#542 S14E7 Robin Robinson-Burgled by Katherine Hepburn 

Season 14
Season 14
#542 S14E7 Robin Robinson-Burgled by Katherine Hepburn 

After illness and snowstorms, we are back!

Kicking off our annual Women’s March salute to local ladies who make music, we have a blast from the past, singer songwriter Robin Robinson!

Robin and Nick were friends back in the 90’s, attending open mics and local shows at old school Reno venues like the Blue Lamp and the Zephyr.

Rick meets Robin

They reunited at last year’s Marianarchy music festival where Robin played a beautiful set with a dancer performing with her on a few songs throughout. It was enchanting and special.

Not being able to catch up at the event, Nick was stoked Robin could come in and talk for a spell. 

Robin Robinson folkin’ around!

We play a fun round of the worst little quiz including close encounters with rock legends. Robin also gets the lowdown on the Nowhere Nevada movie.

It was a sweet, chill, and fun hang with a new old friend. Thanks for sharing your songs with us Mrs. Robinson! And thanks worst little listeners (especially our Patreon members! Patreon.com/worstlittlepodcast) for joining us. Life is short, and we love you.

Here we see our spirit animals comingling in the wild. SWOON!

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