Nick Eng and Percy the Intern – Spring Is Sprung

Season 13
Season 13
Nick Eng and Percy the Intern - Spring Is Sprung

This week we have a great hang with working musician Nick Eng; always a breath of fresh air with his tight indie pop rock. His songs and sound is often called Beatlesque, but it’s broader than just that. Nick’s style and influences have grown. There’s a new angsty edge to his music. Even Nicks vocals sound a little more pained. You can hear a little Elliott Smith creepin’ in his voice. As Nick puts it: “Life happened.“ Mr. Eng shares with us a produced track as well as some live, in-studio performances – and of course there’s a fab cover at the end.

Our other guest/co host is our intern, Percy, who is now referred to by his real life name Max Cwik! It’s his last foreseeable show with us, as he is graduating from his internship and is no longer required to be here. It was nice having you Max. You’re always welcome back.

Max and Nick go head to head on another edition of the worst little quiz and we get the deets on where to catch Nick Eng live.
Take care faithful listeners. Life is short and we love you

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