Grace Gatsby Sings Hutchison…? – S1 E15

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Season 01
Grace Gatsby Sings Hutchison...? - S1 E15

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 015

Grace Gatsby

After we recap our Mother’s Day celebrations and last week’s River Fest, Josh Martin checks in from the mines of Elko. We also take a look at the inside of Grace Gatsby’s head… well, not really. That would be, awkward, to say the least. But we do get to know this world traveller and local singer/songwriter  just a little bit better. However, before the show, she lectured us about her good reputation and public image, so we promised not to say anything about her third world sweat-shop, pyramid scams or chain of houses of ill repute. Nope. We don’t drag her name through the mud at all or ask her any uncomfortable questions during the Worst Little Quiz. In keeping with our extremely high standards, Grace throws down and plays a live version of her song ‘Magic’. She’s a lot of fun to talk to and I imagine you’ll all be as disappointed as we were when the interview had to end.

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