Simply Having a Wonderful Dogwater Time – S9 E37

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Simply Having a Wonderful Dogwater Time - S9 E37

December 2019 marks the end of a year and the end of Season 9 of The Worst Little Podcast. Trust me: We’re as shocked as you are.

When four of us got together at the little-known Dogwater Studios in January 2011, we truly had no idea of what we were getting ourselves into. Rick shoehorned us into the end of his night, after he was recording a Christian bible study podcast, since the studio was configured for that anyway and bands never book on Mondays. We thought it would be cool to listen to tapes of old Reno bands every week and bullshit with each other and have a radio show without the fetters of the FCC or advertisers: our own radio show where we could act like DJs, like we did as kids with dual-tape cassette AM/FM stereos, but almost for real! On THE INTERNET!

Social media and the digital age were very different nine years ago. Streaming was still relatively new and often limited on all the services. Netflix had yet to morph into the media monster, and Napster and MySpace were still a recent memory. I remember having to explain to people what a podcast was: “It’s a really long MP3 file; just play it,” or “It’s like talk radio, but on the internet and with cussing,” and often explaining what NSFW meant along the way. Often, I had to beg and hound people for weeks or months to get them to agree to come into the studio and on ‘our little show’.

Merry Christmas From All of Our Families

We started simply, with tapes and nostalgia, then an acoustic singer-writer (Danielle French!) sat in with us for our first live performance. Then we upgraded to interviewing bands with CD’s and it snowballed from there. The quick addition of weekly live performances is when we started to really hit our sweet spot. Trios, full 6-piece bands, metal, country, indie, horns, banjos, Tom Gordon, phone-ins and even a not-very-well-thought-out live show all developed out of this little idea we had.

The format, presentation and dick jokes all developed and evolved. After a while we started to realize that the show was more than we thought it was. Not only did people want to listen to the show every week, people wanted to be on it! For the experience, for the recording, for the promo – whatever! We didn’t care; we were delighted that people were into what we were doing. What had started as a fun weekly hobby to promote some shows and remember some good times had become a serious effort to document the current music and performing arts scene in Reno… and create some good times.  

Happy Festivus From The Rest of Us

The material, the content, the guests and the music; they were never-ending and still are. We are now an award-winning, 7+ person operation, with hundreds of listeners every week, an editorial calendar that is usually booked 2-3 months out, and thousands of hours of music and interviews with local artists, musicians, thespians, and business owners. Podcasting is a real media platform that is being taken seriously. (Not us, though, we’re still jerks.)

This thing that we do, that you all listen to, is something special to each of us personally. Thank you for supporting us along the way, for letting us into your lives, even if you skip through all the talking and just listen to the songs. It’s ok – that’s why we do it. I hope that we have brought a little joy into your life over the last nine years; you have changed our lives. We hope we mean as much to you as you do us.

We look forward to stepping into the new year and our tenth season with you when we come back from the break. Oh! I should probably mention, we’re taking the next two weeks off from recording in order to enjoy the holiday celebrations. [Insert favored midwinter greeting] Merry Crimbo and a joyous New Year to ye, one and all. Please enjoy this week’s episode featuring the WLP families: Dowds, Martins, Ramirez-s and the Foundlings.

And as always, thanks for listening.

Jason King Duo – S9 E36

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Jason King Duo - S9 E36

Hello! Welcome back to the Worst Little Podcast. We’re here this week with the Jason King duo. Press play for some great blues and Americana from these scene legends!

The Jason King duo is Jason on guitar/vocals and Tommy on guitar. They’re just part of the great Jason King band. Follow their Facebook page to keep tabs on upcoming shows!

Thanks to this week’s guests and thanks to all our listeners and Patreon subscribers. If you like what we do head to our Patreon and donate. For $5 or more per month you get access to our exclusive weekly sound check show! Check back next week for our annual Christmas show. We’ll be telling wild stories and recapping an amazing year for Reno music. Thanks for listening!

