S13E27- Los Pistoleros-Tres Hombres

Season 13
Season 13
S13E27- Los Pistoleros-Tres Hombres

#520 Season 13 Episode 27

Our longtime amigos and Reno’s undisputed kings of psychobilly punk rock, Los Pistoleros, stopped by the Dogwater Studios to share the good news that they’re back as a power trio and they are en fuego!

Lee Normus

Fresh off an opening slot for punk legends FEAR, the Pistoleros share the good times and bad, new material and classics. 

Andy Hernandez on standup bass, Chris Chamberlain on guitar and lead vocals and Lee Normus holding down the beat, are a fun, high energy, rock and roll machine.

Andy Hernendez

 Despite each member almost dying, members moving on, the pandemic and other struggles, the band is turning14 years old, with zero signs of ever breaking up. The prolific Reno rockers have been hitting the road all over the region and are gearing up for a national tour. Look out for them all over California and Nevada in the meantime.

Chris Chamberlain

 You can also catch a secret appearance in October, press play if you want in on that. Chris has never been on before so of course we give him the quiz. We were impressed by his performance. You will be too! Look for their music on all the platforms, they are everywhere. Viva Los Pistoleros!

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