Limbo State – Pending Action – S6 E34

Chk. Chk. Ch’ka-ch’kah. Womp. Womp.

The Worst Little Podcast – S6 E35 – Download Link

Oooh. Yeah. As we count down the last few episodes of the season, Glynn Osburn from Limbo State drops by the studio. Unfortunately, his rhythm section (Chris Wyatt Scott and Jackson) were not able to make it. Neither was Reverend Rory. So…. it was the fast-talkin’ banter of Nick Ramirez at the helm of the ship.

Glynn Osburn winking on the Worst Little Podcast

Glynn “Popeye” Osburn

Limbo State also has a show coming up with Evil AshFriday the 13th show at Studio on 4th. Should be an awesome show of psychedelic soundscapes perfect for Nevada’s newfound legal status. THere was some music, played, but ’tis but a pale shadow of Limbo state live. This episode was also an opportunity for Mr. Baker and Intern X to get some talk time.


Intern X

Rick Baker, Production assistant for the Worst Little Podcast

Mr. “Tough Guy” Baker

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Silver – Untarnished – S6 E33

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Season 06
Silver - Untarnished - S6 E33

Welcome to a whole new year, mofos!

The Worst Little Podcast in the World S6 E34

We hope you all had a happy and safe new year; we sure did. Starting things off with a bang is Silver, self-described as “American Roots Music” and  featuring the musical stylings of Adam Landis, Brendon Lund, Jeff Knight, Josh Kisor and Greg Gilmore. Unfortunately, Mr. Landis was not able to attend this evening’s recording as he was indisposed. “Indisposed, HOW?” you say? Well, according to all best information he “split his face open on NYE”. Not the Landis moneymaker, no!!!!! However, the band was still able to pull of a couple songs without his talents. (We wish him a speedy recovery)

greg gilmore rhythm guitar and singer for Silver


brendon lund, bassist for Silver


In addition to some canned music with Landis on it, we got the rest of they guys in Silver to play us a couple songs live! It’s really some good stuff with strong music. This is high energy, high talent, Reno supergroup material; they’ll will make you wanna dance, drink or argue – and possibly all three. With a number of high-profile shows under their belt, they are looking forward to playing with Failure Machine and Joan and the Rivers at The Loving Cup on Feb 17. You can also catch Greg Gilmore at The Jungle on Jan 27 and in a short set this Friday at Foxy First Friday at the Foxy Olive ! The man gets around.

Jeff Knight, drummer for Silver


Josh Kisor, Lead guitar for Silver


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Ye Olde WLP Christmas Podcast 2016 – S6 E32

The tradition continues…

Worst Little Podcast in the World S6 E 33 – Download Link

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and Happy Hanukkah and, and, and all that jazz! We’re happy to bring you another Christmas episode! If you'[ve never heard one before, the show is a little more G-rated as we bring our families in to get in on the fun. Due to illness, the Martin Girls were unable to make it. But we do have the ever awesome Mikie Ramirez and Diana Horch, as well as, of course, Princess Bombs herself, Rikku Dowd.

Rikku chillin' with the JC

We got the Christmas cheer up in here!

Its a bit of chaos and fun. Princess Bombs unveil a new song, Rikku yells “Pizza!” a lot in attempts to improvise, and for once! She does NOT cry! Take THAT Uncle Rickey!!!! Merry fucking Christmas to ME!

Ugly sweater homemade cookies from the party

Ugly Sweater Cookies

The WLP cookie

The WLP cookie

Merry Christmas, y’all! Come see One Ton Dually on 12/30/16 with The Alphabet Cult, The Lazy Universe and The Shames at The Saint!
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Man the Tanks – Breathing New Life – S6 E31

Did’ja get yer turkey stuffed?

