S13E32 “Handsome” Steven Hanson II!

Season 13
Season 13
S13E32 “Handsome” Steven Hanson II!

Our scheduled guest Blunderbusst came down with the flu and we were bummed, but Jen Scaffidi, sister of our intern Lee, had a plan. Jen suggested we have her friend on, Carson City singer songwriter, referred to by Jen as “Handsome” Steven Hanson II.

Crisis averted! 

Of course, like other friends of the show, Sophia Shortz, Mark Earnest or Spike McGuire etc., when Jen Scaffidi suggests it, we listen. No questions asked.

Steven Hanson pictured in black and white, seated, singing and playing acoustic guitar.
Steven Hanson II

Steven was a great guest, so easy to talk to that we get very tangential but in a fun way. We talk Covid, stage fright, compliments, hard drugs, coffee, music and modern beer drinking, among other topics.

Steven played a beautiful worst little quiz too! Not to mention his lovely performance of his songs, influenced by folks like Mark Knopfler, John Mayer and Paul Simon. 

We really did talk out of our ass this week and the time just whizzed by. 

Our annual music fest and benefit, Marianarchy XIX, starts this weekend at Alturas’ Cellar Stage on 4th street. This year’s recipient is our dear friend and chosen family, Lacie Rose Pich, who is battling congestive heart failure.

Nick and Rory will be hosting and hope to see you there.

Thanks, Jen, for connecting us with our new bud Steven. 

Life is short and we love you. Thanks for listening!

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