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Trever Crow – And So the Crow Flies – S1 E47

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Season 01
Trever Crow - And So the Crow Flies - S1 E47

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – Episode 47

DON’T FORGET THE LIVE SHOW!!!! FRIDAY 1/20!!!! Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor!!!! 8pm!!!!!
AVERSION THERAPY!!!!!! Prizes!!!!! Reno whores!!!!! Art-fags galore!!!! THE SHAMES!!!!

And now back to the show:

Trever Crow, Reno hip hop emcee

This week: Rick records bands! Nick is in bands! Rory pretends he knows! Chewie makes snarky comments!

We step out of our comfort zone this week and get some hip hop up in this studio that Dick built. Reno hip hop emcee and spoken word performer Trever Crow is making things happen around Reno, Sparks and the greater Washoe Valley. For starters he’s bringing back hip hop nights at The Alley in Sparks starting on January 27. This is all-ages and will be happening every month. On the show, we get some live Trevercrow backed up by beatboxing from the Nick Ramirez. Chekkit.

Also, Dogwater Dick shares with us some ancient Reno hip-hop that is some of the most offensive and literally gayest hip hop I have ever heard. I mean, really. seriously offensive – SRSLY! I’m talking about there-are-some-things-you-can’t-unhear kind of offensive. Artfully,   so, but still. When we say that this show is generally NSFW, this track is NSF ANYWHERE! Eleventy!

So, it’s late. I incoherently ranted some yesterday. Here’s a show.

And thanks for listening.

Hella Reno. Hella Good. Hella A Capella. – S1 E46

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Season 01
Hella Reno. Hella Good. Hella A Capella. - S1 E46

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – Episode 46

Monica Reed, Nick Ramirez and Chas Dawes of Hella A Capella on the Worst Little Podcast

No competition. They're that good.

OMFG – sometimes I hate this website. It’s taken me 90 freaking minutes to get the picture above to save to the post. No idea of why. Anyway….

Hey everybody! I’m quitting smoking and I hate you all!! I hope you had a great week, free of anxiety and/or misfortune. It was a fine week here at the WLP Ranch where we raise little podcasts into biguns. Nothing but the finest free-range podcasts, raised on digital nipples for ye, the fathful listeners. Speaking of biguns, we had a dinosaur of the Reno scene in on the show with us this week. Plus, Hella A Capella showed up to sing with Nick too!

In addition to Nick, Hella A Capella is Chas Dawes, Monica Reed and Diana Marx, three of the kindest people in the whole scene. They really are very huggable and stuff – it was almost like interviewing plushies. They are also pretty good song-ers too, hitting us with covers that ranged from odd acapella tunes from the Bobs to rock classics including Alice In Chains’ seminal “Man in the Box”.  As I say in the ‘cast – it’s a lot more intense sitting in the room with singers belting it out at you than it is in a bar with a shitty soundguy (hi, Mike LaPrarie!!!!)

Diana Ekins-Marx of Hella A Capella on the Worst Little Podcast at Dogwater Studios

Diana Marx, the Queen of Hearts

Don’t forget we have our Worst Live Podcast 2011 happening at Jub Jubs on January 20, 2012. 8pm starts the reindeer games. Then we’ll have some music by Aversion Therapy and our VERY special guests, The Shames!!!!  It’s going to be a great kickass time, but we need an audience – you guys!!!

So this week, sit back and enjoy this weeks raucuous fun, sans instrumentation. Raise a glass and pass the koolaid…. get a tattoo from Stingray Tattoo

….and thanks for listening.


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Season 01

Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – Episode 45

It’s a Brand New Year, but the Same Dumb Show!

Hi there! Did you miss us? We missed our pre show circle-jerks and all of you listeners over the holiday break. It was a great Christmas and Holiday and New Year’s season for everyone. And how about that weather? Huh? Pretty freaking nice if you ask me. I’ll take clouds and 60/70 degree weather over snow and grey skies every Christmas. But a little snow this year would be nice. It’s pretty to look at from inside. Where it’s warm. Anyway…

In the studio this week are our favorite Carson City duo, Blunderbusst! Jen Scaffidi and Carolyn Gates are always super fun to talk to, and totally on the ball, and super rad musicians. They did not disappoint; we all had a great time and they hammered out three lives songs for us. Great first show of the year, clocking in at about 2 hours. But the mouths on these women! Holy shit! They’d make a sailor’s tattoos blush!

