S13E28 Glass Tung-Cunning Linguists

Season 13
Season 13
S13E28 Glass Tung-Cunning Linguists

Alex Ross “MorAl” and Johnny “Junes” Wilson are the two emcees behind one of Reno’s premier hip hop acts, Glass Tung.

We were stoked to meet this dynamic duo at the Dogwater Studios for an outstanding display of skills, drive,and friendship. 

Chewy, our resident expert in hip hop, made sure to come in for this one and hits it off with the group instantly. Glass Tung show a kind of maturity and intelligence to their rap, delivered with grace and certainty. Their voices complement each other, and they have chemistry that flows.


It was a great talk with two of the nicest dudes a podcast could hope for. Jam packed with stories, songs and of course the worst little quiz for our brand new homies. They are fresh off an opening slot with the Souls of Mischief and gearing up for a show with the Living Legends. They’re killing it.


Connect with them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You can find their music on all the usual platforms. Put some Glass Tung in your ears.

Keep Reno hip hop alive.

Chewy, Dick and Glass Tung

Life is short and we love you!

Thanks for listening!

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