The Sonic Dead – Feroxcious! – S13 E21

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
The Sonic Dead - Feroxcious! - S13 E21

This week we catch up with our dear friend and Nick’s Glitter Bats bandmate, Freddie Ferox (pronounced Fair-Ox, not fur-oh: Latin not French. Got it.) ‘Prolific’ doesn’t seem word enough for Freddie’s musical output. Perhaps ‘relentless’ would be a better one. Freddie has been a driving force behind Murderock, Candy Apple and the Razor Blades, the aforementioned Glitter Bats, and his one-man goth/industrial/disco/funk (with some horror rap music) featured today: The Sonic Dead!

Freddy Ferox

Think Revolting Cocks meets Thrill Kill Kult – it’s freaking brilliant. Like all of his projects, Freddie’s songs are catchy, hooky, and memorable; well thought-out: musically, sonically and lyrically. We had an amazing time finding out more about one of the best front-men, singers, and mad scientists Reno has to offer. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. You can catch Freddie fronting Glitter Bats at Alturas on July 29th with Pussy Velour and Eddie and the Subtitles! Until then crank it up and shake your ass to the Sonic Dead! (Now available on Bandcamp! And the other spots you get music.)

rick and pongo

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Ian and Lacie – Laced with Love

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Ian and Lacie - Laced with Love

This week we have Lacie Rose Pich and Ian Mitchell on to talk about “Laced with Love”, a series of benefit shows to help Lacie with her congestive heart failure. We hear from Lacie about what the process of dealing with congestive heart failure has been like and the plethora of events that Ian (her fiance and bassist for The Grimtones) has put on to help her!

A bald man with a large septum piercing wearing a b/w "The Mummies" ringer T-shirt and waving at the camera.
Ian “Iggy” Mitchell

They brought some real heavy metal tracks recorded live from Laced with Love Vol. 1 this last Saturday at Alturas. If you want to contribute and help Lacie pay for her medical bills you can go out this Saturday, 6/24, to Alturas Bar and catch 7 more bands that will be playing for Laced with Love Vol. 2 including: The Will Shamberger Band, One Ton Dually, Glitterbats, Grimedog, Roxxy Collie, Acid Box, and Larry and Ian with some surprise special guests! Doors at 6, music at 7, $10 suggested donation at the door! If you can’t make it to the show, you can always donate to Lacie’s GoFundMe at

a young woman with glasses and dark hair in bangs smiling at the camera, wearing a black band hoodie
Lacie Rose Pich

We also talk at length about the wild time that was Debauch-a-Reno this past weekend and some upcoming shows this week including: The Deadly Gallows at 40 Mile this Thursday 6/22 at 8pm, donation encouraged and VAKKER with Kanawha and Eleusis at Alturas, Friday 6/23, doors at 7, $10 .

Laced with Love 2.0 flyer for June 24, 2023

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Alfredo – Building Impermanence – S13 E19

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Alfredo - Building Impermanence - S13 E19

And we’re back!
It was great meeting our new best friend Just Alfredo and his solo guitar looping instrumentals. Another member of the Spike McGuire army, he’s been tearing it up all over 4th street and at 10 Torr’s open mics and showcases.

a man in black jeans, white t-shirt, with long hair playing guitar and smiling serenely at his hands
Alfredo actual

Alfredo’s layered guitar constructions are sometimes reminiscent of spaghetti western music, surf, classical and psychedelic rock like Pink Floyd or The Mermen. We were fascinated with the process. Watching one person create all that sound is always intriguing.

a pedalboard with 6 pedals and a wah wah, and the musician's Chuck Talylor All Star clad feet
Feet and pedals (which means “feet”)

Having survived the pandemic and honing his craft, Alfredo is out and about creating music in several circles. He love’s collaboration and keeps very busy as an arborist as well! He’s playing this Friday , colabbing with the fantastic Haley Sawtell at the aforementioned 10 Torr on Mill Street at Atomik City!
Fun talk, fun quiz and great music.

long haired guy in black jeans and a white t-shirt crouching with his guitar to tune in a foot pedal
Alfredo engineering

We hope to see y’all rocking at Debauch-A-Reno this weekend in Wingfield Park. ALL AGES! Kids under 10 are  free! Visit Kadillac Kim at the Reno Punk Rock Flea Market booth and pick up a WLP t-shirt and ask about sponsor opportunities!

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Sticker Guy! and Debauch-a-Reno: A Birthday Story

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Sticker Guy! and Debauch-a-Reno: A Birthday Story

We have a fun and exciting show this week. If you’ve ever needed to order stickers, you may have heard of our guest: all the way from Reno, NV and points beyond – The Sticker Guy! himself, Mr. Peter Menchetti. Coming up in the punk scene of Reno in the 80s and 90s with a strong DIY ethic, Menchetti has been promoting and producing music in some form or another for almost four decades. He brings a stack of vinyl and a portable turntable to play us some rock and roll goodness. Joining Menchetti in-studio are his partner Eunice and Pussy Velour’s Wolfgang and Quinn!