Carolyn Gates on the Worst Little Podcast

Carolyn "Dance Party" Gates

We also hop on the phone with Stacey Tolle, currently with Austin’s ‘The People VS. De La Rosa’, but more importantly formerly of Reno’s #1 all time best band (according to our listener poll) Gunshot Licker! She’s been back in town for the holidays and *gasp* IS PLAYING GUNSHOT LICKER REUNION SHOW ON FRIDAY, 1/6!!!! It’s a benefit for the Rev. Gary Setzer with the Shames, The Gunner’s Daughter and Blunderbusst at Davidson’s Distillery. It’s going to be pretty fantastic and fun and you should all come out. Seriously, if you live within 200 miles of Reno and haven’t seen Gunshot Licker, you NEED to come see this show. Shit like this just doesn’t happen very often. Yo.

Also Don’t forget – The Worst Live Podcast in Reno on Jan 20 at  Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor where for the first time we will be recording the show in front of a live bar audience! Contests and games – including a YELLING CONTEST!!! –  prizes for the winners and a bucket of ‘suck it up’ for the losers! I expect to see you all there!

We’ve got a great year ahead of us and can’t wait to share another year’s worth of Reno music, art and culture with you.
Thanks for Listening.

[ I really don’t appreciate whoever is posting these blogs with my edit coreections still in them. Knock it off! – Ed.]

The Worst Little Christmas Podcast – S1 E44

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Season 01
The Worst Little Christmas Podcast - S1 E44

Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – Episode 44

Welcome to Dogwater!

Welcome to Christmas at Dogwater!

Hello, friends, family, acquaintances and losers of minor note listeners! The warmest felicitations and tidings of the season unto you!!

This is the last show of 2011 and we thought we’d make it special for everyone. Finally, we have the Notorious RAD on the show, after many months of hearing only her vulgar snipes and adorable observations on life (“Felix likes to drink.”); we have some fun and ask her what her favorite parts of Christmas are. And yes, I give her the Worst Quiz Ever; altered, and more saccharine, but a really bad quiz nonetheless. Oh, and my wife, Cheyenne Dowd finally deigns us with her presence, but whatever….

Rikku Claus says, "Don't be naughty, bitches."

Rikku Claus: She sees you when you're sleeping.

All of us at the Worst Little Podcast are glad to call you friend and wish you the best holiday season you can possibly have as well as some kick-ass momentum going into the new year, 2012 – possibly the last year? Evar? We don’t care about that – we just care about delivering you some nice hot podcast-y goodness. Please enjoy this little offering of holiday cheer, including some non-traditional local Christmas tunes. We love you all and stay tuned for us in January when we’ll have BLUNDERBUSST, TREVER CROW, a LIVE SHOW AT JUB JUBS on January 20th with the SHAMES and AVERSION THERAPY, and many more hometown heroes and Reno royalty.

Thanks for Listening!

Happy New Year, from the Worst Little Podcast

Jonie Blinman – Tales of New York – S1 E43

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Season 01
Jonie Blinman - Tales of New York - S1 E43

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – Episode 43

Brrr… It’s time for snow, but I could really use a little spring.

First off, to everyone who came out for the Marianarchy Winter Ball 2011 , we can’t thank you enough. It was a great turnout and a great show. More on that during the podcast.

Jonie B - can i please go now


December is here and it’s time for birthdays and holidays and time with the family and not quite having enought time or money to have fun but for some reason we generally have great memories of it and can’t wait to do it again even though last year we said it was the last time we did this nonsense. *gasp* However, it does mean that we are going to take a little break. This is the second to last show of the year for us – the next should be out the week before Christmas, so stay tuned!

Jonie Blinman and Kristin Pitman were tricked into happy to come on the show with us this week. If you don’t know who Jonie is, you should – she has been a vital part of the Reno music scene in the past decade, including founding Songwriters in the Round (SITR). Kristin is no slouch either, a talented violinist and guitarer in her own right. She’s also a baker!

Kristin Pitman - these guys are creepy

brought to you by the letter K

They left our fair city at the end of last year to cut their teeth on NYC. But the Biggest Little Black Hole in the Universe dragged them back, however willingly. They regale us with some stories, some tragic, some funny, some bizzare – but nothing that kept them there. We laughed, we gasped, we almost cried. We’re happy to have them back and hang out on our show!

Enjoy your prelude to the holidays; as I always say, don’t get so high that you can’t understand the anti-drug commercial.
And thanks for listening!


