#555 S14E20 Voidsinger 

Season 14
Season 14
#555 S14E20 Voidsinger 

This week’s guests are industrial dark wave songsters Voidsinger. Casey Fritz and Rob Pelikan’s music is like Love and Rockets mixed with New Order and maybe a dash of Ministry’s With Sympathy. Incorporating hip hop and grunge and just about any genre they like. They have made ten albums in a year and a half. It’s freaking crazy. They chalk up their prolific output to chemistry. 

Rob Pelikan and Casey Fritz

Rob brings the goth new wave vibe and Casey brings the grunge and punk vibes both sharing a rebellious outsider point of view. They’re also joined by Casey’s computer, leaving them to figure out how they’d do a live show but that is definitely on their to do list. We had a great time getting to know Voidsinger and hearing their eclectic tunes. You can find them on all the usual platforms.

The OG cast reunite

We play a fantastic round of the quiz and of course your upcoming hot shows. 

It’s been great having our host with the most Reverend Rory back, in fact the whole original cast made it in this week. Always a treat.

ALSO, from the internet: Our friend and recent guest Dan Abbott of Bobby Joe Ebola & the Children MacNuggits has a kickstarter campaign in its last few days. Please consider donating and pre ordering their latest and most ambitious album yet. The musicianship is top notch and the comedy is hilarious. Link here: http://kck.st/45BqmyZ 

Have a great week everyone and thanks for making us a part of it. Life is short and we love you. 


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