#549 S14E14 Greybush- Tyler Goes To Knob Noster

Season 14
Season 14
#549 S14E14 Greybush- Tyler Goes To Knob Noster

This week we have a great zoom chat with Tyler Edwards from the NorCal metal group Greybush. 

Tyler Edwards

Tyler says the name is because they’re men of a certain age and the changing colors not unlike the foliage in the fall. This isn’t their first rodeo in the music scene and with age comes experience and twenty twenty hindsight. That being said these heavy metal devotees share their particular brand and can sometimes be found on a bill in the biggest little city with their buds The Latest Fashion, but more often they play in the bay area, Humboldt, Sacramento and beyond when they tour.  Tyler gives us the deets on commuting for shows from Missouri, why the new digs and how the band can function from such long distances.


We get several tracks from the new EP A Never Ending Search For Justice, including one dedicated to a member James, who recently left the band but is still a homie.

Tyler comes alive!

Tyler is super nice, hella funny, stoney, and a little self deprecating, so yeah, we hit it off. 

Chewie and Kadillac Kim give us the weekend hot shows and as per usual with new guests, we play a great round of the worst little quiz. 

So laugh with us, crank it up, throw your horns and bang your heads with Greybush. Thanks for being on the show Tyler! Life is short and we love you. Metal!

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