#536 S14 E1 Hardcore ‘24: The Latest Fashion 

Season 14
Season 14
#536 S14 E1 Hardcore ‘24: The Latest Fashion 
The Latest Fashion

Welcome back and happy new year! Season 14 kicks off with the hardcore metal act The Latest Fashion! 

With local luminaries in the Reno music scene, Chris Tuffino on drums, Benjamin Tyler Brown on bass, Tony Jensen on guitar, Corey Nuckolls also on guitar, and Jeremy Granata bringing the monster vocals. They’re all amazing musicians from other notable bands like Twelve Gauge Facelift, Vampirates, In This Moment and Fervence, just to name a few. They’re like a Reno hardcore super group! 

Chris Tuffino
Cory Nuckolls

Super tight, super heavy and super rocking. You can tell they all love and enjoy performing with each other. They have genuine chemistry and they’re funny! We had a blast getting to know them and their music, live!

Benjamin Tyler Brown
Tony Jensen

YOU can catch them live, January 20th at Virginia Street Brewhouse opening for Fear Factory, with Cyanate and Orbit Culture. Check in with them on Facebook and Instagram.

Jeremy Granata

It’s great to be back with you worst little listeners. Thanks for 13 fabulous seasons and here’s to another round in 2024! Let the games begin!

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