Six Sundays – Cutting the Turgid Cheese – S11 E18

Season 11
Season 11
Six Sundays - Cutting the Turgid Cheese - S11 E18

Blowing in like a bat out of somewhere more comfortable and dry (and with snacks) is Oregon’s own dad-punk trio, Six Sundays. Fans of the show may remember Six Sundays relatively recent performances at the Reno Punk Rock Flea Market or bassist/crooner Foo Fleming from RWHAP (…he’s the one who always wore the fez…. yes, you haven’t seen him in a while… because he moved to Oregon, yes…).

closeup of Foo wearing a black Fez, emblazoned with the letter 'F'
Foo Fleming

Like many creatives trapped to their own devices during the past year, Six Sundays has been hammering out a new album’s worth of songs. We will share some of those with you tonight in an attempt to tickle your inner ear. Really, though – a lot of good stuff here, shifting between sounds and styles of punk – old school, East Coast, West Coast, popppy. Even more impressive when you realize that they all lived through these eras and aren’t confined to bedrest in their infirmity. They have definitely spent their time productively.

head and shoulders picture of Drew Din in a Red t-shirt and tan ballcap
Drew Din

It was a lot of fun to hear about how things are going in another state with some of the extended family – it’s a different world, wherever you go. We are happy to have Six Sundays on as our last pandemic show – truly a blast to hang out with them and can’t wait until they come back (I think Kim booked them for the next RPRFM during the episode, if I’m not mistaken). Damn! Lots of fun.

head and shoulders picture of Dirk Dirt in a black t-shirt and ballcap
Dirk Dirt

We here at the podcast are also saddened to hear today of the passing of one of our good friends, former intern and guest of the show, Nicole Hutcheson Gaugh. Please keep her family in your hearts. I have no other words.

Life is truly short and we love you.

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