The (Un)Importance of Being Mark Earnest – S1 E17

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Season 01
The (Un)Importance of Being Mark Earnest - S1 E17

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 017

Mr. Vague

Buy my record! … damn kids…

We’re late to the party, but RIP Macho Man. You will live in out hearts forever.

Great episode this week with Mark Earnest in the studio. He talks with us about his current projects including Dirt Communion and the Vague Choir, we listen to some previously unreleased Vitriolics, and well, bullshit about things that have nothing to do with him. Like Marianarchy, for one!

Nick has great news about how much we raised at Marianarchy over the past weekend. We all talk about how much fun we had there too, except for Rick. He’s against fun. He spent the whole weekend recording and mixing bands in the studio. Cause he thinks that’s fun. Cause he’s a fag nerd. Rory tells a bizzare story about someone, then figures out that he totally had the wrong person and is a jackass. Chewie… well, the less said about him, the better.

Speaking of jackasses… we were supposed to have a mysetery caller during the show. But then he flaked. Maybe he thought we meant next week…

NEXT WEEK: Part one of a Worst Little Podcast cliffhanger!

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