WLP : Beer Box Episode – S3 E29

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Season 03
WLP : Beer Box Episode - S3 E29

Su-prise, su-prise SU-PRISE!!!!!

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S3 E26

Hey folks! It’s another fun week here in podcastland. We decided to reel it back a little bit and go old school: just the guys and some old tapes of Reno bands. It’s a personality driven episode! All the Rick, Nick, Rory and Chewie you can stand! We also have Dogwater Resident, The Kodiak in the studio! Cody’s always a great addition.

Oh! And check out this spider!

Big ass spider in Rick's backyard

‘Ee’s gonna eat ‘cha!

That is another Dogwater Resident, but it’s not allowed in the house!

We have a lot of fun this week, just talking shit and hangin’ out. Lot’s of funny jokes in there – made me laugh today even, and I hate this show!

Stay tuned for our next episode with Bazooka Zoo!

Thanks for listening!

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