S13E36 Rigorous Proof: Boys To Men

Season 13
Season 13
S13E36 Rigorous Proof: Boys To Men

Johnny Bailey on guitar and lead vox, Adam Landis (also from Greg Gilmore and the Fever Dreams) on keys and vox, Jake Cactus (also from the punk band Heterophobia) keeping the beat, and Bailey’s musical life mate Jesse Gaddis on bass.

Rigorous Proof

From middle school roots to becoming the Madorians when we first met them, to over a decade as Rigorous Proof, these psychedelic garage rockers tear it up with experience, precision and passion. Not to mention they’re all cool.

Jesse Gaddis

Their songs have grown and matured from a rougher aggressive pop style to a soaring broad cinematic sound. Great songs with hooks, intellect, and harmony. They’d be great with old sixties acts like the Zombies, or with modern acts like the Black Keys or Muse, Johnnys favorite band. The proof is in their sonic ear pudding.

Adam Landis

We ate it up. Besides their history, we talked about their future, including a new full album and subsequent tour. 

Rock and roll is alive and well in Reno. We got the proof! Catch them at the Cypress music hall this Friday with Red Leather, sure to be a good trip. 

Johnny Bailey

We’re grateful for our longtime friends hanging out with us on the show this week and we appreciate you listening. Thanks buddies! Life is short and we love you!

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