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Liam Kyle Cahill – S11 E30

Liam sits in front of microphone posing with his guitar
Season 11
Liam Kyle Cahill - S11 E30

Hello! It’s the Worst Little Podcast. This week we welcomed Liam Kyle Cahill to the studio and he brought a friend! We talked about Liam’s love life and the resulting songs. We get to know his roommate Kris who is to podcasting what a duck is to water. Kris is just as impressed and surprised by Liam’s performance as we are even though he lives with Liam. Liam’s new album, many years in the making, is coming out in November and Liam sets a goal of one release (sexually) each year for the next five. The quiz was a horse race, both had excellent skill answering even the darkest (and grossest) of questions. Liam is an open book. Chris pleads the fifth and We find out who is a brick wall. Press play!

Liam sits in front of microphone posing with his guitar
Liam Kyle Cahill
Roommate Kris lounges on sofa in front of microphone making peace sign
Roommate Kris

Big thanks to Liam and Kris for being this week’s guests! Next week we have Wheatstone Bridge and a special Marianarcy preview. Thanks for listening!

Max Volume – Coming Home – S11 E28

Season 11
Season 11
Max Volume - Coming Home - S11 E28

It’s almost time to check in with weather and sports at the 10s, but up first is your friend and mine: MISTER Max Volume! Stepping away from the radio booth and into the internet thingamabob, Max joins us once again for a lot of laughs, stories and even a few songs. If you are new to the show, the area or just don’t listen to terrestrial radio for the past 40 years, Max Volume is an iconic Reno radio personality who has literally helped move the dial on rock music and concerts in northern Nevada for almost half a century – and we don’t see him quitting anytime soon.

Max Volume, smiling broadly and playing a guitar at a microphone
Max Volume

The conversation is really mostly about this one time Max took Johnny and Jesse (of Rigorous Proof) to LA when they were teenagers and evidently met the entire rock and roll hall of fame in person. It was a really wild trip and that’s all we talked about. Well – it was more a touchstone as we caromed off of each other tangent-ed down a conversational hallway. (I’m not entirely sure we ever finished a story). We also get a number of great songs out of Max, old and new – some even off of his new album “MV” Partway through the show, everyone’s favorite shredder, Michelle Belle of The Grimtones drops in and is wrangled into grabbing a mic.

Michelle belle wearing a striped shirt and having fun at the podcast
Michelle Belle

Well – that’s about all I’ve got this week. If you like what we are doing or want a chance to get exclusive tracks and interviews not included in the main show, visit us over at Patreon and show us some love by becoming a sponsor. You can also keep up with all the weekly events around town by checking out the Worst Little Weekend and Weekday Grids over at our Instagram.

Rick, Rory, Nick, Max and Michelle standing arm-in-arm together
The post-show meeting with Dick Bagnola, Rev. Rory, Nick, Max and Michelle

You are a beautiful audience; thanks for listening.

Sit Kitty Sit – “Directed by David Lynch” – S11 E27

Season 11
Season 11
Sit Kitty Sit - "Directed by David Lynch" - S11 E27

I wrote a whole blog post at 1 am. WordPress deleted it. Sorry – not going to rewrite it now. I want you to have the show now, since it’s late. Listen to the show. Be gay; do crime. Visit the Sit Kitty Sit website and watch Kat Down’s and Mike Thompson’s latest video for their track “Good Riddance“. We love them lots. It’s a hilarious in-joke episode, if you’re a loyal listener. If not, well, hold on.

Kat Downs and Mike Thompson in a cave with geometric shapes covering their faces.
Sit Kitty Sit
Kat Downs and Mike Thompson posing together in front of red vines.
Sit Kitty Sit

Please visit the Patreon and Instagram pages

Thanks for listening

First Take – The Saxman Cometh – S11 E26

Season 11
Season 11
First Take - The Saxman Cometh - S11 E26

Who says we ain’t classy? We gone and got ourselves some fine gentlemen on the show this week: First Take, featuring Jimmy Vermillion, Bill Heise and the renowned sax-a-ma-phonist Rick Metz. (aaaand… now I’m being told he does play an actual saxophone and the Simpson’s want their 24-year-old-dead-horse back).

Rick "the Saxman" Metz playing his saxophone in front of a microphone.
Rick “the Saxman” Metz

First Take is a premiere Northern Nevada jazz ensemble, appearing as the core trio with us this week. Lifelong musicians all, they have been entertaining audiences all over the Great Basin and beyond for about a decade. They all share a passion for connecting with other musicians onstage. Their experience and camaraderie comes out in their music. Tight and smooth, but not ‘smooth jazz’, if you know what we mean.

