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Six Sundays – Cutting the Turgid Cheese

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Six Sundays - Cutting the Turgid Cheese

Blowing in like a bat out of somewhere more comfortable and dry (and with snacks) is Oregon’s own dad-punk trio, Six Sundays. Fans of the show may remember Six Sundays relatively recent performances at the Reno Punk Rock Flea Market or bassist/crooner Foo Fleming from RWHAP (…he’s the one who always wore the fez…. yes, you haven’t seen him in a while… because he moved to Oregon, yes…).

closeup of Foo wearing a black Fez, emblazoned with the letter 'F'
Foo Fleming

Like many creatives trapped to their own devices during the past year, Six Sundays has been hammering out a new album’s worth of songs. We will share some of those with you tonight in an attempt to tickle your inner ear. Really, though – a lot of good stuff here, shifting between sounds and styles of punk – old school, East Coast, West Coast, popppy. Even more impressive when you realize that they all lived through these eras and aren’t confined to bedrest in their infirmity. They have definitely spent their time productively.

head and shoulders picture of Andrew Duden in a Red t-shirt and tan ballcap
Andrew Duden

It was a lot of fun to hear about how things are going in another state with some of the extended family – it’s a different world, wherever you go. We are happy to have Six Sundays on as our last pandemic show – truly a blast to hang out with them and can’t wait until they come back (I think Kim booked them for the next RPRFM during the episode, if I’m not mistaken). Damn! Lots of fun.

head and shoulders picture of Dirk Dirt in a black t-shirt and ballcap
Dirk Dirt

We here at the podcast are also saddened to hear today of the passing of one of our good friends, former intern and guest of the show, Nicole Hutcheson Gaugh. Please keep her family in your hearts. I have no other words.

Life is truly short and we love you.

Worst Little Grid - Week of 06/04-06/10/21 Venue Act Time Cover Age Dates Fri 06/04/21 The Bluebird House Friday: Hype & Soul Recordings Vs. Funktion House Takeover 8:30 pm $12 ticketed 21+ Holland Lounge Nico's Mystery w/ Love Castle 8 pm Door 8: 30 pm Show $10 ticketed All Rum Sugar Lime First Friday w/ Mark Sexton 9 pm $0) 21+ The Polo Lounge New Wave Crave (unplugged) 6 pm $0) 21+ Virginia Street Brewhouse Rubles Plunge 6 pm $10 ticketed 21+ Dead Ringer Analog Bar Funk Facility 10 pm $0) 21+ Sat 06/05/21 Black Rabbit Mead Company Nick Eng 7:30 pm $0) 21+ The Bluebird NOVACANCY Presented by Meet the Locals EDM 8:30pm $20 ticketed 21+ VIirgina Street Brewhouse Holmar 9 pm $15 ticketed 21+ Sun 06/06/21 The Library Open Mic Comedy with Noel 8 pm sign-up 8: 30 pm show $0) 21+ Alturas Bar Sounds of the City: 5 pm $0) 21+ Mon 06/07/21 Email to if you have an event listing you'd like to see here Email to if you have an event listing you'd like to see here Tue 06/08/21 Coffee N' Comics Open Mic Comedy with Bobby Benedict 5:30 pm sign-up 6 pm show $0) The Office of Hughes & Porter Open Mic Comedy with Norm Enlow 8:30 pm sign-up 9 pm show $0) 21+ Wed 06/09/21 The Library Open Mic Comedy with Vickie Gordon 7:30 pm sign-up 8 pm show $0) 21+ Thu 06/10/21 Fat Cat Bar & Grill Nick Eng 6 pm $0) All Alturas Bar Comedy Night with Paul Spock 9 pm $5) 21+ Virginia Street Brewhouse Cash'd Out 6 pm ticketed 21+
Worst Little Grid – Week of 06/04/21

Post Humous – Not 100% Finished

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Post Humous - Not 100% Finished

Whilst laying down new tracks at ye olde Dogwater Studios, local stake punk and rocker, Glynn Osburn, stopped by the Zoom Room to talk about what’s happening in his corner of the world. His band, Post Humous, is wrapping up recording a new full-length album and are excited to hit the circuit this summer and start playing some shows.

black and white image of the trio Post Humous playing their instruments with the band name scrawled in yellow tagging-style script
Post Humous

Osburn plays guitar and sings lead vocals for the group; he is joined by Fernando Rivera on bass and Travis Howard on the drums. They have been together in this lineup for about two years – they kept up with the songwriting and rehearsals all through 2020 in order to get ready for this album. If you’ve caught them before, think of that as a soft opening. According to Osburn, they were just getting up to strength and full speed.

