Two Man Lemmon Band – Lemmon Party

Season 13
Season 13
Two Man Lemmon Band - Lemmon Party

This week we welcome the ever-evolving Two Man Lemmon Band!
Spencer Eldridge started out solo with his guitar and some songs under the banner Just In Beaver. That was followed by being joined on bass by Grimedog’s Lucas Grimes. Then after a name change to the current, Two Man Lemmon Band are now joined by Bobby Enzenberger (OG bassist for Pussy Velour) on cello, filling out their fun brand of folk punk.

Close up of man in ballcap playing acoustic guitar and singing into microphone
Spencer Eldgridge

With funny parody songs ranging from crapping your britches at the Meadowood Mall to a rap number to songs of empathy and unity, Two Man Lemmon Band are great tight musicians with a fun-loving energy that’s contagious. We of course initiate Bobby with a round of the worst little quiz.

Man staring intently while playing bass
Lucas Grimes

Look them up on the book of faces or hipstergram for information on their next shows including a festival in Doyle, California with Filependejo and many others. You can also catch them at the Marianarchy fest in October. Spencer, Lucas and Bobby, we salute you!

Mustachioed man in hat and glasses, playing a cello
Bobby Enzenberger

Life is short and we love you.
Thanks for listening.

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