WLP On The Road #2: Bus Driver – S12 E28

Season 12
Season 12
WLP On The Road #2: Bus Driver - S12 E28

WLP ON THE ROAD: Nick Drives the Bus for Eddie and the Subtitles

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another WLP on the road episode!
This time out Nick is tapped to drive the bus for Eddie and the Subtitles! (for this blog their name shall henceforth be referred to as EatS!)

Join us as legendary SoCal punk rocker Eddie Subtitle (born and bread in Reno!) takes a mini tour to Pacifica and San Francisco California.
It’s a short but sweet romp with a really fun band.

Nick Ramirez 2 and Eddie hanging out with a copy of Skeletons in the closet
Nick 2 and Eddie

We visit a taqueria, check out the venues, hit the beach and hear live music from EatS, including an exclusive preview of new material.

la punk band the Control freaks playing onstage b/w pic
control freaks

We get a minute with lead Control Freak (also from The Rip-Offs) Greg Lowery , who was totally stoked to be playing with EatS. Mikie shares a stage moment and we hit Ikedas in Auburn on the way home for a heaven scented conclusion to a really fun weekend with friends.

The Shames at Rockaway Beach

Again a shout out to Dogwater Dick for the awesome post production razzmatazz.
Life is short and we love you!
Thanks for listening.

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