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Pink Awful-The Awful Truth

Season 12
Season 12
Pink Awful-The Awful Truth

This week, Rick, Nick and Intern Mouse came in on The Lovers Holiday to catch up and say farewell to one of our absolute favorite Reno bands, Pink Awful. They have announced that key founding members Ashley Costelloe and Mike Miller are engaged to be married and are moving to Chicago. Drummer Chris Croft rounds out the band on their latest and potentially final, double EP “Apophenia”.

Front cover of Pink Awful's Apophenia's double release - one red with white dots in design with sketch of frankenstein and a house, the other white with red dots and hands flying kites
Pink Awful’s double CD: Apophenia

The first cd is red and the second is white. The red one they say is more rocking of the two, more guitars and more like their previous records, and the white one is more moody and electronic. They’re both fantastic, experimental and cinematic. They’d fit in on a lineup like Siouxie and the Banshees, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Le Tigre, Santigold, LCD Soundsystem, Radiohead or Sonic Youth.  If you like any of those bands , I think you’re going to dig them.

ashley costello grinning broadly holding her mask away from her face
Ashley Costelloe

They are unique in that they’re the ones who sound like Pink Awful. Influenced by others but totally original and refreshing. We talk a lot about each of the five songs previewed. How they created them sonically, technically,how the lyrics came to be and a little insight into their meaning. The music is so different song to song. Dogwater Dick hooked up the studio so we could experience the songs in stereo, a luxury we don’t always have. I highly recommend listening to the two EP’s back to back on headphones or in the car. Sometimes the sound is enormous and sometimes it’s sub-fi ( a term invented on this episode by Mike to describe their lower than low-fi tunes.). We get the origin story of their name and it’s not what anyone thought!

Mike Miller and Chris Croft sitting on the couch in Studio C
Mike Miller and Chris Croft

It’s a bittersweet episode and it gets a little emotional. Ashley first joined us in season one, I think, with the duo Sleepy Sunshine, back at the old studio in Sparks. She was there at the Zephyr when Marianarchy was still a new thing. With all that history and all the great music and shows they’ve given Reno, it was hard to hold back some tears.

Join them for the release of Apophenia, and their farewell show, March 4th at The Loving Cup with openers Roxxy Collie. Doors at 8pm Show at 9pm sharp. Bring merch money they’re having a fire sale!
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Intern Mouse sitting on a stool ang giving a thumb's up

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