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Mallory Mishler – Mega-ma-phone – S6 E22

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Season 06
Mallory Mishler - Mega-ma-phone - S6 E22

Hot buns! Get your hot buns here!

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I am excited and pleased to announce the the podcast will be returning to a weekly format!!!! Our experiment failed – you like us far better if we post every week! Dogwater Dick has been so very lonely on Mondays without us, too, so here we are. You may hear a little less of Reverend Rory as he pursues some of his other passions (like Silence! the Musical – a muscal parody of Silence of the Lambs that opens Sept 30 at Good Luck Macbeth), but that means we may be giving more mic time to Mr. Baker, Chewie, Stryse and maybe even Intern X (but probably not).

closeup of Mallory Mishler with a guitar in the desert

Miss Mallory

This week, we bring you the awesomeness of Miss Mallor Mishler, good friend of the show and prolific Reno artist and musician. Mallory is also the mind behind the Reno Tarot Project, which may be finished sometime this century, if we all hold our breath. Mallory is also a fantastic guitar player and singer – being one of Reverend Rory’s own inspirations to pick up the axe. She shares some songs with us today!


Mallor mishler playing guitar on the playa at Burning Man

At the BRC

Mallory also talks a lot about Burning Man this week. You have been warned.

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Afterglow – S2 E16

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Season 02
Afterglow - S2 E16

The Worst Little Podcast ->Download Link<- S02 E14

Sometimes, the guests really bring it and we can just sit back and laugh.


Mallory Mishler

After a long and exhausting conversation about Marianarchy 2012 Mallory Mishler joins us in studio to play some songs and talk about her upcoming exhibit at the Reno Art Works. She is a triple threat – one of the top realism artists in town, a skilled musician and a fucking awesome lyricist! Great – next thing you know she’s gonna have a podcast or something. Her show, “Stubborn Works – Something From the Deep ‘It’s a Black Thing'”, will open sometime in the first week of June and the closing reception is going to be on Sunday June 28th.

We also have a great phone call from Reno based comedian, Lizzie Keith. She was the host of the Reno Tahoe Comedy Semifinals last week and is a pretty active performer and aerobics instuctor. We think she’s hot. She says she’s a hot lesbian, but we’ll have to get her in studio sometime to verify… if y’all don’t mind. Really though, she was funny right out the gate. I think we have maybe made a new friend – a contender for the coveted third chair of Chewie?

kodiak and chewie_phixr

Kodiak and Chewie

Also in studio with us were the artistic and musical talents of Aric Shapiro and Pan from Reno Art Works and Weapons of Mass Creation. We’ll have WMC on the show a little later in the summer, but today they were here to talk about RAW. It is a great artists’ space on Dickerson Row, the unofficial home of Reno’s visual art community. RAW however embraces all artists, from performers and writers to more traditional definitions like painters and sculptors. RAW hosts a weekly community art night – fun for the family and you might just pick up a new skill or simply learn a trick or two. All kinds of art are open for exploration! Lots of fun.



Aric Shapiro

Other Topics This Week: Why Elephant Rifle hates the Reverend Rory now, divorce (sorta), the ‘other’ RAW and hot girls belching.

At any rate – thanks for listening, o constant listener!

Marianarchy 2012: The Fuckyourdeath Edition – S2 E15

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Season 02
Marianarchy 2012: The Fuckyourdeath Edition - S2 E15

Worst Little Podcast -> Download Link <- S2 E 13

Welcome to the start of your summer season, Reno!

As I mentioned in last week’s post, Jess Blaze, local promoter and true believer, passed away in her sleep. We start the show with an audio tribute to Jess; we humbly share these memories  of a woman we all loved very much. She was also a big part of …..

Marianarchy 2012 setlist


That’s right! After months and months of teasing it out – IT’S REALLY HERE!!! MARIANARCHY 2012!!!!!!! Friday May 18 and Saturday May 19!!!

It’s one hell of a line up this year, with the reunions of Phat Couch and Gunshot Licker on Friday and Saturday nights, respectively. There’s a raffle and silent auction, Happy-Hour Potluck, BBQ. Admission is whatever you can donate to the cause. This year, the proceeds will go to benefit the familes of Rev. Gary Setzer and Jess Blaze (who are secretly pissed that they’re missing this show, or so I’m told). The events will be emceed by yours truly, Reverend Rory. Come see me turn into Jerry Lewis over a 48 hour period!!!

Seriously, though – this is probably my favorite event in Reno every year. You should really check it out. Marianarchy is at the cultural heart of Reno and Ground Zero for a lot of the love and camraderie in the Reno music and sart scenes. It is really something special and you should check it out.

Dave Aiazzi_phixr

Dave supports free speech and press!

Also on the show this week is Reno City Councilman and Sparks-core native, Dave Aiazzi. Dave is a really good friend of Nick’s and a big supporter of our simmering arts scene here in Reno. He also knows how to take a joke (Thanks in advance for not getting a cease and desist on the picture, Dave). Irma Geddon jumps into the fray with some insightful questions about how people can get things done with the city, what happened to the Occupy Moana thing, and what is up with that airline food? For his part, Dave does not particularly care for the airline chicken plate. I think Dave had something he wanted to talk about, but we all kept badgering him with questions and cutting to the music. It was probably important.

Maybe next time. Ha?

At any rate – Come to MARIANARCHY 2012 at JUB JUB’S THIRST PARLOR! MAY 18 AND 19!!!!

The Burning Man Spectaculare! – S1 E28

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Season 01
The Burning Man Spectaculare! - S1 E28

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 028

kate Cotter at Dogwater Studios

Poised, graceful... and not really sure if this was a good idea.

I know I say it all the time, but we REALLY DO have a big show for you this week – burners and Elvis and music, oh my!

The show opens with some recordings from the Playaphone circa 1998. After the open, we take a moment to remember the awesomeness that is Elvis Aaron Presley. 34 years ago he became truly legendary, dying on the toilet with such a darkened complexion that the paramedics arriving on the scene thought he was ‘a black male’. We came for the music and stayed for the excess. Thanks, Elvis.

Our first guest is always awesome Kate Cotter. Kate has been one of the most hardworking and well-recieved singer/songwriters in Reno, mesmerising audiencies for more than a decade. We talk with her about her recent recordings, performances and upcoming events.

Mallory Mishler and Jess Blaze at the Dogwater Studios

Camp Jub Jub sez, "Fuck Your Day!"

Then, on to Burning Man!!! The Dogwater Studios gets invaded by dirty hippies and artfags has the delight of hosting Jess Blaze, Mallory Mishler and a couple of other Burning Man specialists. It’s come to our attention that some people going to Burning Man may be interested in doing illegal drugs. Guess what people. It’s still part of America and all those drugs are still illegal. Doesn’t matter if you’re off in the desert. Rebecca Gasca of the Nevada ACLU has some great advice on how not to get busted in the first place, what to do if you are and how to deal with law enforcement on the playa. (Hint: it starts with ‘p’ and rhymes with ‘oliteness’.)

The digidelic cowboy

The Digidelic Cowboy!

Burning Man ‘expert’ Dr. Cornelius Cumcough stops by with some really horrible advice about Burning Man. (He probably thinks there is still a bridge connecting the twin peaks of Mt. Kilomanjaro.) And FINALLY, the Digidelic Cowboy busts out on his digereedoo, inspiring an impromptu jam session with Nick Ramirez on the beatbox! Oh, and everyone gets the quiz, plus a suprise phone call from Cheyenne.

Reverend Rory

Yeah - he SWEARS he's not gay.

Thanks for Listening.