A man bending over a portable turntable
Sticker Guy, Pete Menchetti, spinning some tunes
Four people standing almost shoulder-to-shoulder and posing for the camera
Quinn, Pete, Eunice, and Wolfgang

This year marks the 30th anniversary of his launch of Sticker Guy! and to celebrate, Menchetti has pooled together his contacts from his record label (Slovenly Recordings – celebrating 21 years) and festival production company (We’re Loud Fest) to put on the fifth installment of Debauch-a-Reno! This time, the punks are taking over Wingfield park for the weekend, starting on Friday 6/16 at 5pm with (friend-of-the-show) DJ Staxofwax! The all-ages festival will be held between Wingfield Park during the day and evening with afterparties at The Cypress. The lineup is intense, featuring 20+ acts The Mummies, The Kids, The Zeroes, Deadbolt, along with locals Eddie and the Subtitles, The Juvinals, Pussy Velour, a DJ set from Jello Biafra and more! There will be merch, sponsor booths, and food available at the park as well. The FAQ page has all the details and links – limited tickets are still available!

three males standing with the middle's arms around the others' shoulders
Rory, Rick, and Nick

Reverend Rory is in to host this week and we also get a visit from everyone’s favorite junior intern, RaggMopp. Plus, we introduce our NEWEST intern: LEE! We see big things for Lee in the futurely, Lee. Lee leelee lee. Talked about some other events, but the show is out late this week, so we hope you had fun, whatever you did.

A young person flashing a peace sign, sitting in a chair

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Ryan Stark – Putting the ‘No’ in ‘Reno’ – S13 E17

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Ryan Stark - Putting the 'No' in 'Reno' - S13 E17

Hey, friends! Reverend Rory is back this week and is pleased as peaches to welcome to the show one of his and Dogwater Dick’s oldest friends and collaborators, Ryan Stark. A Reno native, Ryan has been involved with the underground and performing arts scenes of Reno for quite some time. He is also the proprietor of No City City Roasters, a wonderful outfit that also has a location in the top of the Great Basin Food Coop – and it’s legit. As long as The Rev has known Ryan, the tall man in black has always has a passionate opinion on coffee.

a close up of a bag of No City Coffee's "Rad City " blend
Rad City from No City

Stark brings a few original songs that he plays live for us, as well as a track from his band-on-hiatus, DIffidence. We talk about old Reno a bit – the Java Jungle and FSU days, basement shows and late night coffee. Chewie also comes through with a Reno connection on tape – Real Rivals, comprised of Reno emigres living in Seattle and recorded at that F.S.U. location in 2005.

a man with greying short hair and goatee holding up a cup of coffee with a wide closed mouth smile
Ryan Stark

We of course end up with an event round up – including Nick Ramirez and Eric Foreman at the Canvas Café, 11a – 1p on 06/10 in Virginia City and ALSO the RPRFM Clown Car Wash on the same day at Shanty Dolans and the Keystone Car Wash!

John White – Sexual Planking – S13 E16

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
John White - Sexual Planking - S13 E16

This week we have the incomparable John White of The John Whites! John is a prolific artist who has been making and recording his original music since the age of 17. Uninhibited and (not necessarily dirty but) highly sexual songs and themes run through a John White set. It’s not the only place his tunes go though: there’s joy and pain, life and death.

A bald man with a trim beard sings into a microphone while playing a dark brown acoustic guitar
John White

John puts his life into the art. Some songs come across as blunt but really there’s hidden metaphors going on. Conversely, songs that sound metaphorical may actually be literal, and that’s the fun of it. Like the great artists, his work means different things to different people.

Kadillac Kim has been championing John for years as one of her absolute favorite artists. It was great to catch up with her as well. We get into everything going on with the Reno Punk Rock Flea Market crew.
Jam packed with tunes and great talks about the artistic processes, burn out, trying new things, lofty life goals, and soaking – which also means different things to different people.

Of course we get the where and when for upcoming shows and dedicate the episode to Cameron White, Johns brother who we lost last year and to Nicks stepdad Hans Karlsson who passed a few weeks ago. Hold your loved ones close. Cherish your time together and keep making those memories.

Life is short and we love you. Thanks for listening.

Nick Eng and Percy the Intern – Spring Is Sprung

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Nick Eng and Percy the Intern - Spring Is Sprung

This week we have a great hang with working musician Nick Eng; always a breath of fresh air with his tight indie pop rock. His songs and sound is often called Beatlesque, but it’s broader than just that. Nick’s style and influences have grown. There’s a new angsty edge to his music. Even Nicks vocals sound a little more pained. You can hear a little Elliott Smith creepin’ in his voice. As Nick puts it: “Life happened.“ Mr. Eng shares with us a produced track as well as some live, in-studio performances – and of course there’s a fab cover at the end.

Our other guest/co host is our intern, Percy, who is now referred to by his real life name Max Cwik! It’s his last foreseeable show with us, as he is graduating from his internship and is no longer required to be here. It was nice having you Max. You’re always welcome back.