Jimmy Vermillion singing into a microphone and playing keyboard.
Jimmy Vermillion

Check out The Saxman on Facebook or find the First Take group to keep up with their goings on and appearances in the future. You can also check out what’s happening every week at the Worst Little Grid on our Instagram page. ANd please, as always, if you like what you hear on this show, think about supporting us over at the Patreon Page.

Bill Heise smiling in front of a microphone while playing drums.
Bill Heise

Thanks for Listening!

Douglas Sandall and Diana Ekins – S11 E25 – Music, the Law, and You Make the World Better

Season 11
Season 11
Douglas Sandall and Diana Ekins - S11 E25 - Music, the Law, and You Make the World Better

Should I even bother complaining about the heat and smoke in this blog post? Other than marking a contextual moment in history on our erstwhile blog post… probably not. We’ve all heard it; thoughts and prayers, everyone. (Especially for The Rev and Raggmopp, who live with a VERY pregnant lady this summer.) Anyway: Onto the show summary!

Douglas Sandall playing an acoustic guitar
Douglas Sandall

Our musical guest this week, bluesman and folk…smith Douglas Sandall, makes his debut appearance on the podcast. A veteran of the Reno music underbelly (and Reno in general), Douglas has still, seemingly not lost his hope for peace in the world and belief in other humans, if you can believe that. In addition to his own songwriting skillz and talents, Douglas is also the bassist for Jake Amor and the Hot Dogs!

Diana Ekins flashing a peace hand sign.
Diana Ekins

Returning to the fold is good friend, Diana Ekins! You may remember her from the premier Reno acapella act, Hella Acapella. Today though, she joins us as a professional – a local attorney, specializing in intellectual property rights over at Going Live Legal, PLLC. We catch up with Diana and learn about her journey into lawyering and working with performing artists on a while new level.

As always, please check out the Patreon to get bonus content (minus the Rory) and the Worst Little Grid to find out what’s happening around town this week!

Thanks For Listening!

The Will Shamberger Band – Sons of Dust and Jet Fuel – S11 E24

Season 11
Season 11
The Will Shamberger Band - Sons of Dust and Jet Fuel - S11 E24

Sometimes, even jaded assholes get surprised, like this week, on the show. I am so delighted to introduce to our listening audience The Will Shamberger Band of Fallon, NV (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I was mostly surprised because I was expecting a solo, not a new bunch of contenders.

Will Shamberger singing into a microphone while playing guitar.
Will Shamberger

Will Shamberger, Jesse Morrow, Charlie Gomes and Stone Seuss are the lions to the Voltron that is a tight rock quartet, blasting out a little funk and psychedelic vibes. They have a big sound and big personalities – it is quite the memorable quiz this week. (spoiler: Charlie cheats since he’s taken it before.)

Charlie Gomes in front of a microphone holding his guitar.
Charlie Gomes

They’ve got some shows coming up in the next couple weeks – August 12th at Holland Project, and, booked right here on this show , August 13th at Alturas with WLP’s own One Ton Dually and Quitter, from Carson City.

Stone Seuss in front of his drums in a brightly lit room.
Stone Seuss

You can connect with them, just about everywhere music is published and consumed, even Bandcamp.

Smiling Jessie Morrow at Dogwater Studios with his guitar.
Jessie Morrow

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The Wabuska Yachting Club and Other Tales of “High” Desert Piracy – S11 E23

Season 11
Season 11
The Wabuska Yachting Club and Other Tales of "High" Desert Piracy - S11 E23

Summertime is a good time for some music making and hip shaking. Unfortunately, we have Wabuska Yachting Club on with us instead. All kidding aside, it was a true pleasure to get to finally invite them in for a live show – Steve and Cassie Funk, Doyle Wayne Stewart, Nick McCabe and Dave Cherry set the podcast on its ear with their stories, songs and story-songs.

Steve Funk vocalizing and playing guitar
Steve Funk
Multi-instrumentalist, Doyle Wayne Stewart holding an acoustic guitar with his blue electric bass behind him.
Doyle Wayne Stewart

The WYC is a groovy folk funk band with a fluid membership. They joined us for one of last year’s virtual Marianachies with a great video that we talk about on the show. Who likes peppy songs about dark things? It seemed to be a theme on our show, but what can you expect form a crew of rock and roll revenants? You can also expect tales of the old, wild side of Washoe County, Reno and Nevada. Peeling back the curtain, we also get to hear the tale of how the Yachting Club was formed in the fine coastal town of Wabuska, NV.

