The Sonic Dead – Feroxcious! – S13 E21

Season 13
Season 13
The Sonic Dead - Feroxcious! - S13 E21

This week we catch up with our dear friend and Nick’s Glitter Bats bandmate, Freddie Ferox (pronounced Fair-Ox, not fur-oh: Latin not French. Got it.) ‘Prolific’ doesn’t seem word enough for Freddie’s musical output. Perhaps ‘relentless’ would be a better one. Freddie has been a driving force behind Murderock, Candy Apple and the Razor Blades, the aforementioned Glitter Bats, and his one-man goth/industrial/disco/funk (with some horror rap music) featured today: The Sonic Dead!

Freddy Ferox

Think Revolting Cocks meets Thrill Kill Kult – it’s freaking brilliant. Like all of his projects, Freddie’s songs are catchy, hooky, and memorable; well thought-out: musically, sonically and lyrically. We had an amazing time finding out more about one of the best front-men, singers, and mad scientists Reno has to offer. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. You can catch Freddie fronting Glitter Bats at Alturas on July 29th with Pussy Velour and Eddie and the Subtitles! Until then crank it up and shake your ass to the Sonic Dead! (Now available on Bandcamp! And the other spots you get music.)

rick and pongo

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