S14E2: Death Means Profit: High Desert Crust Punks

Season 14
Season 14
S14E2: Death Means Profit: High Desert Crust Punks

Howdy Reno neighbors and neighborenos! We are back with a fresh new band to meet and explore.

It’s 2024 and the young folks are still punk rocking for the betterment of mankind and for the sheer fun, absurdity and love of it all. These antiwar, pro equality anarcho-punx, Death Means Profit are comprised of Lilith vox, Gwen guitar, Silly bass, and Colin drums. They all hail from different regions of northern Nevada and 3/4 are graduating high school this year.


They bring the youthful exuberance and primal kick in the pants the music scene always needs. It’s got a skate punk vibe with the spirit of both English punk, like Subhumans and SoCal hardcore like the Germs. It’s a chaotic underground sound, short songs with a ton of progressive angst. Total freedom to do whatever they want, all making for a wild spontaneous and unpredictable live performance.


Their next appearance will be at the Reno Punk Rock Flea Markets next event.  Punk Rock Prom? More on that later from our very own Kadillac Kim, who met Death Means Profit at Neutral Ground at the Holland Project and we just want to thank her for booking the band this week. Kim rules!


Thank you worst little listeners. 

Life is short and we love you.

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