The Five-Timers Club – Back for More

Season 12
Season 12
The Five-Timers Club - Back for More

Some people just don’t know when to stay down. As we wrap up Season 12, we thought we’d close out with a round-up of our most frequent regular guests. At the suggestion of Josiah Knight, this week’s episode is exclusively guests who have been on the show at least five times in the last 12 years. In addition to our favorite murderhobo, Josiah, we are joined by Mark Earnest (Kanawha, Manchild), Jen Scaffidi (Blunderbusst, Wizard Colors), Dan Steinmetz (Thee Saturday Knights, Manchild), Spike McGuire (Loud As Folk), and Greg GIlmore (Greg Gilmore and the Fever Dreams, Loud As Folk). There’s even a track from Johnny Harpo, who couldn’t make it – but that’s exclusive to our Patreon subscribers, as you’ll come to find out. Repeatedly.

Jen Scaffidi a brunette woman in a black and white flannel shirt with a patch that reads "WLP Five Timer" sitting in front of a microphone with headphones on
Jen Scaffidi

This show is a lot of fun – a lot of jokes and reminiscing and a live track from Greg Gilmore opens the whole thing. Its a real treat to call all of these wonderful humans and noted musicians our friends, and to get a chance to sit down and talk with them like this.

Josiah Knight staring at the camera intently with a salt and pepper beard and tan beanie
Josiah Kinight
Greg Gilmore sitting and holding a white acoustic/electric guitar
Greg Gilmore
Dan Steinments in a black hoody looking at the camera pertly
Dan Steinmetz
Mark Earnest, in a blue plaid flannel, smiling placidly
Mark Earnest

Lots of great shows happening this weekend, and you’ll have to listen to hear our picks, but the one you should care about is the one that happens hours after this is published – The Holiday Hammering at The Cellar at Alturas. Brought to you by the Rock Solid Pressure Show, the evening’s entertainment includes performances from A Wormhole Could Kill Us All, One Ton Dually, FloodFireDeathDrought, and Manchild. IT’s aso a celebration for Nick and The Rev’s birthdays! So come through if you’re out in Reno tonight.

Spike McGuire, smiling broadly with an orange beanie that has a patch that reads "WLP FIVE TIMER"
Spike McGuire

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Greg Gilmore and the Fever Dreams – Live Debutants – S11 E19

Season 11
Season 11
Greg Gilmore and the Fever Dreams - Live Debutants - S11 E19

AND. WE. ARE. BACK. Live and performing before a live studio audience for the very first time, we are happy to introduce Greg Gilmore and the Fever Dreams.

black and white of Greg Gilmore yelling at the camera
Greg Gilmore

Admittedly, this is not their first appearance on the show; you might remember them in their (very recent) incarnation as Silver. Everyone, except Jorge – he’s new. He takes the Quiz.

Jorge Pulido-Rubio staring intently at the camera
Jorge Pulido-Rubio

This new configuration was significantly impacted by the COVID shutdowns of last year, quite early on. Listen to the show to find out the details, but I’ll go so far as to tell you, synchronicity is a strange thing.

Brendon Lund, Smiling broadly and holding his bass
Brendon Lund

Their first release will be a single off of the full-length album that they will be releasing at an unspecified time in the near future. I forgot to take notes and am writing this before the recording is finalized, so, again: you’ll just have to listen to the show to find out. As if you are reading this and not listening. No one is coming here for the writing.

Adam Landis sitting in front of a keyboard
Adam Landis
Jeff Knight smiling and waving behind his drums
Jeff Knight

There’s a lot of great events coming up this week – please check them out at the Worst Little Grid in this post or on our Instagram/Twitter/Facebook pages. And let us know if you got something to share at If you’re interested in supporting us, please check out the Patreon page and sign up to get weekly bonus content.

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