S13E29 ÜLTRA: All About That Bass

Season 13
Season 13
S13E29 ÜLTRA: All About That Bass

This week is a banger episode with hardcore punk rockers ÜLTRA. Jacob McCoy on bass and vocals, and Taylor Sommer on drums and backup vocals. 

Their sound is like thrashy, heavy skate punk with a vocal style reminiscent of Al Jorgensen. With themes ranging from suffering to bird watching. 

sophia and the duo Ultra hanging out
Sophia and Ultra pre-show

They’re aggressive, trippy, a little dark and totally alive with energy. 

Just a couple years old, they’re keeping busy and are looking forward to a bunch of upcoming shows including STRESS FEST, a new hardcore music festival created by Jacob.

Jacob from Ultra on bass guitar and singing
Jacob Mcoy

Also joining us is our resident movie reviewer and co host in training Sophia Shortz! She enlightens us with her take on the Barbenheimer phenomenon, both films she hasn’t seen of course…

Taylor of Ultra on drums pointing stick and staring hard
Taylor Sommer

And, from Chewies vault, we get a song by Reno ska legends, The Mudsharks, from a never opened cassette tape of 1994’s Cracking Porcelain. 

host Chewie holding up a mudsharks cassette tape smiling
Chewie’s pick for his “from the vault” segment

Lots of tunes this week and even a quick round of the worst little quiz! 

Life is short and we love you.

Thanks for listening. 

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