Josh “Chewie” Martin


Josh Martin

His wife must be a very kind woman…

The Only TRUE native son on the show, Josh Martin is a Northwest Renoite, all grown up. Like his forebears, he is a bule-collar, skilled tradesman, slaving away in the mines of Nevada. Unlike his forebears, Chewie makes an ass-ton of money laying special acid bricks, or something. He and his lovely wife and daughter live happily somewhere where you don’t know. That girl lovers her daddy. Hopefully, he’ll be in the mines enough that he doesn’t warp the poor thing too much.

Chewie is our resident expert and historian on the Reno music scene. His flyers and tape casette  collections extend back into the mid 80’s (the time before the internet). He has snuck into more clubs than are even left anymore and workd as the door guy at half of those before he got respectable. If it’s a band that’s played out for any length of time in Reno, chances are, he’s seen ’em.