Eric Stangeland: One Stop Guitar God – S2 E41

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Eric Stangeland: One Stop Guitar God - S2 E41

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Same old shit for a brand new year!!!!

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So, you know that we know a lot of people in the Reno music scene and entertainment industry. One long-time friend of all of us is Eric Stangeland, repeatedly voted Best Guitar or Music Teacher in Reno in the RNR Reader’s Choice Awards, and it’s about time we had him on the show. Eric has been in bands in Reno for a long-ass time including Convicted Innocence, Mama’s Trippin’ and Dirt Communion; currently he is in a new cover band called Mimic. Not only is he one of the top guitar players in town, but he’s also a hell of a guy to hang out with. How the hell has this not happened yet?

Eric Stangeland of One Stop Guitar in three quarter profile giving a thumbs up

Hey, E! Wanna be on a podcast?

Before we can really get into it with Eric, we started taking phone calls this week! Early in the show we have a call with CA based comedian, Myles Weber, who legitamately made us laugh and will be appearing at the Reno Tahoe Comedy Club at the Pioneer Underground on Jan 11 and 12 (worth checking out). Then a little later , as we are talking about the Elsie After All benefit for friend of the show, Elsie Marie, we get a call from Oliver Ex, editor of the RTT and organizer of the event. THAT then dovetailed us into talking about Autism and Autism awareness. Eric is the father of a son with Autism and the cause has become not just near and dear to him, but a part of his life. He has some really great ideas about Reno musicians putting together a bunch of songs and making something to benefit the Autism community – listen up to that part. It’s actually a pretty stellar idea and we are on board here at WLP. You can also check out a song Eric co-wrote on SoundCloud, to get the ball rolling.

Eric Stangeland from One Stop Guitar holding a guitar and staring at the camera with a small smile.

He’s got this.

Other than that, it’s a lot of our regular crap. It was nice to have Chewie in the studio at the start of the year, even if he’s back out again next week. He’d better be here for the start of Season 3 (just a few weeks away!!). Oh! And there’s a new theme song. But hopefully, you’ve already heard that.

Thanks for listening.

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