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PJ Ruprecht and Emily Reese – A Hole Gnu Whirled

Worst Little Podcast
PJ Ruprecht and Emily Reese - A Hole Gnu Whirled

Go team Glitter!

The Worst Little Podcast – S4 E44 <- Download Link

Here we are at the last episode of Season 4. Wow. That’s a statement I never though I’d make. For this momentous occasion, we are joined by TWO wonderful guests for one great episode. We have PJ Ruprecht and Emily Reese with us to round out the season. PJ Ruprecht is new to Reno, but a fantastic talent to have on board, having stunned Reno open mic nights for the last few months. Not hard with his background, as you’ll see.

PJ Ruprecht in a 4 box warholized poster

This was not what he expected.

On the other hand, we also have Emily Reese, a public speaker, writer and teacher at Rainshadow Academy. Also a mother of three and two-time cancer champion, Em brings her own amazing stories to the table on the show this week. There are lots of surprising things about this long-time friend of many of us on the show.

4-box warholized images of Emily Reese

The many shades of Emily

In other news, Intern “Good Girl” gets to user her real name of Jamie; Honky is not quite there yet; Nick has a bunch of shows; Rev. Rory will have Girl Scout cookies soon; Chewie is somewhere else; Rick is going to be recording; and Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

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End of the Line – Gettin’ Punked Up

Worst Little Podcast
End of the Line - Gettin' Punked Up

Piss off, wankers!

The Worst Little Podcast – S4 E43 – Download Link

Sometimes, even doing something for the love gets frustrating and turns into a grind. Then punk rock happens and everything feels better. End of the Line comes into the studio and kicks a little insensible sense back into our heads this week. End of the Line, a Reno punk rock band, is Milton Bradshaw, Bre Fretz and Rich Davies. They’re yell-y, crass, irreverent, offensive and totally wonderful.

Rich Davies with a visual effect on his face.

Rich has a face for radio!

Playing in this particular lineup for a fairly short time, End of the Line has been making a mark and is gaining traction in the Reno music scene in recent months. We had a late cancellation and they made the time to swoop in and fill the show this week on short notice, which always puts points up on the big board. They lay down a handful of tunes for us and bang out some old school. “Hippie Chick” is a standout tune, as is “Lovesong”… really… enjoy!

Bre Fretz, pointing at the mic

Bre thinks WLP is Number 1!

Milton Bradshaw smiling greatly.

A Milton Lisa smile?

Also in the house is man-about-town, and good friend of the show, Dave Masud. Dave stopped by to plug his upcoming event, Skate Jam 2015, hosted in the showroom at Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor. The event will be all-ages, featuring bands, skate ramps, contests, raffles, SKATE RAMPS, prizes, food, drinks, SK8 RAMPZ and 12 BANDS!! Dave is workin’ hard to keep punk rock and skating alive for the people who really matter – the freakin kids. So, go to Skate Jam. For the kids. And Dave.

Dave Masud with patterned lights around him.

It’s Dr. Dave! Hi, Dr. Dave!

Nick, Rory, Chewie and Rick talk about “Tooth of Crime“, kids, shows and a bunch of other crap. Lots of awesome shows coming up.
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The Enucleators – New Game

Worst Little Podcast
The Enucleators - New Game

A Happy New Year to YE!

The Worst Little Podcast – S4 E42 – Download Link

It’s good to be back! We started to miss you! Opening up the new year and helping us close down the old season, THE ENUCLEATORS join us for some solid facemelting. Dan Steinmetz, Kris Prater and Jimmie Jones make up this new band full of old dogs.

Kris Prater from The Enucleators smiling enthusiastically

Excited Kris

While they’ve only been around for a few months, The Enucleators have consistently impressed audiences every time they play. They have a tight chemistry and were a very insightful bunch of guys to chat with. They are looking to get in some studio time and put down the catalog of music they already have down.

Dan Steinmetz of The Enucleators with his studio headphones and cord wrapped around him

Spent Dan

Reverend Rory and Nick are also positively ELATED to announce that they have been cast in “Tooth of Crime: Second Dance“, a theatrical musical experience by Sam Shepard. Described as “Reno’s Environmental Rock Experience of the Year” and “the most dangerous play you’ll See this year”, “Tooth of Crime” is brought to you by Jub Jub World Productions, directed by Dave Richards and will be staged in the showroom. Other cast members include Lew Zaumeyer, Jill Marlene, Andy Luna, Scott Dundas and John Lutz; Live music from Chris Fox, Dave Masud and Jeff Done ; the crew also features other Reno theater heavyweights. 10 shows, 100 seats, so viewing is limited. Check out the Facebook site for details.

Jimmie Jones of The Enucleators with his bass

Suave Jimmie

So to sum up – Happy Happy; go see The Enucleators; check out “Tooth of Crime”; shake Reno up. Oh! and come to Studio on 4th tonight for the Happy Birthday David Bowie event for a lot of great covers, including The Rev’s version of “Modern Love”.

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The Worst Little Christmas Podcast 2014

Worst Little Podcast
The Worst Little Christmas Podcast 2014

Ho, ho ho, bitches!

The Worst Little Podcast S4 E41

It’s Christmastime and time for our family spectacular! Rikku joins us once again, in person, and that’s just a whole bunch of chaos until she gets sick of the show. Crying and laughter and drama – just like home. We also feature great music from Princess Bombs, Deadly Gallows, Lions Like These, Haggis Rising, Spyke Deggnogg and “Close of the Year”, from the JDRF Hope for the Holidays CD, courtesy of Tom Gordon.

Rikku and her pony diamond

Rikku and Diamond

We also get a very special call from our very own Chewbacca, Josh Martin, direct from the NORTH POLE! Josh has been helping out a very someone special up there and gives us a report of the working conditions.

It’s a lot of chaos. have fun. And from all of us on The Worst Little Podcast – Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We love you all. Jerks.

Thanks for Listening!

Nick Ramirez

Well, HU-llo there!

Jamie "Good Girl" Woodham

Jamie “Good Girl” Woodham

Reverend Rory singing

The Rev. getting his jam on

Shaun, Cole and Nate

Stryse, Honky and Nate

WLP crew pretending dead

Seasons Dyings

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