Post Humous – Not 100% Finished – S11 E17

Season 11
Season 11
Post Humous - Not 100% Finished - S11 E17

Whilst laying down new tracks at ye olde Dogwater Studios, local stake punk and rocker, Glynn Osburn, stopped by the Zoom Room to talk about what’s happening in his corner of the world. His band, Post Humous, is wrapping up recording a new full-length album and are excited to hit the circuit this summer and start playing some shows.

black and white image of the trio Post Humous playing their instruments with the band name scrawled in yellow tagging-style script
Post Humous

Osburn plays guitar and sings lead vocals for the group; he is joined by Fernando Rivera on bass and Travis Howard on the drums. They have been together in this lineup for about two years – they kept up with the songwriting and rehearsals all through 2020 in order to get ready for this album. If you’ve caught them before, think of that as a soft opening. According to Osburn, they were just getting up to strength and full speed.

Glynn Osburn looking off-camera contemplatively
Glynn Osburn

To bring things to a serious note: We mark the passing of a friend today. We ask that you take a moment to spare a thought for Josh Dealy. Josh was well known in the Reno music scene as a superfan. You could always find him at a music event dancing – by himself or in the middle of a group It didn’t matter; Josh loved music and dancing. He loved all of us so very much and was looking forward to going out to shows in the new era. His absence is felt deeply by all of us at the podcast. So remember to tell the people you care about how you feel – you never know what tomorrow can bring.

Life is Short; we love you.

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