Worst Little Podcast – Tracks From the Past – S10 E14

Season 10
Season 10
Worst Little Podcast - Tracks From the Past - S10 E14

Getting back to our roots!

Podcasting through the quarantine hasn’t been easy. Along with any technical difficulties, life still keep happening. We have to reschedule our planned guest this week due to LIFE. So, we pulled out the old box of records and tapes in Chewie’s studio to bring you some reverberations of Reno’s vibrant musical past!

A silouette of a radio tower with a man carrying another man in a dress up the side of it, superinposed on a red arrow pointing down with "The Worst Little Podcast in the World" also superimposed in white prints of differing fonts.

We chat about our lives during quarantine and how much doing the show without Kim is a drag. In between, everyone picked a local fave to play: Dirty Steve, Green Mondays, Gunshot Licker, Jesse Kapeghian, Sage’s Fire and The Atomiks,

We will be back next week with our good buddy, singer-songwriter Matthew Howlett; an old friend, the multitalented illustrator Andrew Dicus; and – KADILLAC KIM is back!!!

Again, thank you to Zoom, stay healthy, keep busy, eat out at a local restaurant… and thanks for listening!

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