S14E21 Larry Cooper: Must Die

Season 14
Season 14
S14E21 Larry Cooper: Must Die

We had a cozy healing session with thee magic man himself Mr Larry Cooper. 

Larry is a talented multi-instrumentalist whose musical hustles include being the bassist for artsy pop rockers Roxxy Collie and often sitting in with his homies in the Grimtones or maybe you’ve been blown away by his solo work. His debut solo album LARRY COOPER MUST DIE is out on all major platforms and vinyl records are on the way.

It’s a journey through recovery and Larry plays nearly every instrument on it. It is soulful, mixing styles and influences the whole way through, keeping the listener engaged. Sometimes the songs arrive from moments of clarity and immediate improvisation. Others are written meticulously. Must Die leaves quite the impression. It is a concept album and should be experienced as such. It reveals a real person and true artist.

Larry Cooper live in the Dogwater Studios

We shoot the shizzy on the two and a half years it took to get the album out and the reasons for its creation. Larry dives deep within himself revealing struggles, enlightenment and hope. 

The conversation was heavy and funny with huge heart and sincerity . 

We get a couple tracks from the record and a couple live in studio performances. 

Larry is now a five timer on the show; therefore, we felt no need to quiz him again.

The Rev. says farewell but not goodbye, promising to return to hosting occasionally

Big daddy Rory says farewell for now, after hosting the last three episodes. We of WLP salute you Rev. See you next hall pass. 

Thanks for a great episode, Larry. We love you. Thanks for listening folks, we love you too.

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