The Proof is in the Rigor! – S1 E42

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Season 01
The Proof is in the Rigor! - S1 E42

Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – Episode 42

Adam Landis of Rigorous Proof


Time keeps marching on and so do the days counting down towards the  Marianarchy Winter Ball. I am very honored to be returning as the host and emcee, along with some backup from Nick, Chewie and Rick, and really hope to see as many of you as can make it down for either day of the event. I will, of course, be there all day BOTH days. Stop by, say hi, BRING ME COFFEE!! (vanilla-caramel creamer and 3 tbsp brown sugar in that, please)


Wesley Forster

Just call him "Ensign Crusher"

To the show! We talk about how a lot of Reno bands stay togetehr just long enough for people to like then and cut a CD; then they break up. Rigorous Proof is the phoenix that has arisen from the ashes of the Madorians (among others). If you know these boys, you know they switch lineups more often than they change underwear or get haircuts. Hell they broke up at least twice on the show, kicked out the bassist and let him back in, AND changed their name a few times. Kids these days!


Johnny Bailey of Rigorous Proof
Johnny Bravo


Currrently, the Rigorous Proof consists of Johnny Bailey (vox/git), Wes Forester (drums), Adam Landis (keys) and Jesse Gaddis (bass). Jesse had to show up late, so in the beginning of the show we have some intense 3-piece adaptations of some of their new songs. Finally though, at the end he adds his fat tones to the mix for their final live performance of the show. They sound really good, despite being recorded by tin cans hooked up to a wire.


The show starts off a little shakey, I admit, but by the time we hit the two hour mark, you’ll be glad you ‘tuned in’. I’ve got to go deal witha sick munchkin, so until next week, ladies and gents: Thanks for listening!

Jesse Gaddis of Rigorous Proof

The Straggler


The Secrets of Red Mercury – S1 E41

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Season 01
The Secrets of Red Mercury - S1 E41

Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – Episode 41

This is easily our most offensive episode yet. Like that-time-I-faked-a-miscarriage-for-Halloween motherfuckerbulldogcheeksshitcuntfartbloody stoolsnottyshlongtwogirlsonecupcockbastardmeatpursedonkeypunch offensive.

Tom McInturf ...the smart one...

I’d like to start by acknowledging that we make mistakes. Yes, I know, it’s hard to believe, but we fuck up sometimes. Like my grandfather’s name is “Ed” not “Gerald” or whatever it was I said(see Ep.39). The most glaring mistakes in this show are the date for the Ditch the Pilot benefit show, (Dec. 8 ) since they house got burnt down, and the fact that this is our 41st episode, not our 40th. But anyways….

Mike Adragna ...the pretty one...

We cover a lot of ground in this nearly 2 hour episode. Mike Adragna, Morgan Hough and Tom McInturf of Red Mercury are this week’s victims are a bunch of really fun guys. They got the vibe of the show right away and rolled with it. I think I even blushed  a couple of times (AND I tell an awful, awful joke I made up and promised teh Wifey I wouldn’t repeat. But, ssshhh – don’t tell her.) Red Mercury plays a few really fucking awesome live songs and some tracks off of their fairly new CD; in the interview, they really let their hair down, but… we already talked about that.

Morgan Hough ...the funny one...

We also touch on the Caughlin Fire, Movember, Marianarchy, football (Raiders suck, Go Pack!), how busy Rick is and much much more.  Well, not really MUCH, much more, but some other things, and postulations and theorems waxing upon life. And bad jokes. Lots of those.

And as always, my Unseen Audience: Thanks for listening.


7 Seconds with Zomboo – S1 E40

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Season 01
7 Seconds with Zomboo - S1 E40

Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – Episode 40

Hey kids, do you like scaaaaary podcasts? Good! Because Zomboo, everybody’s favorite late night zombie/vampire stops by the Dogwater Studios for a bite and some laughs. I cannot begin to tell you how excited we all were to have him on. Pretty much our biggest guest, in-studio. Really – you can hear the delight and awe in our voices as we kiss his ass to death we were so pleased to be able to have him on. We talk about his show, charity work, his out look on life and everything that makes him our favorite spook all around the year!

To Rick - How do you like scaaary movies? -your old pal Zomboo

We all got autographs!!! We were like schoolgirls.

Chewie came back this week, from his paternity leave, with a lovely musical selection. This week’s entertainment comes from a little garage band from Reno Nevada in the 1980’s. A passing footnote in a history, you may or may not have heard of:  7 EFFING Seconds! That’s right; the biggest band to ever come out of this two-horse town generously let us play some of their old songs.  Nick, being the name dropper rockstar that he is promised a phoner with Steve Young Youth, but FAILED to deliver. It surely must have been Nick’s fault and miscommunication, since 7 Seconds are a bunch of upstanding boy scouts and fine citizens that would never just flake on an esteemed broadcast as ours… Stay tuned – we may be able to get them on another episode somewhere in the future.

