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Treedom – Pikkitup Pikkitup

Worst Little Podcast
Treedom - Pikkitup Pikkitup

We gotchoo, son.

The Worst Little Podcast – S5 E39 – Download Link

This week, the phenomenon known Treedom joins us in the studio! Treedom is Alex Stevens (git/vox), Gabe Hulse (bass) and Corbin Cliften (drums), all from Reno NV, all playing ska/reggae music. These young lads have been tearing things up in the last year, steadily developing their sound. It’s definitely worth a listen.

Alex Stevens with a goofy look on his face, wearing a black "Pittsburg" T-shirt

See, what ha happen was…

It’s been a MINUTE since there was an active ska/reggae band in these here parts. Sure, a couple of Tahoe bands and some stalwarts have been played a few shows in the last decade, but furreals. When was the last time you went to see a band like that. And don’t tell me the scene doesn’t like it, because, fuck you – we do! Treedom is a great addition to the scene and came to play ball on the podcast. Listening to them was like summertime in the winter and sunshine on your face. Goddamn good times. You can catch them this Saturday at Third St. Bar with SoCal jammers, Jam Stain.

Gabe Hulse in a purple polo shirt holding his bass.

Gabe Hulse

Unfortunately, we have to reschedule the show next week, due to a Spagnola family emergency. Dogwater Dick explains all at the end of the show. But don’t fret! There is a ridiculous amoun t of great music this weekend in Reno – we talk about all the upcoming shows at the end as well – including shows with Drinking with Clowns, Rigorous Proof and the LAST MaryJane Rocket show. You need to get off the couch this week!

Corbin Cliften behind his drum set.

Corbin Cliften

Thanks for listening!

Wizard Colors – Dutch Rudder

Worst Little Podcast
Wizard Colors - Dutch Rudder

Brand new year! Same old dick jokes!

The Worst Little Podcast – S5 E38 – Download Link

Starting the year of with some magical musical machinations is Wizard Colors, a Carson City NV noise band, featuring Jen Scaffidi and Carson Cessna, noted Sierra Nevada musical outlaws. “Noise band” might throw you off, sounding like some frenetic Phillip Glass/Mike Patton fantasy band, which is not unheard of, but Wizard Colors is something else. Randomly ambient audio-structure creation, might be a better way of looking at it. Yeah, I know it’s weird, but listen anyway, because it’s good for you!

Jen Scaffidi and Carson Cessna of Wizard colors, creating ambient noise.

aural sculpture genesis involves shoegazing

The pedalboards of Wizard Colors

because science-y magic

Wizard Colors has been a regular participant at MEAT – Reno Noise Night, a monthly gathering of noise aficionados, as have Cessna and Scaffidi individually. This weekend, they will be performing with Will Hendricks and N8ive, at RNN’s new home at the Holland Project. You can hear a little more about these performers in the episode. Reno Noise Night’s monthly events are at the beginning of their fourth year and are definitely unique events. Literally, not one is the same as the next, even were they to have the same performers, which doesn’t always happen.

Also on the show, we have the treat of one Quentin Ramirez, heir to Nick Ramirez III, Reverend Rory’s left-hand man. Quentin couldn’t make it in for the Christmas show, but he made it for the new year! It’s good to see him again, now that he’s old enough to be on the show. Though scoring high marks in the nerd and video game department, he had a rough time with the quiz – but not as rough as Nick did listening to his answers!

Quentin and Nick Ramirez, in a one armed hug and smiling.

Couple of fine looking gents

Quentin and Nick intensely staring at the camera while gesturing.

Ramirez Crew ain’t nothin’ ta fugg wit… jedis and shit…

So to sum up, if you like close listening to improvisational music in the dark, or are intrigued by what you here on the episode, go check out Wizard Colors at Holland Project, Friday Jan. 9 at 8pm. Quentin was rad. Oh, and yeah – we talk about what we remember and don’t remember about Nick’s bachelor party. SUPER NFSW. Might want to pot the volume down on that segment.

Carson Cessna and Jen Scaffidi in a candid affectionate pose while smiling.

the happy chewy center of the brooding darkness

Thanks for Listening!

WLP Christmas 2015 – Merry Merry Joy Joy

Worst Little Podcast
WLP Christmas 2015 - Merry Merry Joy Joy

Happy White, full-moon Christmas, Reno!

The Worst Little Podcast – 2015 12 21 – Download Link

From all of us at the Worst Little Podcast in the World and our families: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

the martins

The Martins

ally chris josh

The Martins again

2015 12 21

Nick and Mikie


Rev Rory and Princess Bombs


Force Punch!

rikku 2

Princess Bombs


Uncle Rick is to blame for the sugar high. And the crying.

rick with candy

that Dick with said candy

Thanks for listening!

Busking by Moonlite – Sleeping by Day

Worst Little Podcast
Busking by Moonlite - Sleeping by Day

Well met, weary travelers!

The Worst Little Podcast – S5 E36 – Download Link

It’s been a bit of a stress filled whirlwind around the Dogwater Studios! Stupid Holidays, stupid thinking of OTHERS, stupid fun. Nick and his lovely Mikie had a wedding shower over the weekend, Rick and Nick had birthdays and it’s the countdown to fun family and alcohol! We had some technical difficulties that resulted in a failure to communicate on the part of Rick and Rory’s email services, but that’s all cleared up.

Much apologies for the delay in the episode to our fantastic guests, Busking By Moonlite:

Mason Frey Nico Telles Kenny Shepherd Christian McNamara

Busking By Moonlight


Busking by Moonlite is Mason Frey, Nico Telles, Kenny Shepherd and Christian McNamara who being their own spin to the rock/blues game – Reno style, If you have’t caught them , they are a recent development in the overall music map of the Reno entertainment game. Although they look young, these men all have the souls of old men who sold their soul at a crossroads for a little talent. Rev. Rory is out this week so Nick and Chewie take the helm.

Mason Frey Nico Telles Kenny Shepherd Christian McNamara in the shower with clothes on

busking by shower

Despite the delay in the show, you should listen to it as soon as possible. Busking by Moonlite is stinkin’ talented. Hurry before these musicians grow too big for Reno and take their talent elsewhere. Who are we kidding – they’re trapped here like everyone else.


Speaking of being trapped here, we will have and EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS EPISODE for you later this week. That’s right, the ever popular Christmas Spectacular! Stay Tuned on Christmas Eve for more! In the meantime, enjoy Busking By Moonlite!

Thanks for listening.


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