Mallory Mishler – Mega-ma-phone – S6 E22

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Season 06
Mallory Mishler - Mega-ma-phone - S6 E22

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I am excited and pleased to announce the the podcast will be returning to a weekly format!!!! Our experiment failed – you like us far better if we post every week! Dogwater Dick has been so very lonely on Mondays without us, too, so here we are. You may hear a little less of Reverend Rory as he pursues some of his other passions (like Silence! the Musical – a muscal parody of Silence of the Lambs that opens Sept 30 at Good Luck Macbeth), but that means we may be giving more mic time to Mr. Baker, Chewie, Stryse and maybe even Intern X (but probably not).

closeup of Mallory Mishler with a guitar in the desert

Miss Mallory

This week, we bring you the awesomeness of Miss Mallor Mishler, good friend of the show and prolific Reno artist and musician. Mallory is also the mind behind the Reno Tarot Project, which may be finished sometime this century, if we all hold our breath. Mallory is also a fantastic guitar player and singer – being one of Reverend Rory’s own inspirations to pick up the axe. She shares some songs with us today!


Mallor mishler playing guitar on the playa at Burning Man

At the BRC

Mallory also talks a lot about Burning Man this week. You have been warned.

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