Basement Tapes – Our Seasons Go To 11 – S11 E1

Season 11
Season 11
Basement Tapes - Our Seasons Go To 11 - S11 E1

GREETINGS PODCAST FANS! Welcome to Season 11 – we are excited to have you with us, once again. We hope your holiday and new year was merry and bright. It’s a whole new world! Now: back to the music!

We are stoked and honored to welcome Basement Tapes back to the show! Travis, Amy, Deb and Bob all popped into the zoomroom to hang out with us for this first episode of the new era. (Garret was busy with lame things like ‘getting a good night sleep for work’, but we wont hold it against him… yet)

Armed with a handful of new songs, they are ready to release a new album – and you get a sneak peek at the tracks right here. Join us to hear how they have coped with writing and recording amidst a pandemic (fairly well, tbh) and other adventures in music!

On the horizon: Check out Reno Punk Rock Flea Market’s Valentine Slay – an online fundraiser for The Generator – Kadiallac Kim is one of the organizers, once again, and we are excited for what they have in store this year in a re-vamped online event.

Next Week: Asphalt Socialites

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