About WLP

The Worst Little Podcast is a weekly, 90-minute podcast, focused on Reno, NV entertainment and arts. It is a personality-driven, explicit-content (NSFW) entertainment show with talk, humor and music. Since 2011 we have documented the Northern Nevada Music and Art scene; each show is a snapshot in a local band or artists life. Alcohol may occasionally be involved. In our 9th season, Worst Little Podcast continues to be a leading media outlet for Reno underground music and entertainment. Filled with intimate interviews, off-color quizzes and lots of laughs, The Worst Little Podcast is the best at bringing you the personalities of the musicians behind the music you love.

For booking, contact Reverend Rory Dowd or Kadillac Kim on Facebook or email.

Worst Little Podcast is not a top-down view of Reno; it’s bottoms-up.

The Worst Little Podcast currently records at Dogwater Studios in Reno, NV. Endless cheeerleaders for their community, Worst Little Podcast is the only podcast that is about Reno, from Reno and for Reno. It’s hella Reno. Tune in every week to hear about upcoming shows and events here in the Biggest Little City.


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