Marianarchy – Aftermath

Hi, folks. Sorry no show this week. Between some technical hurdles and the exhaustion from the backstage work of the first virtual Marianarchy, we just couldn’t get it together this week.

However, if you missed it you can still watch all 5+ hours of footage, past and present. The preshow was footage of past years’ Marianarchies – 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2019 mainly – compiled by David Richards (“Nowhere Nevada”) and edited by Jason Charles Smith (Active Alliance).

Marianarchy 2020 Vision: A Look Back

Marianarchy 2020 Vision: A Look Back

This year’s Marianarchy is a benefit for Sharon “Sherry” Masud, mother of good friend of the show and Reno musician and promoter, Dave Masud (Vampirates, Jub Jub’s). She suffered a stroke in October. You can read about the details on their GoFundMe page. At the time of this posting, they are just a few hundred short of their $10,000 goal. Really proud of you right now, Reno community.

Marianarchy XVI: A Benefit For Sherry Masud Mom

We are also taking Memorial Day off, so have a great holiday. Watch the show a couple times. Hope you get all your checks, remember to send in your mail-in vote, Nevada, wash your hands and wear a mask.

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Mark Earnest – Marianarchy Teaser

Mark Earnest – Marianarchy Teaser

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Is this thing on?

Hello again ladies and gentlemen. You’ll have to forgive my brevity. I am at this time slaving away in the internet mines, trying to get Marianarchy XVI all set up for you for our first virtual fundraiser. It’s very exciting, but very intense and time consuming.

We talk a lot about the event on the show, and some of the details have changed in the ensuing 3 days, so follow the links and chekkitout. if you’d like to donate or find out more, follow the link to the GoFundMe Page.

Marianarchy XVI

This week on the show, we are happy to have SIX TIME guest, Mr. Vague himself: Mark Earnest. A multitalented journalist, musician and songwriter, Mark brings with him some great music from both of his bands, Kanawha and Vague Choir. Mark is a repeat Marianarchist as well, appearing in both the main event and the look back at years past.

Mark Earnest

Gotta go – links to check, SEO copy to write and videos to upload.

We hope you see us this weekend.
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McGuire and Goldhammer – Together Again For the First Time (On Our Show)

McGuire and Goldhammer – Together Again For the First Time (On Our Show)
Season 10

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Fear not the musical desert of the plague!

Loud As Folk – whirled wide and international

We have the great pleasure of bringing back Spike McGuire this wee. Not only does Spike offer up a selection of great original tunes, but he’s keeping the entertainment train going on the internet. If you didn’t already catch it, Loud As Folk streamed their broadcast this past week. Always ahead of the game, McGuire is joined by Greg Gilmore in bringing you the latest in new homemade acoustic music. You can still check out the feed through the link.

Noble Pie

We finally get around to correcting a wrong this week – in his debut appearance, we finally have Ryan Goldhammer of Pignic Pub’n’Patio and Noble Pie (Original and Midtown) on the show. Ryan is not only part of the team behind those eateries, but is also a longtime supporter of the Reno music scene and co-conspirator with Spike. We chat with him a bit about the challenges of running a local business during the time of COVID.


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Howlett and Dicus – Ever Evolving

Howlett and Dicus – Ever Evolving
Season 10

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Welcome back to the Worst Little Podcast! I’m so excited about this week’s guests!

Matthew Howlett (photo: Kylie Mosbacher)

Former Reno resident, Matthew Howlett, joins us this week from his home recording studio and childhood bedroom! Not content to let no stinkin’ plague keep him down – no! Matthew is recording and creating and releasing new content! Virtuall collaborations and Spotify tracks, oh my!

Andrew Dicus in the Big City

Our second guest is a former Reno native that you might recognize from past Reno bands like The Spark and Sophie and the Probiotics, Mister Andrew Dicus. A Reno-famous multi-talented artist, Dicus left us a number of years ago to get edumacated and is now successfully living in Brooklyn as an illustrator.

He recently has published a collection of his cartoons, “The Kings Highway“, through Baobab Press. It is available wherever indie books are sold (like Sundance Books – you can even get it online!) He was supposed to have come to Reno as part of a NATIONAL BOOK TOUR, but then this thing happened and he couldn’t leave Brooklyn. (So, I consider this Leg One of Dicus’ Nevada Media Junket. Very successful.)

The actual cover

See you next week with Spike McGuire of Loud As Folk and Ryan Goldhammer of Pignic and Noble Pizza.

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