Howlett and Dicus – Ever Evolving – S10 E15

Season 10
Season 10
Howlett and Dicus - Ever Evolving - S10 E15

Welcome back to the Worst Little Podcast! I’m so excited about this week’s guests!

Matthew Howlett (photo: Kylie Mosbacher)

Former Reno resident, Matthew Howlett, joins us this week from his home recording studio and childhood bedroom! Not content to let no stinkin’ plague keep him down – no! Matthew is recording and creating and releasing new content! Virtuall collaborations and Spotify tracks, oh my!

Andrew Dicus in the Big City

Our second guest is a former Reno native that you might recognize from past Reno bands like The Spark and Sophie and the Probiotics, Mister Andrew Dicus. A Reno-famous multi-talented artist, Dicus left us a number of years ago to get edumacated and is now successfully living in Brooklyn as an illustrator.

He recently has published a collection of his cartoons, “The Kings Highway“, through Baobab Press. It is available wherever indie books are sold (like Sundance Books – you can even get it online!) He was supposed to have come to Reno as part of a NATIONAL BOOK TOUR, but then this thing happened and he couldn’t leave Brooklyn. (So, I consider this Leg One of Dicus’ Nevada Media Junket. Very successful.)

The actual cover

See you next week with Spike McGuire of Loud As Folk and Ryan Goldhammer of Pignic and Noble Pizza.

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