Worst Little Podcast – Tracks From the Past

Worst Little Podcast – Tracks From the Past
Season 10

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Getting back to our roots!

Podcasting through the quarantine hasn’t been easy. Along with any technical difficulties, life still keep happening. We have to reschedule our planned guest this week due to LIFE. So, we pulled out the old box of records and tapes in Chewie’s studio to bring you some reverberations of Reno’s vibrant musical past!

A silouette of a radio tower with a man carrying another man in a dress up the side of it, superinposed on a red arrow pointing down with "The Worst Little Podcast in the World" also superimposed in white prints of differing fonts.

We chat about our lives during quarantine and how much doing the show without Kim is a drag. In between, everyone picked a local fave to play: Dirty Steve, Green Mondays, Gunshot Licker, Jesse Kapeghian, Sage’s Fire and The Atomiks,

We will be back next week with our good buddy, singer-songwriter Matthew Howlett; an old friend, the multitalented illustrator Andrew Dicus; and – KADILLAC KIM is back!!!

Again, thank you to Zoom, stay healthy, keep busy, eat out at a local restaurant… and thanks for listening!

Softsummer Coming on Strong

Softsummer Coming on Strong
Season 10

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After one of the longest waits yet, Softsummer is finally on the podcast. We met Bryan Houck at the most recent winter Marianarchy, where he played a great set to an early crowd – so if you were one of those seven people, you know it was was worth the wait.

softsummer logo

Softsummer is about to release a double LP on 4/24, so head over to the page and say hi while you wait to hear it later this week. YOu might even find some quarantine outtakes!


Sit Kitty Sit and the Mysteriously Late Podcast

Sit Kitty Sit and the Mysteriously Late Podcast
Season 10

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nope – no mystery, actually. Rev. Rory is a dumbass and forgot to post it while repainting and doing trim in his house this weekend.

In case you’ve missed it, our guests Sit Kitty Sit have been on the show many times. Well, when fact checking, we realize we just talk about them a lot and it’s been a few years since they’ve actually been on ye olde WLP.

SKS has not been taking this quarantine sitting down. NO! They’ve managed to continue to wow their audiences with virtual sets via Zoom! (the very service they suggested to us to keep the podcast going in quarantine) Most recently, they had a rousing set with Mark Earnest of Vague Choir and Michelle Belle of The Grimtones. You should be able to check out those streams on the respective bands’ fb pages.

Mark and Michelle’s performances can be found in the ‘discussion of this page: https://www.facebook.com/events/251320739601890/

That’s all I got this week. Stay healthy. Stay Home.
Life is short and we love you.
Thanks for listening

Raksha Paksha and Other Made Up Words

Welcome all to the last, and late episode of our Women’s March. For the record – it was recorded in March, so nyah.

We are happy to have our good friends, a new and improved Raksha Paksha on the show this week. The duo is now a trio! Carolyn and Shaolin Gates are joined by multi-talented bassist, Kat MacMartin! Kat’s talents extend far past the bass, as you’ll hear in the interview.

screenshots of the band while they chat via zoom
Live from quarantine

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to rig it up for any live music, but the ladies did bring a few tracks for us to use. Their new album is due to come out sometime this year, as long as the planet doesn’t eat us all first. Head over to their Facebook page or the Raksha Paksha website in order to stay on top of their activities.

the trip stands in a row: Kat, Shaolin and Carolyn, all looking at objects in their hands.
Raksha Paksha Time

Well, I don’t have much else but a reminder to stay the fuck home, keep healthy, mentally and physically, and eat your greens for 4/20.

Thanks again to Zoom for hosting our podcast during the duration of the health crisis – totally not a modern plague.

Thanks for listening.