We also talk about last week, what we did and what we’re gonna do and junk. But whatever – we had ZOMBOO on or show! Fuck yeah!!!

This post could totally be longer, but … I just got Skyrim and I need to go crack out on a video game now. Later…

… and thanks for listening!

Season of the Moustache – S1 E39

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Season 01
Season of the Moustache - S1 E39

Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – Episode 39

Alison Jasmine Martin

Warning – Chewbacca has progeny!

First of all, we’d like to congratulate Josh and Christina and welcome their beautiful daughter Alison into the world. We wish her a wonderful life, brains, beauty, grace (take after yo momma, little girl!) and that she finds joy in all that she does. HOWEVER, it’s a pretty convenient excuse for Chewie to have to miss the show again. Once again, he proves his unreliability as a co-host and off-air personality. But, whatevs….

On the show this week we have the pleasure of hanging out with Shane Whitecloud, Mike Reynolds and Ernie Anthony from Seasons of Insanity. I’ll be honest – didn’t know if these guys were going to be cool or not. They TOTALLY flaked on us a few episodes back (remember, the last time Layla was here? The friends of hers that made her look bad on the noted Worst Little Podcast? And then we all sang ‘Kumbaya’? remember?), and ALMOST forgot about us this time. But they came through! At the buzzer! And it was good. Very good, in fact. So good, in fact, that I urge all of you to catch their show on December 10th. I think it’s at the Knit, but you’ll just have to listen to the whole show to find out. In fact.

(F.Y.I. – Worst Little Podcast EXCLUSIVE never-before heard acoustic versions of “Unsung Heroes” and “Gallon of Homey Wine”  by Seasons of Insanity,

Seasons of Insanity, Movember and the Skatehouse with Nick and Rory from the Worst Little Podcast

one take. done.

But WAIT! There’s MORE!
Also on this week’s episode, Jacob Carnahan, captain of Team MoFoxy, came in to talk about the international fundraiser, MOvember, promoting men’s health. Why? Because we like balls. We even heart balls. We heart MOvember. And fundraising. Jacob, and many Team MoFoxy members can be found at the Foxy Olive. Gothere and give them money. They won’t spend all of it on booze. They’ll spend it on balls. Reverend Rory and Nick are also on the team – donate money to them!

Darin Honorof, longtime friend of Nick, also stopped by to throw some love out to a new project in South Lake Tahoe – the Skatehouse. It’s an indoor skatepark that wants to help develop and promote young kids into skating or boarding or all of those things that I would break my neck doing cause I’m an old man. Visit the website, visit the park!

Ok… I’m out of steam. It’s an awesome show. I think you’ll like it.


Oh, yes…. and thanks for listening.

Last Halloween – S1 E38

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Season 01
Last Halloween - S1 E38

Download Link —> The Worst Little Podcast – Episode 38


Nick Ramirez and one of the Chris's from the Vampirates

Happiness and fear on 'Halloween'

Happy Halloween from the Worst Little Podcast!!!!

I hope you had a spook-tacular weekend. We had a great time at the Candyshoppe/Rocky Horror Pinky show, Zombie Crawl, Discovery museum and lots of other events around town. What a blast! If this town does any one holiday right, it’s Halloween! Especially when the weather is as warm as it was the past week! I’d say it’s probably been atlesast 7 or 8 years since Halloween night was that temparate. Slow year though – last year I ran out of candy by 8pm; this year, I was giving out handfuls of the junk and still had some left at 9pm!

The pumkin carving and CD release last thursday at Dogwater Studios was awesome. Even though the Worst Little Podcast studio was taken over by punkin’s and tables, the house was full of good cheer and horrific creativity. The Notorious RAD kept leaving the room when there was a “movie that’s immapropriate for little kids” came on the TV. The little trooper was a peach and stayed up late with us drunks.

DaKodiak and Dave Masud

I'm pretty sure both of these guys know a bit about liver scars.


On the show this week, wehave Reno’s own horror-rockers, the Vampirates, combining ghouls and zombies with punk rock and violence. Just towards each other, mind you. They’re “public service punk rock” and not here to harsh your good time. Chris and Dave sit down with us and talk about their most recent tour, drinking, and um, Halloween?? Yeah – LIVE! from the recent past. Just like always. Also in studio are Dogwater Studio’s very own Cody “Kodiak” and nevada trucker, Regis Mankey. Who, IMHO, is a moron. That’s right I said it. I’m callin you out, you redneck loser! I doubt you really even listen to this show.

Anyway, check your candy for cyanide (tastes like almonds) and razorblades (tastes like stabby).

And thanks for listening!

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