Dave Richards: Mister 364 – S1 E16

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Season 01
Dave Richards: Mister 364 - S1 E16

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 016

Dave Richards

Still working off of the 2010 setlist

First off – Marianarchy Marianarchy Marianarchy! More on that later.

Not all the rockstars in Reno are always in a band. Mr. Dave Richards is a behind the two way mirror  scenes kind of guy, directing plays, taking and editing videos. Speaking of editing videos, we talk about the final cut of the Marianarchy 2010 videos. Man, they look great.

Josh Martin is in the studio, in the flesh once again. Lucky for us, his job went well and finished ahead of schedule. Unfortunately for Mrs. Chewie, though, her shoe budget might be facing a freeze or some cuts. Rory describes something in detail that fascinates Rick and makes Nick squirm! We also unveil a new and improved Worst Quiz Ever… and background music!

Thanks for sticking this in your ear!

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