Cassie Funk holding a tamborine
Cassie Funk
Nick McCabe sitting with his congas and other hand drums
Nick McCabe

Well folks, it’s time to hit the road – hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed making it. The WBC are fine, fine humans, musicians and friends – of each other and the show – and their joy is infectious. Live music is so great!
Please don’t forget to check out our Patreon page to support the show and Instagram page to stay in the know for shows!

Dave Cherry playing the baritone sax
Dave Cherry

Thanks For Listening!

Jen Scaffidi – Fresh Hugs and Otter Pop Memories – S11 E21

Season 11
Season 11
Jen Scaffidi - Fresh Hugs and Otter Pop Memories - S11 E21

What can I say about Jen Scaffidi that hasn’t already been said in hushed tones whenever she’s not around? I could say that she is an accomplished singer/songwriter, as a solo act or in one of many bands. I could say she is as comfortable playing indie/pop as she is generating noise-core. And I could also say she is truly one of the most supportive people I’ve ever known in my life. But that would be a bit much and sound like ass-kissing, so I won’t say any of those things.

Jen Scaffidi Smiling in a black tank top in Studio A
Jen Scaffidi

It really was a lit of chaotic fun to have Jen in the studio with us again. SHE was particularly excited to know that we were breaking in our newest intern on this episode. That’s right – RaggMopp is out of school and able to stay out late enough to get to be our slave work for a great education in podcast production. (For free.) She doesn’t get to say much – but know that she is there getting us pens and coffee at a moment’s notice.

Scaffidi will be making some noise up at Canvas Cafe, with a solo set at 1pm on Friday 06/25. Check out the Worst Little Grid below or on Instagram (or even on Twitter) for more shows in the coming week. Don’t see your show? Let us know on any social media or send the info to at our Grid email!

Thanks for Listening

Worst Little Grid - Weekend of 06/25-06/26/21 Venue Act Time Cover Age Dates Fri 06/25/21 Alturas Bar NV/DC with Hollywood Trashed 8:00 pm $0 21+ The Bluebird Animal Party! @ House Friday: West Coast Ravers Takeover 8:30 pm $10 Reservation, Price at door may vary 21+ Canvas Cafe (VC) Buffalo Moses & Jen Scaffidi 10:00 am & 1:00 pm $0 Great Basin Brewing Co Whitney Meyer 7:00 pm $0 Noble Pie - Summit Grown Folk Fridays - Spike McGuire 9:00 pm $0 Sat 06/26/21 10 Torr Distilling and Brewing 10'N'SONIC: Patio Music Series Presents: Buffalo Moses 7:30 pm $0 21+ 7th Street Station Greg Gilmore & The Fever Dreams (Live Show Debut!) 8:30 pm $15 ticketed, limited capacity Black Rabbit Mead Company Black Rabbit Presents: Zack Ryan 8:00 pm $0 21+ The Bluebird Return to Andriods Dungeon 8:30 pm $10 21+ Email to if you have an event listing you'd like to see here
Worst Little Weekend Grid 06/25-06/26/21
Worst Little Grid - Weekdays of 06/27-07/01/21 Venue Act Time Cover Age Dates Sun 06/27/21 The Library Open Mic Comedy with Noel 8 pm sign-up 8:30 pm show $0 21+ Alturas Bar Sounds of the City: Lenny El Bajo 5 pm $0 21+ Tue 06/29/21 Coffee N' Comics Open Mic Comedy with Bobby Benedict 5:30 pm sign-up 6 pm show $0 The Office of Hughes & Porter Open Mic Comedy with Norm Enlow 8:30 pm sign-up 9 pm show $0 21+ Wed 06/30/21 The Library Open Mic Comedy with Vickie Gordon 7:30 pm sign-up 8 pm show $0 21+ Thu 07/01/21 Alturas Bar Comedy Night with Paul Spock 9:00 pm $5 21+ Email to if you have an event listing you'd like to see here
Worst Little Weekday Grid 06/25-06/26

Six Sundays – Cutting the Turgid Cheese – S11 E18

Season 11
Season 11
Six Sundays - Cutting the Turgid Cheese - S11 E18

Blowing in like a bat out of somewhere more comfortable and dry (and with snacks) is Oregon’s own dad-punk trio, Six Sundays. Fans of the show may remember Six Sundays relatively recent performances at the Reno Punk Rock Flea Market or bassist/crooner Foo Fleming from RWHAP (…he’s the one who always wore the fez…. yes, you haven’t seen him in a while… because he moved to Oregon, yes…).

