the podcast posts – he got his COVID shot this week and temporarily lost his mind. (Like I really thought I had published this a few days ago, but it must have been a fever dream.)

What’s not a fever dream is the awesome new music Betty Rocker is debuting with us – composed and collaborated across the digital miles in this past, odd, weird year. Just goes to show, you can’t keep good music down.

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Machine Gun Vendetta – Oversight Corrected – S11 E6

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Machine Gun Vendetta - Oversight Corrected - S11 E6

Like a shot you don’t need at an hour you shouldn’t be up, Machine Gun Vendetta goes down -real- smooth. I really don’t want to say much more else; that about covers it.

Machine Gun Vendetta

Scott, Adam and Jim of the iconic Reno thrash punk band Machine Gun Vendetta sit down together and have a chat with us. They have been busy bees during the pandemic, working on a new album that we can hope to hear later this year.

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Eric Stangeland – Love What You Do – S11 E5

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Eric Stangeland - Love What You Do - S11 E5

I love this episode. But this is some heavy shit – trigger warning for anyone who doesn’t like medical distress.

Joining us is Eric Stangeland of One Stop Guitar as well as many Reno musical adventures and bands over the years. He shares with us a few tracks from his upcoming album, “Wake Up”. It is an autobiographical, collaborative project that we talk about in some detail in the show – both the project and the events leading up to Eric’s decision to create an album in 2020.

Eric Stangeland in his home in front of a guitar hanging on the wall and some framed pictures
Eric Stangeland

Eric brings along with him two of his collaborators (and no strangers to the show) Mark Earnest and Anthony “Uncle Tony” Collier-Ashworth of ToneMark Soundshttps://www.facebook.com/tonemarksounds. They both contribute on the album as well as being creative forces behind the recording and release. They also launched this label in 2020. What is up with everyone being all creative when constrained to be less social? Crazy how that is working out.

Mark Earnest in his home in front of a hallway and a set of landscape pictures
Mark Earnest

This episode is a little music light – we don’t want to spoil all of the album. However, it is content heavy. Eric share with us a LOT; so if you don’t like a harrowing tale of tragedy and climbing back from the remains of your old life to come back better, stronger, faster… keep on searching. On the other hand, a sincere ‘thank you’ to Eric for sharing a deeply personal chapter.

Anthony Collier-Ashworth in his home in front of a red wall
Anthony Collier-Ashworth

and YOU! Thanks for listening.

Joe C. Rock and Steve Emmerich – Silence in Midtown – S11 E4

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Joe C. Rock and Steve Emmerich - Silence in Midtown - S11 E4

It’s hard to keep a good man down – and we’ve got two good men on the show this week: muralist Joe C. Rock and event promoter Steve Emmerich of Fresh Bakin’. We are also featuring select music form some of the bands playing in the upcoming virtual Reno Punk Rock Flea Market: Valentine’s Slay, this Saturday 02/13/2021 on an internet near you.

A bearded Joe C. Rock in his home surrounded by pieces of art
Joe C. Rock

Seriously – we could not have had a better pairing of guests this week. We delve into the state of the arts in Reno from perspectives we don’t usually get (non-musicians affiliated with the music scene). Joe reflects on his recent socially-distant art show at Sierra Arts; Steve laments the void… and the lack of ability and opportunity to put on shows.

A smiling Steve Emmerich wearing glasses and a black t-shirt in his home in front of blinds-covered window
The Face of Fresh Bakin’ – Steve Emmerich

While we wait for the entertainment world to return to a semblance of normalcy, please go support and watch the RPRFM Valentine’s Slay this weekend and buy some schwag. Kim and Ian have been working hard to make this come together with the rest of the RPRFM crew in support of The Generator. There are going to be a bunch of great acts, including, but not limited to: Weapons of Mass Creation, One Ton Dually, Ozymandias, Kanawha, and more!

Black and white mural of closeups of Reverend Rory Dowd's face and a baby's face with a pacifier on a lime green fence painted by Joe C. Rock.
Best Midtown collab EVAR

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Johnny Harpo – Loudmouth Love-in – S11 E3

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Johnny Harpo - Loudmouth Love-in - S11 E3

How much Johnny Harpo is enough Johnny Harpo? Well, here at the Worst Little Podcast, we say there is NEVER enough Johnny Harpo! This episode marks his 600th appearance on our show – truly amazing.

We get into it deep, right off the bat, talking about recording, Rigorous Proof‘s upcoming album, Star Trek, a rundown of Johnny’s musical history in Reno, even a quick Max Volume story. Johnny and Rory come to a long-overdue reconciliation over a review you probably have never read – truly a tearful moment.

Johnny Harpo

We also want to congratulate Nick and Mikie Ramirez on the birth of their daughter, Pauline Marianne Ramirez, on 2/2/21. She already has them wrapped around her finger. She had not quite yet been born when we recorded this, so it’s a teaser.

Nick and Pauline

Also – please don’t forget about the Reno Punk Rock Flea Market – Kim and Ian have been working with all of our friends over at the Generator and the Flea to make this event happen in the virtual COID world. Streaming this weekend, 02/12/21 wherever you can find social media.

Next Week: Muralist Joe C Rock and Fresh Bakin’s Steve Emmerich

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Asphalt Socialites – Laugh Riot – S11 E2

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Asphalt Socialites - Laugh Riot - S11 E2

A wise man once said, “Be prepared to spend a lot of time laughing with your friends.” This week is no exception. Wild and glamorous like an oil slick in a high-end garage, we are excited to welcome the Asphalt Socialites back to the studio for the first time since 2017. I haven’t laughed this hard all year.

Ken, Ian, Robb and Travis all assembled

How many antics can you get to in one interview? Besides some jokes and stories, we were treated to some literal bathroom humor from Ken, Travis ran laps in a theater – and then drove home on the call. And let’s not mention how Robb tricked the whole band into showing up with false promises of treats.

Asphalt Socialites

Asphalt Socialites have new singles coming out all spring, in lieu of a traditional album release So, find them on your favorite social media or at their own website to follow them for updates on those release dates!

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Basement Tapes – Our Seasons Go To 11 – S11 E1

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Basement Tapes - Our Seasons Go To 11 - S11 E1

GREETINGS PODCAST FANS! Welcome to Season 11 – we are excited to have you with us, once again. We hope your holiday and new year was merry and bright. It’s a whole new world! Now: back to the music!

We are stoked and honored to welcome Basement Tapes back to the show! Travis, Amy, Deb and Bob all popped into the zoomroom to hang out with us for this first episode of the new era. (Garret was busy with lame things like ‘getting a good night sleep for work’, but we wont hold it against him… yet)

Armed with a handful of new songs, they are ready to release a new album – and you get a sneak peek at the tracks right here. Join us to hear how they have coped with writing and recording amidst a pandemic (fairly well, tbh) and other adventures in music!

On the horizon: Check out Reno Punk Rock Flea Market’s Valentine Slay – an online fundraiser for The Generator – Kadiallac Kim is one of the organizers, once again, and we are excited for what they have in store this year in a re-vamped online event.

Next Week: Asphalt Socialites

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Season Opener Postponed

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were not able to record Season 11 Episode 1 last night. Our apologies to our guests, Asphalt Socialites, who you can expect to hear on an unspecified-at-this-time upcoming episode,

We are just as bummed as you and can’t wait to talk music soon.

Love to you all!