Faith ReNo More – S9 E35

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Faith ReNo More - S9 E35

Hello loyal listeners! We took a couple of weeks off for Thanksgiving but we’re back this week with Reno’s very own Faith No More tribute band, Faith ReNo More! It’s a jam packed studio and show this week. Press play!

Faith ReNo More is Shaolin – Keys, Vince – Guitar, Ben, Nick – Bass, and Bryan – Drums. Be sure to give them a like on Facebook to stay updated on upcoming shows. Thanks to the band for being on the show this week!

We’re back next week with Jason Roxas and DJ Camz! Thanks for listening!

EXTRA! EXTRA!: Lincoln Skins Mrs. Cratchit – S9 E34

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
EXTRA! EXTRA!: Lincoln Skins Mrs. Cratchit - S9 E34

Or something like that….

Just a little sensationalism in the headline, because we’ve got two hot sensations in studio with us today! First is the fresh sounds of Lincoln Skinz, a Reno punk/metal act that has been very active in recent months. J Whiskey, Paul and John rip through some tight, hard-driving rock throughout the show.

drummer for Lincoln Skins flashing a rock hand
J Whiskey
ready to play their guitar and bass respectively
Paul Larsen and John Evangelisti

As an added treat, we’ve brought back our favorite former co-host and best intern, Jamie!!! She is directing the upcoming production of Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge at Good Luck Macbeth! She is joined by Choreographer Amy Ginder and Tech Director Derek Nance! This hilarious and definitely naughty take on the christmas classic opens on the day after Thanksgiving and runs through the month of December. Tickets are available online, through the link or at

theater ladies, ready to talk
Jamie Woodham and Amy Ginder
sitting back and lounging in studio b
Dogwater Dick and Derek Nance

As always, thanks for listening.

Sad Giants – S9 E33

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Sad Giants - S9 E33

Hello! Welcome to the Worst Little Podcast. This week we have brand new to us band Sad Giants in the studio. Kim took the week off but everyone else was there to ask these guys all the important, hilarious, and inappropriate questions you’ve come to expect from us. Press play!

Sad Giants is Bobby Benedict, Jesse Moran, and Quentin Young. They describe themselves as a power trio that kicks out the melodic rawness of Americana rock ala Springsteen or Petty, with a modern pop wit that twinges each song with its own unique catch – from 90s college rock to melodic punk. Big thanks to the band for hanging out with us. Keep an eye on their Facebook for upcoming show dates!

Thanks to all our Patreon supporters! If you like what we do head over to our Patreon page and throw a little cash Rick’s way. For $5 a month you get access to our super special pre-show featuring an exclusive song and behind the scenes shenanigans from each week’s band! We’re back next week with Lincoln Skinz and the cast of Good Luck Macbeth’s new play, Ms. Cratchitt. Thanks for listening!

The Sonic Dead Halloween Special – S9 E32

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
The Sonic Dead Halloween Special - S9 E32

Hello and welcome back to the Worst Little Podcast! We’ve got an extra spooky episode for you this week featuring our friends from Murderock and Candy Apples and the Razor Blades! Their new project is called the Sonic Dead and it’s as amazing as you’d expect from these seasoned rockers. Press play!

The Sonic Dead is: Fred McKennon (vox), Chris Alexander (guitar), Michael Ellis Robedeau (guitar), Keith Jewett (bass), Zach Johnson (drums), Bryan Cowell (acoustic guitar), and Olive Guzicki (backing vox). See them live November 8th at Shea’s with Franks & Deans and Just-In Beaver! Thanks to the Sonic Dead for being on this week’s show!

If you like what we do head to our Patreon! For $5 a month you get access to our super special pre-show/sound check show. Plus you help Rick keep the lights on. Thanks to all our patrons and listeners! We’re back next week with Sad Giants!

Eddie and The Subtitles! – S9 E31

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Eddie and The Subtitles! - S9 E31

Welcome back! This week’s episode is short and sweet, featuring all new music from Eddie and The Subtitles and a special cameo from friend of the show and Reno singer-songwriter and poet, Matthew Howlett. We’re gonna talk about what all these crazy Reno kids have been up to. Press Play!

