S14E3: That’s What She Said-Canyon White

Season 14
Season 14
S14E3: That’s What She Said-Canyon White

We are back with folkin’ funny lady Canyon White!

After a lengthy discussion about colonoscopies and cheeseburgers, we dive right into catching up with this longtime northern Nevada musical nomad, and friend of the show.

Canyon White

Canyon always has a full schedule including hosting open mic sessions, radio shows and acoustic performances. 

She is embarking on her One Hit Wonder tour and living 2024 with un-resolutions.  Canyon is a lot of fun, and we wish her well in her future endeavors, perhaps including a children’s book and album? We think she’d be great at it. 

You can find Canyon White on Facebook, Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Life is short and we love you.

Thanks for listening!

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