S13E40-Vakker: Black Gaze

Season 13
Season 13
S13E40-Vakker: Black Gaze

Our WLP correspondent Sophia Shortz does it again with an excellent booking for the show. New black metal shoe gaze group Vakker, with Ryan on drums, Chris on guitar, Noah on bass and Erin throwing down the vocals. 

(L-R) Chris, Noah, Erin and Ryan

It was a great hang where we get a little history, and tracks currently titled Roman numerals I, II & III from their demo session with recent WLP guest, Tony Ashworth of ToneMark Sounds and doom stoner metal outfit KANAWHA.

The black metal influence is definitely there but the music has hints of Fugazi,  and Deftones. These tracks are all long and epic with samples that set the tone of life and death, loss and grief. Heavy stuff, dark but really interesting and unique. 

We found the band to be charming, intelligent, professional but not uptight, goal oriented and driven. 

We have a quick round of the worst little quiz and find out who eats burgers, who frequents convenient stores and who had decent middle school experiences. You can see Vakker live January 20th with The Scattering and Heterophobia at the Cellar at Alturas.

All in all another fantastic episode of the worst little podcast in the world. 

Life is short and we love you.

Thanks for listening!

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