Glynn Osburn looking off-camera contemplatively
Glynn Osburn

To bring things to a serious note: We mark the passing of a friend today. We ask that you take a moment to spare a thought for Josh Dealy. Josh was well known in the Reno music scene as a superfan. You could always find him at a music event dancing – by himself or in the middle of a group It didn’t matter; Josh loved music and dancing. He loved all of us so very much and was looking forward to going out to shows in the new era. His absence is felt deeply by all of us at the podcast. So remember to tell the people you care about how you feel – you never know what tomorrow can bring.

Life is Short; we love you.

Thanks For Listening

Local event grid week of 05/28/21
Worst Little Grid – week of 05/28/21

The Randy Savages – Cream of the Crop

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
The Randy Savages - Cream of the Crop

“You ever stare at people weirdly and listen to a song together?” is the best question of this episode and it wasn’t even asked by a host.

The Randy Savages "All My My Life" album art featuring a caricature drawing of professional wrestler Randy Savage and wrestling artefacts
The Randy Savages “All My Life”

“The Randy Savages are a pop-punk wrestling collective who do not identify as a band, they prefer “Punk Rock Wrestling Accompaniment.”” They emulate and create odes dedicated to the life and times of legendary superstar of the 80s and 90s professional wrestling circuit, Randy Savage. Truly a pinnacle of art and sophistication that we had the privilege of bearing witness to – ok, really, the show is a shitshow, like any other, but a really exciting one! 90% more yelling!

Chris FOx wearing a green tiger-striped bandanna and sunglasses, like Randy Savage
Chrisy Savage

The latest The Randy Savages album was recorded at Noise Eater Recordings and is available on Voted Best Records’ bandcamp page. Really, though: It’s everywhere. Just search it and it will magically appear. The latest release “All My Life” continues the saga of the struggle and life of their namesake

Jamie Locks, beaming like a happy angel
Jamie Locks
Nick Carroll against a sterile white background
Nicky Savage
Jesse Williams staring intensely into the camera while holding a disconnected microphone
Jesse Savage

Originally, this show was booked to feature Jesse Williams and his solo album, “I Tried” (also recorded at Noise Eater and out from Voted Best Records), so… check that out too. But these The Randy Savages just took over everything. oh yeah! We did also get to spend some time with the brains and talent behind Noise Eater Recordings, Olav Tabatabai, who seems like a genuinely nice and talented fellow. No idea of why he’s working with these weirdos.

Olav Tabatabai smiling behind a thick beard
Olav Tabatabai of Noise Eater Recordings

Well, that’s a lot of pictures and very few words – I feel good about that.

Thanks For Listening.

Betty Rocker – Distance Makes the Rock Grow Louder

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Betty Rocker - Distance Makes the Rock Grow Louder

Welcome to out Third Annual Women’s March, here on WLP. This week Brian, Carla, Carolyn and Rick from Betty Rocker join us virtually!

Carla Rocker
Carolyn Gates
Brian Garland
Rick Charles

Reverend Rory apologizes for the continued lateness of the podcast posts – he got his COVID shot this week and temporarily lost his mind. (Like I really thought I had published this a few days ago, but it must have been a fever dream.)

What’s not a fever dream is the awesome new music Betty Rocker is debuting with us – composed and collaborated across the digital miles in this past, odd, weird year. Just goes to show, you can’t keep good music down.

Thanks for listening!

Machine Gun Vendetta – Oversight Corrected

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Machine Gun Vendetta - Oversight Corrected

Like a shot you don’t need at an hour you shouldn’t be up, Machine Gun Vendetta goes down -real- smooth. I really don’t want to say much more else; that about covers it.

Machine Gun Vendetta

Scott, Adam and Jim of the iconic Reno thrash punk band Machine Gun Vendetta sit down together and have a chat with us. They have been busy bees during the pandemic, working on a new album that we can hope to hear later this year.

Thanks for listening!

Eric Stangeland – Love What You Do

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Eric Stangeland - Love What You Do

I love this episode. But this is some heavy shit – trigger warning for anyone who doesn’t like medical distress.

Joining us is Eric Stangeland of One Stop Guitar as well as many Reno musical adventures and bands over the years. He shares with us a few tracks from his upcoming album, “Wake Up”. It is an autobiographical, collaborative project that we talk about in some detail in the show – both the project and the events leading up to Eric’s decision to create an album in 2020.

Eric Stangeland in his home in front of a guitar hanging on the wall and some framed pictures
Eric Stangeland

Eric brings along with him two of his collaborators (and no strangers to the show) Mark Earnest and Anthony “Uncle Tony” Collier-Ashworth of ToneMark Sounds They both contribute on the album as well as being creative forces behind the recording and release. They also launched this label in 2020. What is up with everyone being all creative when constrained to be less social? Crazy how that is working out.

