Mark Earnest

Mark Earnest – Marianarchy Teaser – S10 E17

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Mark Earnest - Marianarchy Teaser - S10 E17

Is this thing on?

Hello again ladies and gentlemen. You’ll have to forgive my brevity. I am at this time slaving away in the internet mines, trying to get Marianarchy XVI all set up for you for our first virtual fundraiser. It’s very exciting, but very intense and time consuming.

We talk a lot about the event on the show, and some of the details have changed in the ensuing 3 days, so follow the links and chekkitout. if you’d like to donate or find out more, follow the link to the GoFundMe Page.

Marianarchy XVI

This week on the show, we are happy to have SIX TIME guest, Mr. Vague himself: Mark Earnest. A multitalented journalist, musician and songwriter, Mark brings with him some great music from both of his bands, Kanawha and Vague Choir. Mark is a repeat Marianarchist as well, appearing in both the main event and the look back at years past.

Mark Earnest

Gotta go – links to check, SEO copy to write and videos to upload.

We hope you see us this weekend.
Thanks for Listening.

Mark Earnest – Juggernaut – S6 E27

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Mark Earnest - Juggernaut - S6 E27


MMMmmmm…. It’s a good one.

The Worst Little Podcast in the World – S6 E27 – Download Link

Just in time for the Halloween Season, we get the all-new jet-fueled sounds of The Sister’s Doom! That’s right! Mark Earnest, Reno music deity, brings in some unreleased tracks from the as-yet unreleased The Sister’s Doom album. Just in time, because they announced this week that their final show will be this coming Friday, November 4!! We also get to listen to Mark play a little live music before he bores of us and decides we must be destroyed.

Mark Earnest looking magestic

…just a regular guy…

Oh! and – sorry for the late post this week. It was delayed by the Annual Dogwater Punkin’ Carving party this week. And Reverend Rory may have injured himself, accidentally, while stretching… We apologize for the delay in transmission, but hey, a late podcast is better than none at all, amirite? Here’s what you may have missed:

a mess 'o jack'o'lanterns



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Vague Choir – Something Something – S4 E32

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Vague Choir - Something Something - S4 E32


Is there a such thing as post post rock?

The Worst Little Podcast – S4 E32

Hey everybody! It’s a fantastic week here on The Worst Little Podcast, well for most of us. Dogwater Dick  got some bad news this week – very distressing, but nothing permanent – listen in the first five minutes to find out why!?! Mark Earnest says, “If you can make it through the first seven minutes, you’re a braver man than I!” Mark is the lead singer and guitar player for Vague Choir. You remember Mark, right? Old friend of the show from the first season!

Mark Earnest pointing the head of his guitar at the camera.

Rock Bullets and Mark Earnest

Mark is joined by his soulmates, Marcus Mayhall (bass) and Jason Thomas (drums). Contrary to what Reverend Rory thought popular belief, Marcus and Jason have never appeared on the show! Yet another Worst Little Podcast First! Which is funny since we bring you another Worst Little Podcast EXCLUSIVE! Vague Choir’s first set is some previously unrecorded (released?) songs that didn’t make it to their first album.

Marcus Mayhall enthusiastically eating popcorn,

The two terrible sides of Marcus Mayhall


Speaking of albums, if you are in a local band, don’t forget to bring copies of your album to Discology, the final real record store in Reno. They want to have a large and vibrant local music section, but can’t do it until enterprising young musicians like yourselves stop by and drop off some merch! Support local music and local business all in one fell swoop!

Jason Thomas with a surprised look on his face, holding popcorn and beer.

Jason “Go into Rick’s room for what?” Thomas


Vague Choir does have a show happening this Saturday, October 11 at Monolith Bar, with out-of-towners Fortune Club and dj Tigerbunny. Please check these badasses out in person.

And as always, Thanks for Listening.

The (Un)Importance of Being Mark Earnest – S1 E17

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
The (Un)Importance of Being Mark Earnest - S1 E17


Worst Little Podcast – Episode 017

Mr. Vague

Buy my record! … damn kids…

We’re late to the party, but RIP Macho Man. You will live in out hearts forever.

Great episode this week with Mark Earnest in the studio. He talks with us about his current projects including Dirt Communion and the Vague Choir, we listen to some previously unreleased Vitriolics, and well, bullshit about things that have nothing to do with him. Like Marianarchy, for one!

Nick has great news about how much we raised at Marianarchy over the past weekend. We all talk about how much fun we had there too, except for Rick. He’s against fun. He spent the whole weekend recording and mixing bands in the studio. Cause he thinks that’s fun. Cause he’s a fag nerd. Rory tells a bizzare story about someone, then figures out that he totally had the wrong person and is a jackass. Chewie… well, the less said about him, the better.

Speaking of jackasses… we were supposed to have a mysetery caller during the show. But then he flaked. Maybe he thought we meant next week…

NEXT WEEK: Part one of a Worst Little Podcast cliffhanger!