S13E31 Where Would You Haunt?: Doc Gruesome and Dark Corner Haunted House

Season 13
Season 13
S13E31 Where Would You Haunt?: Doc Gruesome and Dark Corner Haunted House

This week we’re joined by Holly Spahr and Jack Karczewski from Dark Corner Haunt and our musical guest is dark hip hop artist Doc Gruesome! 

Holly and Jack tell us all about their over the top, two level haunted house that starts this weekend and runs through October 31st at the National Bowling Stadium in downtown Reno. Take the little ones to Adeline farms pumpkin patch, but for the bigs, the Dark Corner Haunt is the ticket. High quality Halloween entertainment is what they offer. Darkcornerhaunt.com for details.

Holly of Dark Corners Haunt in operatic pose
Holly from Dark Corner Haunt
Jack from Dark Corner Haunt in a heavy metal pose
Jack from Dark Corner Haunt

Our musical guest is a horror/dark rapper, mixing up genres like metal and goth with hip hop, sampling bands like the Deftones, creating sounds reminiscent of Sisters of Mercy, with a horror aesthetic ala Slipknot, keeping the songs fresh and original. It’s Doc Gruesome!

Doc is hard working with a vision and drive. He is headlining a big show Sunday, October 15 with Warlord Colossus LIVE! at CYPRESS in the heart of MIDTOWN Reno Nevada. (ALL AGES)

We had a blast getting pumped up and ready for a month of spookiness and horror. Our favorite time of the year for sure. You can find Doc Gruesome all over the usual platforms on the internet including Bandcamp. 

MC Doc Gruesome in bloody horror mask with zipper mouth, posing with microphone.
Doc Gruesome

A great three-way battle for the prize and bragging rights, was fought during the worst little quiz and Chewie is concerned about the pet population in the north valleys. 

Life is short and we love you.

Thanks for listening.

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