From the band: Originally from Reno, Eddie was living in L.A. in the late 70’s when the punk / hardcore scene exploded. Eddie and The Subtitles were an integral part of the early L.A. punk scene playing alongside The Germs, X, Black Flag, Middle Class, Bad Religion, The Gears etc.
Eddie and The Subtitles line-up is:
Eddie Subtitle on vocals/guitar, Benny on drums, Penny and Mikie (The Shames) on guitar and bass.

Thanks to all our guests for being here this week. We can’t do this show without you! Next week we’re back with everyone’s favorite spooky rockers, MURDEROCK! Thanks for listening!

Silver Is a Band! – S9 E30

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Silver Is a Band! - S9 E30

Hello and welcome back to Reno’s Best Worst Little Podcast! This week we’re here with everyone’s favorite rock and roll band, Silver! They’re previewing their new EP, Let’s Talk Tomorrow About Last Night, and talking about their show happening on October 25th at the Pioneer Underground. Press play to hear some rad music from Silver, Travis Hayes (SF), and Reno’s own Buffalo Moses!

Formed in 2016, Silver describes themselves as a callback to great American Rock’n’Roll. With each member having varying backgrounds in folk, country, rock, punk, blues, and pop, a wide array of styles and influences come to play and color their diverse sound. Silver is Jeff Knight (drums), Brendon Lund (bass), Adam Landis (keys), Josh Kisor (lead guitar), Greg Gilmore (vocals, guitar).

Silver has released three music videos to date off their new EP, with another being released Monday, October 21st. View those videos and learn more about the band here! We’ll see you at the Pioneer Underground October 25th for Silver, Travis Hayes, and Buffalo Moses, hosted by Spike McGuire.

Thanks to Silver for hanging out! We’re back next week with Eddie and the Subtitles!

Gina Rose – Sad Songs Make Me Feel Better – S9 E29

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Gina Rose - Sad Songs Make Me Feel Better - S9 E29

Hello and Welcome to the Worst Little Podcast! Kim, Nick, Dogwater Dick *and* our favorite Production Assistant, Ian, are in the studio this week with the lovely Gina Rose! There’s also a surprise guest with us this week who we NEVER thought we’d get on the show. Press play to find out who it is!

Gina Rose is a singer-songwriter from Reno, Nevada. She’s been described as young, warm, and wise with a knack for writing melancholic and memorable tunes. I’d say that’s all true. Gina’s next show is at Piper’s Opera House in Virginia City, October 17th, for a special edition of Loud As Folk. Also playing Piper’s are friends of the show Outlaw Kindred, So Sol, Huckleberry Road, and Greg Gilmore. Thanks to Gina and Andrew for being on the show. We had a blast!

Next week we’re back with Eddie and the Subtitles! Thanks for listening!

young warm and wise

Oh Mah Hell It’s One Ton Dually and Nate Morley! – S9 E28

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Oh Mah Hell It's One Ton Dually and Nate Morley! - S9 E28

Hello! It’s another episode of your favorite Worst Little Podcast and we’re here with some One Ton Dually tunes and special guest, photographer/videographer Nate Morley!

Nate Morley

Nate Morley has been doing photo and video in Reno for a while, and is a recent addition to the Reno music scene. He provided his services to Bobolobo Fest and quickly became beloved by all the bands. Check out his work on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

One Ton Dually is here to talk about their show this weekend in celebration of local music scene fixture, Mama Deb! Turn up for Oh Mah Hell, It’s Mama Deb’s Birthday Bash!, a benefit for Planned Parenthood featuring One Ton Dually, Ozymandias, and Operation Camel Theft this Friday (10/4) at Jub Jub’s.

Thanks to Nate for hanging out with us and thanks to Mama Deb for being born. We’ll see ya this weekend at one of the dozens of amazing shows happening in Reno!