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Trever Crow – And So the Crow Flies

Worst Little Podcast
Trever Crow - And So the Crow Flies

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – Episode 47

DON’T FORGET THE LIVE SHOW!!!! FRIDAY 1/20!!!! Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor!!!! 8pm!!!!!
AVERSION THERAPY!!!!!! Prizes!!!!! Reno whores!!!!! Art-fags galore!!!! THE SHAMES!!!!

And now back to the show:

Trever Crow, Reno hip hop emcee

This week: Rick records bands! Nick is in bands! Rory pretends he knows! Chewie makes snarky comments!

We step out of our comfort zone this week and get some hip hop up in this studio that Dick built. Reno hip hop emcee and spoken word performer Trever Crow is making things happen around Reno, Sparks and the greater Washoe Valley. For starters he’s bringing back hip hop nights at The Alley in Sparks starting on January 27. This is all-ages and will be happening every month. On the show, we get some live Trevercrow backed up by beatboxing from the Nick Ramirez. Chekkit.

Also, Dogwater Dick shares with us some ancient Reno hip-hop that is some of the most offensive and literally gayest hip hop I have ever heard. I mean, really. seriously offensive – SRSLY! I’m talking about there-are-some-things-you-can’t-unhear kind of offensive. Artfully,   so, but still. When we say that this show is generally NSFW, this track is NSF ANYWHERE! Eleventy!

So, it’s late. I incoherently ranted some yesterday. Here’s a show.

And thanks for listening.

Hella Reno. Hella Good. Hella A Capella.

Worst Little Podcast
Hella Reno. Hella Good. Hella A Capella.

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – Episode 46

Monica Reed, Nick Ramirez and Chas Dawes of Hella A Capella on the Worst Little Podcast

No competition. They're that good.

OMFG – sometimes I hate this website. It’s taken me 90 freaking minutes to get the picture above to save to the post. No idea of why. Anyway….

Hey everybody! I’m quitting smoking and I hate you all!! I hope you had a great week, free of anxiety and/or misfortune. It was a fine week here at the WLP Ranch where we raise little podcasts into biguns. Nothing but the finest free-range podcasts, raised on digital nipples for ye, the fathful listeners. Speaking of biguns, we had a dinosaur of the Reno scene in on the show with us this week. Plus, Hella A Capella showed up to sing with Nick too!

In addition to Nick, Hella A Capella is Chas Dawes, Monica Reed and Diana Marx, three of the kindest people in the whole scene. They really are very huggable and stuff – it was almost like interviewing plushies. They are also pretty good song-ers too, hitting us with covers that ranged from odd acapella tunes from the Bobs to rock classics including Alice In Chains’ seminal “Man in the Box”.  As I say in the ‘cast – it’s a lot more intense sitting in the room with singers belting it out at you than it is in a bar with a shitty soundguy (hi, Mike LaPrarie!!!!)

Diana Ekins-Marx of Hella A Capella on the Worst Little Podcast at Dogwater Studios

Diana Marx, the Queen of Hearts

Don’t forget we have our Worst Live Podcast 2011 happening at Jub Jubs on January 20, 2012. 8pm starts the reindeer games. Then we’ll have some music by Aversion Therapy and our VERY special guests, The Shames!!!!  It’s going to be a great kickass time, but we need an audience – you guys!!!

So this week, sit back and enjoy this weeks raucuous fun, sans instrumentation. Raise a glass and pass the koolaid…. get a tattoo from Stingray Tattoo

….and thanks for listening.


Worst Little Podcast

Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – Episode 45

It’s a Brand New Year, but the Same Dumb Show!

Hi there! Did you miss us? We missed our pre show circle-jerks and all of you listeners over the holiday break. It was a great Christmas and Holiday and New Year’s season for everyone. And how about that weather? Huh? Pretty freaking nice if you ask me. I’ll take clouds and 60/70 degree weather over snow and grey skies every Christmas. But a little snow this year would be nice. It’s pretty to look at from inside. Where it’s warm. Anyway…

In the studio this week are our favorite Carson City duo, Blunderbusst! Jen Scaffidi and Carolyn Gates are always super fun to talk to, and totally on the ball, and super rad musicians. They did not disappoint; we all had a great time and they hammered out three lives songs for us. Great first show of the year, clocking in at about 2 hours. But the mouths on these women! Holy shit! They’d make a sailor’s tattoos blush!

Carolyn Gates on the Worst Little Podcast

Carolyn "Dance Party" Gates

We also hop on the phone with Stacey Tolle, currently with Austin’s ‘The People VS. De La Rosa’, but more importantly formerly of Reno’s #1 all time best band (according to our listener poll) Gunshot Licker! She’s been back in town for the holidays and *gasp* IS PLAYING GUNSHOT LICKER REUNION SHOW ON FRIDAY, 1/6!!!! It’s a benefit for the Rev. Gary Setzer with the Shames, The Gunner’s Daughter and Blunderbusst at Davidson’s Distillery. It’s going to be pretty fantastic and fun and you should all come out. Seriously, if you live within 200 miles of Reno and haven’t seen Gunshot Licker, you NEED to come see this show. Shit like this just doesn’t happen very often. Yo.

Also Don’t forget – The Worst Live Podcast in Reno on Jan 20 at  Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor where for the first time we will be recording the show in front of a live bar audience! Contests and games – including a YELLING CONTEST!!! –  prizes for the winners and a bucket of ‘suck it up’ for the losers! I expect to see you all there!

We’ve got a great year ahead of us and can’t wait to share another year’s worth of Reno music, art and culture with you.
Thanks for Listening.

[ I really don’t appreciate whoever is posting these blogs with my edit coreections still in them. Knock it off! – Ed.]

The Worst Little Christmas Podcast

Worst Little Podcast
The Worst Little Christmas Podcast

Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – Episode 44

Welcome to Dogwater!

Welcome to Christmas at Dogwater!

Hello, friends, family, acquaintances and losers of minor note listeners! The warmest felicitations and tidings of the season unto you!!

This is the last show of 2011 and we thought we’d make it special for everyone. Finally, we have the Notorious RAD on the show, after many months of hearing only her vulgar snipes and adorable observations on life (“Felix likes to drink.”); we have some fun and ask her what her favorite parts of Christmas are. And yes, I give her the Worst Quiz Ever; altered, and more saccharine, but a really bad quiz nonetheless. Oh, and my wife, Cheyenne Dowd finally deigns us with her presence, but whatever….

Rikku Claus says, "Don't be naughty, bitches."

Rikku Claus: She sees you when you're sleeping.

All of us at the Worst Little Podcast are glad to call you friend and wish you the best holiday season you can possibly have as well as some kick-ass momentum going into the new year, 2012 – possibly the last year? Evar? We don’t care about that – we just care about delivering you some nice hot podcast-y goodness. Please enjoy this little offering of holiday cheer, including some non-traditional local Christmas tunes. We love you all and stay tuned for us in January when we’ll have BLUNDERBUSST, TREVER CROW, a LIVE SHOW AT JUB JUBS on January 20th with the SHAMES and AVERSION THERAPY, and many more hometown heroes and Reno royalty.

Thanks for Listening!

Happy New Year, from the Worst Little Podcast

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