NULYPHE Ensemble-Onward and Upward! S12 E14

Season 12
Season 12
NULYPHE Ensemble-Onward and Upward! S12 E14

Coming in hot at 3 weeks old, NULYPHE Ensemble (like New Life) is a funky jazzy hip hop outfit focused on the jam and the message.


Their name is an acronym for: Navigating Upward Loving Your Physical Human Existence. So yes: they focus on the positive and the goal of uniting, collaborating, and passing knowledge on to the next generations. Headed by Jywanza Scott-Jackson on vocals and backed by Matt Roemer on bass and Johnny Yocum on guitar, (their drummer couldn’t make the podcast) NULYPHE draw you in with the groove.


Jywanza rhymes philosophical life lessons and spontaneous explanations for the meaning in the now. His positive energy is infectious. Matt and Johnny are new to Reno from Tahoe where they’re established in the metal scene. Listen for more!


We recap RPRFM, John Waters and Nick’s mostly positive review of his experience at the Paul McCartney concert. We had a great time with these newcomers who are not only highly recommended by the Spike McGuire but have also been very well received at their first few gigs (and at our little podcast!).
Listen till the end for Ian’s hot picks for the weekend and where and when to check out NULYPHE Ensemble!

Thanks for listening !

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