S13E30 Donkey Jaw, the Reverend and Renoites

Season 13
Season 13
S13E30 Donkey Jaw, the Reverend and Renoites

This week we were joined by our podfather himself, Thee Reverend Rory Dowd, as well as Connor McQuivey , host of popular local podcast Renoites! Our musical guests are the kickass, pop punks Donkey Jaw.

Sean and Zack of the band Donkey Jaw seated and smiling.
Sean and Zack of Donkey Jaw

 Newish members, Jared on bass and Sean on guitar, were an absolute pleasure to get to know. Find out how they hooked up with two of our favorite musicians in town, 

Zack on guitar and lead vocals and the mighty Kodeus on drums.

Kodeus and Jared, the rhythm section of Donkey Jaw seated on couch, giving the thumbs up.
Kodeus and Jared, the rhythm section of Donkey Jaw

We’ve had them on since the old Dogwater One days, twelve years ago, when they were The Let Downs. They were great then and are absolute rippers now. 

We find out the biblical origins of their name, hear a bunch of live tunes, and laugh a lot. 

Connor of Renoites podcast smiling
Connor of Renoites podcast

Connor was good company as well, telling us all about his journey and mission in podcasting. He too is archiving the unique and interesting stories of, well, as he aptly titled his show, RENOites.  Shout out to the Sparks Railroad Museum Podcast! Whoop whoop!

WLP host Rory giving the thumbs up and smiling.
Reverend Rory returns!

It is very rare these days, but always special to have the OG WLP cast all together. Thank you for making it happen this week Rev. Rory. Namaste.

Life is short and we love you.

Thanks for listening!

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