Worst Little Podcast S6 E31 – Download Link

Saving us from ourselves and a tide of grey nostril hairs, Man the Tanks storms Dogwater Studios with the new-fangled noises they call music! Cayden Linares, Jimi Bolan and Mike Messerli  form up this hit squad of tight and fast musical aggression. Man the Tanks are a homegrown post-punk/hardcore band from here in Reno. I want to call them great new music, but it’s not true. They’ve been around for over a year. They’ve just not played in seedy dive bars venues I’ve frequented.

Jimi Bolan of Man the Tanks, making a duckface

..’sup, nerds…

Cayden Linares of Man the Tanks speaking into a mic

…so dreamy…

Mike Messerli of Man the Tanks wearing a The Joker t-shirt and giving 2 thumbs up whilst smiling broadly


You can catch Man the Tanks soon though! On Thursday 12/7, they’ll be playing with Tounge’s Tide and Alec Moore at Rockbar. These guys are legit and it’ll be a great way to start off Marianarchy Weekend, which is going down at Jub Jubs on Dec 9-10, a Benefit for “Greatful Ted Zepplin”. It’s a great weekend for helping, because on 12/10, the new (and last) Sil Shoda CD/DVD release is a benefit for the MS Society too! It’s a big damned weekend! More about that next week.

Thanks for Listening!


Shames, Subtitles and Sleepwalking – S6 E30

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Season 06
Shames, Subtitles and Sleepwalking - S6 E30

Happy Turkey Day, turkeys!

The Worst Little Podcast in the World S6 E30 – Download Link!

We’ve got an odd little show here. A lot of fun though. Mikie and Penny from The Shames hang out with us and talk a lot about their new project – Eddie and the Subtitles, a new version of a classic band. You can get a taste of what they sound like with some unreleased raw tracks featuring Mikie, Penny, Eddie and Spencer Benenavides.

Penny From The Shames and Eddie and the Subtitles, Reno NV punk rock


We also talk with Mikie and Chewie about sleepwalking. There was a whole show around this that didn’t happen, but we’ve got some funny stories.

Mikie From The Shames and Eddie and the Subtitles, Reno NV punk rock


Well, I’ve got a plane to catch, but we love you. Enjoy your holiday and be safe.

THANKS for listening.

Murderock – S6 E29

Death! Destruction! Fear! Fire! Foes!

The-Worst-Little-Podcast-2016-11-14 – Download Link

Put your neck on the chopping block that is Murderock!

[Text illegible]…great show for …. [corrupted syntax]… still missing… åÔ⊆⇐⊂êβùÓÑ••

freddie with mask and machete

Freddie Ferox

Franky Ferox

Franky Ferox

ú∝”·ß›⊗↵♦♠Οfrigtened and swweating profusely∑∗⊕⌉⌋↵áΟεΒ

Sammi Ferox

Sammi Ferox


Paulie Ferox

Paulie Ferox

Zachy Ferox

Zachy Ferox


Thanks for [redacted]!

The Electric 2 – Breakin’ Boogaloo – S6 E28

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Season 06
The Electric 2 - Breakin' Boogaloo - S6 E28

It’s a whole new world!!!!

The Worst Little Podcast in the World S6 E28 – Download Link

This is Rock and Roll. This is the good chit. This is… The Electric! Billy Gunn West, Darin Goslar and Brooklyn Reiff join us in the illustrious Dogwater Studios for some talk and rock. The Electric is a self-described “high-octane, hip-shaking, greasy, rock-n-roll trio from Reno, NV.”

I really couldn’t do it any better justice myself. These guys are cookin’ with jet fuel!

Brooklyn Reiff at his drumkit in the distance


We take a minute before we get to the LIVE MUSIC (you can speed up to the 41:00 min mark if you really don’t care about what’s been happening), but we do a bit of a recap of all the great things in Reno, includinhg Halloween and The Forte Awards! Lots of great things happening in this town. No matter what. (This is all pre-election, so we don’t know about the outcome of anything!)

Darin GOslar in rear profile


By the way – Intern X took the pictures. She did not understand the concept. She will be flayed… but only a little.