Mark Earnest in his home in front of a hallway and a set of landscape pictures
Mark Earnest

This episode is a little music light – we don’t want to spoil all of the album. However, it is content heavy. Eric share with us a LOT; so if you don’t like a harrowing tale of tragedy and climbing back from the remains of your old life to come back better, stronger, faster… keep on searching. On the other hand, a sincere ‘thank you’ to Eric for sharing a deeply personal chapter.

Anthony Collier-Ashworth in his home in front of a red wall
Anthony Collier-Ashworth

and YOU! Thanks for listening.

Joe C. Rock and Steve Emmerich – Silence in Midtown

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Joe C. Rock and Steve Emmerich - Silence in Midtown

It’s hard to keep a good man down – and we’ve got two good men on the show this week: muralist Joe C. Rock and event promoter Steve Emmerich of Fresh Bakin’. We are also featuring select music form some of the bands playing in the upcoming virtual Reno Punk Rock Flea Market: Valentine’s Slay, this Saturday 02/13/2021 on an internet near you.

A bearded Joe C. Rock in his home surrounded by pieces of art
Joe C. Rock

Seriously – we could not have had a better pairing of guests this week. We delve into the state of the arts in Reno from perspectives we don’t usually get (non-musicians affiliated with the music scene). Joe reflects on his recent socially-distant art show at Sierra Arts; Steve laments the void… and the lack of ability and opportunity to put on shows.

A smiling Steve Emmerich wearing glasses and a black t-shirt in his home in front of blinds-covered window
The Face of Fresh Bakin’ – Steve Emmerich

While we wait for the entertainment world to return to a semblance of normalcy, please go support and watch the RPRFM Valentine’s Slay this weekend and buy some schwag. Kim and Ian have been working hard to make this come together with the rest of the RPRFM crew in support of The Generator. There are going to be a bunch of great acts, including, but not limited to: Weapons of Mass Creation, One Ton Dually, Ozymandias, Kanawha, and more!

Black and white mural of closeups of Reverend Rory Dowd's face and a baby's face with a pacifier on a lime green fence painted by Joe C. Rock.
Best Midtown collab EVAR

Thanks for Listening!

Asphalt Socialites – Laugh Riot

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Asphalt Socialites - Laugh Riot

A wise man once said, “Be prepared to spend a lot of time laughing with your friends.” This week is no exception. Wild and glamorous like an oil slick in a high-end garage, we are excited to welcome the Asphalt Socialites back to the studio for the first time since 2017. I haven’t laughed this hard all year.

Ken, Ian, Robb and Travis all assembled

How many antics can you get to in one interview? Besides some jokes and stories, we were treated to some literal bathroom humor from Ken, Travis ran laps in a theater – and then drove home on the call. And let’s not mention how Robb tricked the whole band into showing up with false promises of treats.

Asphalt Socialites

Asphalt Socialites have new singles coming out all spring, in lieu of a traditional album release So, find them on your favorite social media or at their own website to follow them for updates on those release dates!

Thanks for Listening!

Jason King Duo

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Jason King Duo

Hello! Welcome back to the Worst Little Podcast. We’re here this week with the Jason King duo. Press play for some great blues and Americana from these scene legends!

The Jason King duo is Jason on guitar/vocals and Tommy on guitar. They’re just part of the great Jason King band. Follow their Facebook page to keep tabs on upcoming shows!

Thanks to this week’s guests and thanks to all our listeners and Patreon subscribers. If you like what we do head to our Patreon and donate. For $5 or more per month you get access to our exclusive weekly sound check show! Check back next week for our annual Christmas show. We’ll be telling wild stories and recapping an amazing year for Reno music. Thanks for listening!

Sad Giants

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Sad Giants

Hello! Welcome to the Worst Little Podcast. This week we have brand new to us band Sad Giants in the studio. Kim took the week off but everyone else was there to ask these guys all the important, hilarious, and inappropriate questions you’ve come to expect from us. Press play!

Sad Giants is Bobby Benedict, Jesse Moran, and Quentin Young. They describe themselves as a power trio that kicks out the melodic rawness of Americana rock ala Springsteen or Petty, with a modern pop wit that twinges each song with its own unique catch – from 90s college rock to melodic punk. Big thanks to the band for hanging out with us. Keep an eye on their Facebook for upcoming show dates!

Thanks to all our Patreon supporters! If you like what we do head over to our Patreon page and throw a little cash Rick’s way. For $5 a month you get access to our super special pre-show featuring an exclusive song and behind the scenes shenanigans from each week’s band! We’re back next week with Lincoln Skinz and the cast of Good Luck Macbeth’s new play, Ms. Cratchitt. Thanks for listening!

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