The Worst Little Christmas Podcast – S1 E44

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The Worst Little Christmas Podcast - S1 E44

Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – Episode 44

Welcome to Dogwater!

Welcome to Christmas at Dogwater!

Hello, friends, family, acquaintances and losers of minor note listeners! The warmest felicitations and tidings of the season unto you!!

This is the last show of 2011 and we thought we’d make it special for everyone. Finally, we have the Notorious RAD on the show, after many months of hearing only her vulgar snipes and adorable observations on life (“Felix likes to drink.”); we have some fun and ask her what her favorite parts of Christmas are. And yes, I give her the Worst Quiz Ever; altered, and more saccharine, but a really bad quiz nonetheless. Oh, and my wife, Cheyenne Dowd finally deigns us with her presence, but whatever….

Rikku Claus says, "Don't be naughty, bitches."

Rikku Claus: She sees you when you're sleeping.

All of us at the Worst Little Podcast are glad to call you friend and wish you the best holiday season you can possibly have as well as some kick-ass momentum going into the new year, 2012 – possibly the last year? Evar? We don’t care about that – we just care about delivering you some nice hot podcast-y goodness. Please enjoy this little offering of holiday cheer, including some non-traditional local Christmas tunes. We love you all and stay tuned for us in January when we’ll have BLUNDERBUSST, TREVER CROW, a LIVE SHOW AT JUB JUBS on January 20th with the SHAMES and AVERSION THERAPY, and many more hometown heroes and Reno royalty.

Thanks for Listening!

Happy New Year, from the Worst Little Podcast

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