The back of Billy Gunn West's head

Billy Gunn 

Catch the Electric on Friday, Nov 25 with perennial favorites, Hellbound Glory!

We love you all.

Thanks for Listening!


Mark Earnest – Juggernaut – S6 E27

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Season 06
Mark Earnest - Juggernaut - S6 E27

MMMmmmm…. It’s a good one.

The Worst Little Podcast in the World – S6 E27 – Download Link

Just in time for the Halloween Season, we get the all-new jet-fueled sounds of The Sister’s Doom! That’s right! Mark Earnest, Reno music deity, brings in some unreleased tracks from the as-yet unreleased The Sister’s Doom album. Just in time, because they announced this week that their final show will be this coming Friday, November 4!! We also get to listen to Mark play a little live music before he bores of us and decides we must be destroyed.

Mark Earnest looking magestic

…just a regular guy…

Oh! and – sorry for the late post this week. It was delayed by the Annual Dogwater Punkin’ Carving party this week. And Reverend Rory may have injured himself, accidentally, while stretching… We apologize for the delay in transmission, but hey, a late podcast is better than none at all, amirite? Here’s what you may have missed:

a mess 'o jack'o'lanterns



Thanks for Listening!


PUSHBoX – New Utterances – S6 E27

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Season 06
PUSHBoX - New Utterances - S6 E27

Welcome to funkychickentown!

The Worst Little Podcast in the World – S6 E26

We are so happy to have this week’s guests in studio with us. PUSHBoX invades the studio this week and rocks our socks off with some tunes, old and new! PUSHBoX is a rock band from Reno, NV, comprised of Georgia Maestro, Michael Grover and Patrick Williams, all long time Reno musicians and artists. While many listeners may remember them from the early 2000’s, PUSHBoX is a relevant musical force once more. Having reformed a few months ago, the are taking Reno by storm.

Georgia Maestro smiling broadly.

Happy to be here

After taking a 7 year hiatus, PUSHBoX is back out there playing shows again and attracting a whole new generation of listeners. The accolades are well deserved as their sound and technique has matured, if not their personalities. (A bunch of 6th graders, they are.)

Michael Grover pleasantly smiling with a buddha statue over his shoulder

Buddha approves

You’ll be able to catch PUSHBoX soon. They are playing at The Saint with the Asphalt Socialites on Halloween weekend – 10/28/16. So mark that on your calendar and be there, jerky!

Patrick Williams amking a goofy face


Reverend Rory, Michael Grover, Geordia Maestro and Patrick Williams mug for the camera in various poses.

PUSHBoX and The Rev after the show

Thanks for Listening!

The Lost Ones – Gingers with Soul – S6 E25

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Season 06
The Lost Ones - Gingers with Soul - S6 E25

Good Gawd!

The Worst Little Podcast in the World – S6 E25

OK, so no everyone in the band is a ginger, but they all have been touched by a little of that Motown sound. (Think less The Temptations and more Joe Cocker fronting a punk band.) The Lost Ones are a soul/rock band from Reno NV, featuring seasoned troubadours Garrett Donovan – (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Aaron Foelsch – (Keyboard/Vocals), John Grinde – (Drums), Todd Imus – (Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals) and Devon Miller – (Bass Guitar/Vocals). WIth only one show under their belt, they are technically one of the greenest bands we’ve ever had on the show, but don’t let that fool ya. They have a tight, fresh sound that is obviously well rehearsed, no matter what the other bands say.


John Grinde mic check

Little John Grinde

Todd McNulty smiling gently


John Grinde - (Drums)

Suprised Garrett

Devon Miller smiling broadly

Devon – happy to be here

Aaron Foelsch resting his chin on his fists

Angry Aaron

The Lost Ones are really stunning. They’re bringing back old sounds in a new way – mostly with moar whiskey and beer. You can catch them in a couple weeks on November 3rd at Shea’s Tavern with In the Whale. This should be a great show – so great that they’ll all stay up past their bedtimes.

Thanks for Listening!