Justin Larkin – Suitcase Kickdrum – S12 E25

Season 12
Season 12
Justin Larkin - Suitcase Kickdrum - S12 E25

Our guest this week hails all the way from Springfield, Missourah. Travelling troubador, Justin Larkin, has travelled the earths to play for you today. You may have caught him this past week at the Shoe Tree, but by the time this is published, he likely has left the area and is delighting people elsewhere.

Justin Larkin, wearing a grey t-shirt that reads "get out of jail free" and cutoff jean shorts, sitting on his suitcase kick drum, wearing a harmonica, and holding a guitar, smiling broadly
Justin Larkin

Justin is a kindred spirit to any in the Reno music scene – playing all the instruments and with all the musicians. He brings a homegrown grittiness to his songs that definitely sounds like home to Reverend Rory. Justin is also the cousin of our own homegrown virtuoso, Michelle Belle, and the show includes a visit from her as well.

Michelle Belle in a loose rose t-shirt sitting by a window, wearing headphones and smiling behind a microphone
Michelle Belle

It’s a full studio this week – full of people and stories. We get in to the big festival of a few weeks ago, the John Waters show, and get to hang out with not one, but two Ians.

Anna leaning in from the side and waving at the camera, Ian Lauchlin in a green shirt and sitting in the background with the other Ian in the foreground giving a thumbs up from over his shoulder.
Anna, Ian, and Ian

Unfortunately, we also say goodbye this week to an important and bright star in the Reno underground – Kahele Dunn. A sister, friend, and scene-mom to many, she passed away this week. Our hearts are with her brother, Kula, and anyone whose life she touched (and there were many). A big giver of big hugs, Kahele would be hugging us all firmly this week. Hug your loved ones.

a modified vintage leather suitcase with a snare drum head and license plate (Missouri) attached to one side with two kick pedals attached for playing them. It is covered in stickers and has a bottle opener also attached on the side
Suitcase Kickdrum

Thanks for listening.

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