Max and Nick go head to head on another edition of the worst little quiz and we get the deets on where to catch Nick Eng live.
Take care faithful listeners. Life is short and we love you

Left of the Dial and GLM – Faster Than Boats

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Left of the Dial and GLM - Faster Than Boats

This week we are joined by Robert Derbyshire aka DJ FasterThanYou of KWNK 97.7’s “Left of the Dial,” and actors Jessica Johnson and Claire Hachenberger of “Men On Boats”, currently playing at our beloved Good Luck Macbeth Theatre in midtown Reno,

bald man with a large grey beard and glasses wearing a black hoodie behind a studio microphone
Robert Derbyshire aka DJ FasterThanYou

We had a lovely time discussing “Men on Boats,” its relation to American history, and the unique spin the author wrote into the piece. Claire and Jessica were full of info and funny to boot!

a brunette woman in a black and white patterned shirt smiling behind a microphone
Jessica Johnson

DJ FasterThanYou treats us with selections from his noise and punk selections including a couple Reno legends at the end. Listen to find out who!

a dark haired woman in a black jean jacket with an open smile behind a studio mic
Claire Hachenberger

Speaking of local legends, Chewie is back with his From the Vault segment, with 3 quick tracks from early nineties teenage punkers Dirty Steve, straight off the cassette recording! We discuss a multitude of Renocentric subjects and the guests give a great performance in their debuts on the worst little quiz.

Another stellar show we hope you enjoy.
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Grimer & Sophia Shortz – It’s Grime Time! – S13 E13

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Grimer & Sophia Shortz - It’s Grime Time! - S13 E13

This week we have a super sweet guest host , Sophia Shortz! (last name is real, for real!) She runs an awesome online specialty jewelry store, Shortz Supply, to meet all of your goth/punk/metal/rocker needs. She’s a noted pillar of the Reno music and arts community. Her boyfriend also happens to be drummer and one of the vocalists for this week’s musical guests- crusty black hardcore stoner thrash metal super group, GRIMER. (not to be confused with our dear friends Grimedog!)

Sophia Shortz

Grimer is Emilio (Cruel Ultimatum) on guitar, Candice (Dissidence) on bass, the aforementioned Jake (also Cruel Ultimatum) keeping the beat, and Brett (Heterophobia) on monster vocals. Formed just a year ago, they’ve already played around fifteen shows and are killing it in the Reno underground. They’re fun and funny. We love their dark and what some might call disturbing humor; they fit right in on the podcast and knock out a bunch of rad gems.


Of course since Candice and Sophia are WLP virgins, they are initiated with a Worst Little Quiz. The spliced animal question is a highlight. Wonderfully imaginative contestants to say the least. We also get a review of Dungeons and Dragons the movie (minor spoilers) by Jake and Candice, who have actually seen the film, and also one from Sophia, who has not seen it and yet is surprisingly accurate with her summary. Could be a fun new segment.

It’s a great time with some great people, like we do here at the Dogwater Studios.
Life is Shortz! lol – and we love you!

NULYPHE and Willie Puchert – We Are Community – S13 E12

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
NULYPHE and Willie Puchert - We Are Community - S13 E12

This weeks theme is community: We are stoked to catch up with hip hop artist N.U.L.Y.P.H.E. and hear his most triumphant story starting from his last appearance on WLP, just one year ago. On a mission to teach hip hop and pay homage to the pioneers, N.U.L.Y.P.H.E.’s journey has led him to real support from the community and realizing his dream. It’s a great ride. He also provided today’s beats and live performance. We’re grateful for him and his work.

A man seated behind a microphone, wearing a tan Boys and Girls Club of the Truckee Meadows hoodie and camouflage baseball hat, making the shape of a heart with his hands.

We also have dear friend and local icon, Willie Puchert. Willie grew up in Reno so we do get a bit nostalgic, reminiscing the biggest little city in the 80’s. Willie is also of the President of the Board of Directors of The Sons and Daughters of Erin (SADOE), a Irish/Celtic community group and cultural organization here in Reno. SADOE is reviving their annual festival in a different iteration and are unveiling a new Celtic music event coming up: Northern Nevada Celtic Ceilidh (pron. kay-lee), complete with fiddles, mandolins, harps, bagpipes, and everything! Listen or follow the link for details.

a person in a green shirt with quilted vest, wearing glasses, headphones and a scalley cap seated behind a microphone
Willie Puchert

Speaking of celebrations: Kadillac Kim has of course turned her 40th birthday hootenanny into a fundraiser for Family Soup, a community non-profit out there feeding hungry people. The event is at 40 Mile Saloon on Wednesday April 19th featuring Kelly Proud, Rigorous Proof, Josiah Knight, and (the highly sexual) Grimedog! $5 bux at the door.

Flyer for event that looks similar to a Campbell's soup can
Full Party Mode Engaged

We have a quiz and dish the 411 on some great local shows.

Life is short and we love you.

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