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CRUSH: Tears of Consent

Worst Little Podcast
CRUSH: Tears of Consent

What a way to end a year!

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S2 E 42

Daniel Sion smiling at the camera in a green hoodie on The Worst Little Podcast 2013 01 21

Do you trust this smile?

We’re wrapping things up with some great momentum this year. It took me all year to remember to book the young men of CRUSH on the podcast. Daniel, Jimmy and Aaron stopped by to grace us with an acoustic set of their techno-rock-dubstep-pop. Not only did they and their awesome three-part harmonies kill it, but they came to have fun. We really didn’t have to ask many questions; the boys took the conversation wherever they wanted it. And that was mostly talking about pot. Pot and not getting laid.

Jimmy Dunn of CRUSH in a yellow and black shirt smiling at the camera.

He always seemed like such a nice boy…

From Walden’s to the Knitting Factory to the Alley, CRUSH can pack the house with more teenagers than any other party band in town. Mostly because they themselves are fresh out of HS, and diligently applying themselves to the College of Rock and Roll! All joking aside, with two full-length CDs under their belt, they are serious about being working musicians and have the chops to prove it. Even in an acoustic set, their tight songwriting and performance skills shine through. PLUS they are the favorite local band of Rikku, who recorded them a special message-song that we play at the top of the show.

Aaron Sion of CRUSH in a purple t-shirt flashing a peace sign with his fingers on The Worst Little Podcast 2013 01 21

All about the pieces

Also in studio is everyone’s favorite potty mouth – Jenny PezDeSpencer!!! Yeah, Jenny’s back, bigger than life and killing it.

Comedian Jenny PezDeSpencer trying to swallow a microphone on The Worst Little Podcast 2012 01 21

She’s just not trying hard enough…

Jenny is working hard at hardly working. She has a slew of shows this very weekend. Friday night she is opening up for national comedian Ramsey Moore at The Knitting Factory. Saturday, you can catch her at the Reno Tahoe Comedy Club at Pioneer Underground with  Thai Rivera who you can catch on Comedy Central specials. Sunday, she’ll probably be hungover or at Red Rock comedy night. Or both. Probably both.

Comedian Jenny PezxDeSpencer mimicking eating a bunch of vitamin pills on The Worst Little Podcast 2013 01 21

Pez Dispenser not Pez Consumer!!!!

One final note – we’d like to welcome newest whipping boy, John Frederick, to the cast. He’ll be working under Dogwater Dick for a while. He’ll also be learning about live recording and podcasting and stuff. (See what I did there?) That’s all for now….

New Intern John Frederick sitting on the bed in Rick's bedroom/studio at Dogwater Studios 2013 01 21

Waiting for the post-show ‘meeting’

Thanks for Listening!!

Elsie Marie and John Frederick: Reno After All

Worst Little Podcast
Elsie Marie and John Frederick: Reno After All

People in this town are so darn nice!

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S2 E41

Elsie After All.... flyer


Lots of laughs, little drinking and a brand new theme song this episode! Our second season might be winding down, but we’re still coming at you full force! This week we have musical powerhouse, John Frederick, and photographer/model, Elsie Marie, in studio with us. We forgot to take pictures this week so you’ll have to make do with acual nice photos of our guests from their respective FB pages. Elsie was a guest on our show last year and has had a crazy year of becoming a spokesmodel and Reno Tahoe Tonight contributor, being super involved with photography and the Reno culture, AND undergoing a series of surgeries! That’s right – surgeries, as in plural. Listen to the mid segment of the show to find out more about her trials and tribulations. There is a benefit for her that you MAY have heard about – Elsie After All – that will be this Saturday Jan 19 at Swill Coffee and Wine (6pm-9pm) and Chapel Tavern (10pm-2am).

Reno NV photographer and model. Elsie Marie, in a red sparkly dress head on palms, elbows on knees.


John Frederick is one of the featured performers of the event at Swill, AND a super new friend. This guy is amazing and fun and talented. He’s got his fingers in theater, and music, and organizing, and …other stuff! Really, even fighting off a creepin’ crud, Frederick has a killer full sound in his singing voice. He played a bunch of originals, including – that’s right – a WLP EXCLUSIVE listen to a brand new song that had no name, but now it does (because we just give and give ande give here on the podcast).

John Frederick promo picture - black and white wearing a hat with the label 'johnfrederickmusic.com' vertically on the right side

We also MISS a phone call from BJ Johnson, Washington-based comedian that will be appearing at the Reno Tahoe Comedy Club this Friday and Saturday night. Once we get this phone thing worked out, we promise the phone interviews will be better! We also have an Open Mic roll call that is completely confusing – see if you can keep up, there will be a quiz next week.

Anyways… Thanks for Listening!!!

Eric Stangeland: One Stop Guitar God

Worst Little Podcast
Eric Stangeland: One Stop Guitar God

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S2 E40

Same old shit for a brand new year!!!!

Signage for Eric Stangeland's One Stop Guitar


So, you know that we know a lot of people in the Reno music scene and entertainment industry. One long-time friend of all of us is Eric Stangeland, repeatedly voted Best Guitar or Music Teacher in Reno in the RNR Reader’s Choice Awards, and it’s about time we had him on the show. Eric has been in bands in Reno for a long-ass time including Convicted Innocence, Mama’s Trippin’ and Dirt Communion; currently he is in a new cover band called Mimic. Not only is he one of the top guitar players in town, but he’s also a hell of a guy to hang out with. How the hell has this not happened yet?

Eric Stangeland of One Stop Guitar in three quarter profile giving a thumbs up

Hey, E! Wanna be on a podcast?

Before we can really get into it with Eric, we started taking phone calls this week! Early in the show we have a call with CA based comedian, Myles Weber, who legitamately made us laugh and will be appearing at the Reno Tahoe Comedy Club at the Pioneer Underground on Jan 11 and 12 (worth checking out). Then a little later , as we are talking about the Elsie After All benefit for friend of the show, Elsie Marie, we get a call from Oliver Ex, editor of the RTT and organizer of the event. THAT then dovetailed us into talking about Autism and Autism awareness. Eric is the father of a son with Autism and the cause has become not just near and dear to him, but a part of his life. He has some really great ideas about Reno musicians putting together a bunch of songs and making something to benefit the Autism community – listen up to that part. It’s actually a pretty stellar idea and we are on board here at WLP. You can also check out a song Eric co-wrote on SoundCloud, to get the ball rolling.

Eric Stangeland from One Stop Guitar holding a guitar and staring at the camera with a small smile.

He’s got this.

Other than that, it’s a lot of our regular crap. It was nice to have Chewie in the studio at the start of the year, even if he’s back out again next week. He’d better be here for the start of Season 3 (just a few weeks away!!). Oh! And there’s a new theme song. But hopefully, you’ve already heard that.

Thanks for listening.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Podcast

Worst Little Podcast
Have Yourself A Merry Little Podcast

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S2 E 39





I’m not going to get into it this week. We have Rikku in the studio and Ashley Polanski, local thespian and performer, to talk about Good Luck MacBeth and their new location. (The Dr. Sketchy thing was actually last night… so… whoops). Rikku sings soem songs, forces us to sing with her, then sings some more as we talk inappropriately over her head.


Rikku and Uncle Nicky

Listen to the show. Get drunk. Have warm fuzzys and hold the person you love tight.
I’m going to be thinking about a girl in Portland that I miss and drinking a steaming glass of whiskey.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Rory, Rick, Nick, Josh, Spencer, Shaun and all of our families.
We do all this for you and couldn’t do it without you!



Thanks for Listening!

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