closeup of Foo wearing a black Fez, emblazoned with the letter 'F'
Foo Fleming

Like many creatives trapped to their own devices during the past year, Six Sundays has been hammering out a new album’s worth of songs. We will share some of those with you tonight in an attempt to tickle your inner ear. Really, though – a lot of good stuff here, shifting between sounds and styles of punk – old school, East Coast, West Coast, popppy. Even more impressive when you realize that they all lived through these eras and aren’t confined to bedrest in their infirmity. They have definitely spent their time productively.

head and shoulders picture of Drew Din in a Red t-shirt and tan ballcap
Drew Din

It was a lot of fun to hear about how things are going in another state with some of the extended family – it’s a different world, wherever you go. We are happy to have Six Sundays on as our last pandemic show – truly a blast to hang out with them and can’t wait until they come back (I think Kim booked them for the next RPRFM during the episode, if I’m not mistaken). Damn! Lots of fun.

head and shoulders picture of Dirk Dirt in a black t-shirt and ballcap
Dirk Dirt

We here at the podcast are also saddened to hear today of the passing of one of our good friends, former intern and guest of the show, Nicole Hutcheson Gaugh. Please keep her family in your hearts. I have no other words.

Life is truly short and we love you.

Worst Little Grid - Week of 06/04-06/10/21 Venue Act Time Cover Age Dates Fri 06/04/21 The Bluebird House Friday: Hype & Soul Recordings Vs. Funktion House Takeover 8:30 pm $12 ticketed 21+ Holland Lounge Nico's Mystery w/ Love Castle 8 pm Door 8: 30 pm Show $10 ticketed All Rum Sugar Lime First Friday w/ Mark Sexton 9 pm $0) 21+ The Polo Lounge New Wave Crave (unplugged) 6 pm $0) 21+ Virginia Street Brewhouse Rubles Plunge 6 pm $10 ticketed 21+ Dead Ringer Analog Bar Funk Facility 10 pm $0) 21+ Sat 06/05/21 Black Rabbit Mead Company Nick Eng 7:30 pm $0) 21+ The Bluebird NOVACANCY Presented by Meet the Locals EDM 8:30pm $20 ticketed 21+ VIirgina Street Brewhouse Holmar 9 pm $15 ticketed 21+ Sun 06/06/21 The Library Open Mic Comedy with Noel 8 pm sign-up 8: 30 pm show $0) 21+ Alturas Bar Sounds of the City: 5 pm $0) 21+ Mon 06/07/21 Email to if you have an event listing you'd like to see here Email to if you have an event listing you'd like to see here Tue 06/08/21 Coffee N' Comics Open Mic Comedy with Bobby Benedict 5:30 pm sign-up 6 pm show $0) The Office of Hughes & Porter Open Mic Comedy with Norm Enlow 8:30 pm sign-up 9 pm show $0) 21+ Wed 06/09/21 The Library Open Mic Comedy with Vickie Gordon 7:30 pm sign-up 8 pm show $0) 21+ Thu 06/10/21 Fat Cat Bar & Grill Nick Eng 6 pm $0) All Alturas Bar Comedy Night with Paul Spock 9 pm $5) 21+ Virginia Street Brewhouse Cash'd Out 6 pm ticketed 21+
Worst Little Grid – Week of 06/04/21

Post Humous – Not 100% Finished – S11 E17

Season 11
Season 11
Post Humous - Not 100% Finished - S11 E17

Whilst laying down new tracks at ye olde Dogwater Studios, local stake punk and rocker, Glynn Osburn, stopped by the Zoom Room to talk about what’s happening in his corner of the world. His band, Post Humous, is wrapping up recording a new full-length album and are excited to hit the circuit this summer and start playing some shows.

black and white image of the trio Post Humous playing their instruments with the band name scrawled in yellow tagging-style script
Post Humous

Osburn plays guitar and sings lead vocals for the group; he is joined by Fernando Rivera on bass and Travis Howard on the drums. They have been together in this lineup for about two years – they kept up with the songwriting and rehearsals all through 2020 in order to get ready for this album. If you’ve caught them before, think of that as a soft opening. According to Osburn, they were just getting up to strength and full speed.

Glynn Osburn looking off-camera contemplatively
Glynn Osburn

To bring things to a serious note: We mark the passing of a friend today. We ask that you take a moment to spare a thought for Josh Dealy. Josh was well known in the Reno music scene as a superfan. You could always find him at a music event dancing – by himself or in the middle of a group It didn’t matter; Josh loved music and dancing. He loved all of us so very much and was looking forward to going out to shows in the new era. His absence is felt deeply by all of us at the podcast. So remember to tell the people you care about how you feel – you never know what tomorrow can bring.

Life is Short; we love you.

Thanks For Listening

Local event grid week of 05/28/21
Worst Little Grid – week of 05/28/21
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