S14 E10 repost: Rhiannon Box- Hello Unicorns, Goodbye Horses

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
S14 E10 repost: Rhiannon Box- Hello Unicorns, Goodbye Horses

*we don’t know why but this episode disappeared, hence the repost. Enjoy!

For our last installment of this year’s Women’s March, we have our good friend and multi-talented queen of the scene, Rhiannon Box! 

Rhiannon Box

When she’s not styling hair, heading up a theater company, creating award winning short films, or jamming with her band Stabby Unicorn, you might catch her at a pinball tournament, or she just might be working on her new solo record for ToneMark Sounds. 

We get to listen to two new solo songs, some Stabby Unicorn and her acclaimed cover of Goodbye Horses. We think she’s the cat’s pajamas.

Rhiannon mixes her keyboards with an electronic soundboard thingy and Tony Ashworth is producing the album, adding a hint of industrial edge to the goth atmospheric vibes. 

We can’t wait to hear the new album and maybe even the return of Stabby Unicorn.

We do a quiz for fun since RhiBox hasn’t been on the show for a while. 

We also talk about the upcoming Cover Up 2024 show at the Alturas Cellar stage , put on by the incomparable Mark Earnest and featuring his band Manchild with Rhiannon covering a set of songs by The Cars. Other sets include Earnest’s other band Kanawha covering Soundgarden, the Scattering covering White Zombie, Mr. Johnson and His Loaded Dice covering the Misfits, Roxxy Collie covering REM and One Ton Dually covering Nirvana. That’s right, see Reverend Rory and Nick butcher the classics! One night only! Seriously though, the bands have been working hard and it should be hell of a barn burner. 

Thanks Rhiannon and thank you listeners. 

Life is short and we love you. Goodnight ladies!

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